24 Comfortable Boho Bedroom Decoration Ideas

When talking about boho decoration style, commonly people will only focus on the living room. But, this time we are going to talk about the bedroom decoration by using the boho style. For the basic consideration, boho style can be reached with certain pattern and color that indicate the style. Moreover, there are also some ornaments that can represent the style well. Anyway, boho can also created by using the calm color scheme, let’s talk about it more related with the color choices.

Stand Out Color Scheme

If you want to choose the stand out color for your boho style, you can apply the bright color for sure. Here, you don’t need to afraid in applying the color because the pattern will make your bright color pretty. Even if the color is too bright, boho style always allow you to get the aesthetic side of the design. This stand out color scheme will be fit for you who love something festive and cheerful.

This boho bedroom made by balancing the bright colors, neutral tones, and layers of texture which are really harmonious.
To make your bedroom gets its own comfort, you can add bold colorful rug and a gorgeous pendant light fixture which becomes a great company to other vintage pieces in the room.
Consider this as a subtle version of boho decor with a beautiful lace canopy, boho curtains, and low-profile furniture piece that you can apply into your bedroom.
The blanket and rug are things that utilized to give the boho touches. Then, to strengthen the impression, you can simply add it eith boho pillow cover.
Not only the bed, but also the pillows that are used to create the boho touches. With the matching color combination, this bedroom can really has the boho style.
If you apply boho patterned fabric into your bedroom, you will effectively bring out the boho touch. Moreover, giving the window with the boho touch is also proper by applying the curtain in boho design.
Bed inspiration with colorful bedding and pillows which are really awesome to bring out the boho touches. Then, you can add a carpet and curtain in patterned boho style.
Inspiring bedroom with the boho touch in patterned bedding and rug as the vocal point. The black and beige macrame ornament will make the decoration even more perfect.
By adding a canopy to your bed, it will be really suitable for you to get the boho touch. Then, don’t forget to also provide the patterned bedding and wallpaper.
Use a dominant patterned backdrop, red patterned headboard, and blanket with pom poms that will be suitable for you to apply into your bedroom.

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Inspiring blanket in unique motifs that added with some wall ornament with dream catcher and gallery walls to get a boho touch.
Unique wallpaper on your bedroom can be tried to apply by combining it with Boho patterned blanket.

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Calm Color Scheme

These following references will show you how pretty the calm boho style could be. Here, you can still use the pattern although the application will be in calm color. With the fit pattern, you can have the boho characteristic in the calm look. This one matches well for you who love simplicity and calm atmosphere. Not only for the furniture, you can also have it in the ornament. Check out the following pictures to give you the good understanding.

The dominant white bed can be combined with boho patterned rug to make it looks awesome with the boho design theme.
You can try this inspiring boho bedroom with patterned bedding in neutral color and the white bricks wall.

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Inspirational simple translucent sleeping that is predominantly white with the blankets decorated with pom pom and the patterned one for the additional blanket.
If you want to bring a boho touch to your bed you can add a thick patterned blanket and feathery carpet, hang the LED lights on your wall to create good lighting.
To get a comfortable bed with boho style, you can have the patterned bedding in thick patterned blanket.
Bed color combination in white and blue thick blanket pattern can really suits you. You can also choose white color for your wall to get the harmonious look.
The tassel and dream catcher hanging on the wall can effectively create the boho style. Then, the blanket and rug pattern can also add the character.
You can use the blanket with pom pom that paired with the hanging fabric ornament on the wall above the bed.
Inspiring boho-themed bed with a dominant white color that you can add with a dream catcher to decorate your walls. Then, the thick patterned blankets will also worthy to bring the boho style.
To bring an easy boho touch into your bed, simply add a dream catcher tassel that you hang on your wall and patterned blanket that matches your pillow.
If you want to bring a boho touch to your bed just add a thin patterned fabric and thick blankets that have pom pom.

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Between the stand out and the calm one, you can choose the one that fulfil your needs in decoration. Again, you can also adjust it based on your personal taste and the atmosphere you are going to bring into your bedroom. Don’t forget that greenery will also important for your bedroom boho decoration. Add your greenery with the boho touches for the planter.

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