21 Nifty Yet Functional Garden Path Ideas

In case you want to have the perfect cozy garden decoration, make sure that you provide the garden path. It is important not only to add the beauty of your garden design but also to give you chance to walk through the garden. You know that sometimes you need to walk around your garden where there are grass and other plants exist. When you don’t provide the path, you will step into your grass or plants and destroy them all. Well, there are some materials that you can use to create the path as follows:

Stone Material

For the durable and sturdy one, stone can be the best choice for you. In hence, it also give you the nature look to strengthen the fresh nature atmosphere. Since it has the different shape for each stone, then you can let it be that way by arranging the randomly. You don’t need to be worried because it will be really aesthetic.

The stones used here are in wide size that arranged with spaces. The spaces here utilized to expose the unique shape of the stones.

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The footpath made of stone and neatly arranged. Then you can add with flowers in purple and yellow colors to beautify the garden path.
The spaces between the stones here made randomly that filled with the grass. Not only pretty, this path also has the fresh impression.

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Pebble Material

Pebble might won’t be as sturdy as the stone, but it also worthy because it has different natural colors. You can find the white color, dark grey color, light grey, or even sometimes with blue shade tone. For the application, you can arrange it to form certain pattern or simply spread the pebble into the track you’ve made.

This path has the beautiful and classic motif by using the different pebble colors. In hence, it also added with the concrete material.

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This one is a really simple path where the small pebble only spread out that way without any arrangement.
The track for this garden has the indentation where the pebble spread out into the track randomly.
Curb cylinder is on guard to prevent and protect the gravel from falling out of the way. Then you can add green plants that make the decoration more beautiful.
The square paver used here to be combined with the white and beige pebble for the good and match combination.

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The walk path made of beautiful white pebbles here has the classic motif. Use two pebble colors combination to make the pattern exposed well.

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Red Brick Material

For the colorful path without doing any painting, you can utilize the red brick since it is really affordable and easy to find. Moreover, although it has the rectangular shape, but it still really possible to form certain pattern you want. Here we have some different pattern designs that you can adapt as follows.

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Red bricks used as the material to make the footpath in this garden. The difference is that there are spaces created in this path to give another accent.

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The red brick used to create the path with the pattern in an orderly arrangement.
The pattern formed here is really pretty and unique. It even has the flower pattern that created by using the pebble.

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Even only using the red bricks, this garden path doesn’t has the boring look because the arrangement is created as creative as possible.

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Concrete has the same durability with the stone. The difference is that concrete will be more complicated to apply than the stone. However, you can get the shape you want by utilizing the concrete while the stone has the random shape. In hence, you can also has the pattern by using the mold such as leaves pattern.

Footpath is made of concrete material which provides a modern decoration for the garden. Yes you can add to the beautiful green ornamental plants.

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The concrete here combined with bricks for the edge of the path. It will be functional so that the path won’t look boring.
The combination of a concrete footpath in rectangular shape with fresh green plants make the path has the nature touch.
The color combination of this path create the beauty for your garden. Then, the texture and pattern also add the unique impression for the path.

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In case you want to have the rustic or farmhouse garden path design, then wood will be the best choice for you. Although it won’t be as durable as the stone or concrete but it still worthy. You can get the characteristic and impression you want although it has bad durability. Don’t forget to choose the good wood quality.

Path that combining the rectangular wood with beautiful white pebbles look match well. Then, add with greenery on the side of the road to look fresher.
A path in the park made of wood with sleek look is really match for your farmhouse modern design style. Then, the lighting installed into the path will create the aesthetic look.
Wood slices will be really unique for your garden path. Arrange it between the grass to give an extraordinary impression.
This wooden path is really simple where you just need simply arrange it along the ground.

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Whether the stone, brick, or wood all of those materials have the different characteristics. Moreover, each material also has its own deficiency and advantage. That is why in choosing the best material for your garden path, simply choose the one that fit your purpose and garden condition.

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