The 22 Elements in Designing a Garden Landscape

Putting everything in harmony might be the key to designing a garden. There are people who are gifted with eyes for the details. Meanwhile, some others might need particular rules to follow in creating their garden. To make your landscape garden design ideas come true, you may want to consider applying these basic principles:

1. Color

The garden is your canvas. There is a theory that classifies colors into its influences, depth, and contrast. For example, cool colors like blue and green are relaxing, while warm colors like yellow and red add excitement to the garden. You can play with colors by picking the right variety of flowers or apply it to the accessories such as fences and pergolas.

Applying colorful plants and flowers in your garden can add a pleasant feel when you seeing around. Like blue, red, green, pink, yellow are the right color to freshen up your garden.

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If you like warm nuances in your garden, you can choose the plants that have a red or orange color. This choice of color can provide a warm impression and make your garden more comfortable to gather with your family or friends.

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Picking blue, orange and red plants to be planted in your garden is a good choice to make your garden looks attractive. Complete with gazebo and you will feel comfortable when spending your time in the garden

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2. Form

Designing a landscape garden design ideas is not just about putting plants in the ground. You need to create harmony in it. Plants come in different sizes. If you can play with the composition, your garden design would be diverse yet appealing. 

Consider the garden design before you make your backyard into a comfortable garden. Choose the right form and plants that will you plant in your garden. For example, if you like an aesthetic design you can shape your green grass in unique shape and plant any kinds of plants. It can make your garden looks beautiful.
If you like simple garden design, just plant green grass and shape in half-round and the other half you can create as the gravel area. Combine with some green plants to make it fresh.
For your small garden design, fill your garden with some flowers, green plants, green grass are enough to make your garden feel fresh. To enjoy the view you can add benches and complete with patern pillows for more comfort.
Designing a garden is according to your needs and style. Planting some kinds of plants and flowers and combined with green grass can make your garden looks attractive. Moreover, completing your garden with seating area makes the garden more interesting.

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If you like a classic garden style, add a mini fountain can provide a different feel. It would be more aesthetic and beautiful.

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3. Line

This element refers to the border where you arrange the plants. It can also be interpreted by creating a frame in which the plants and décor are organized.

Making a border for your garden landscape is very important. Because it can show your style and add the beauty of your garden. You can choose a wooden fence if you like a classic and natural style. And to strengthen the style, you can use the plant planted on the edge of the garden as the border at the same time.

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You can combine your wooden border with plants in the middle. Choose the plants in red color and it can make your garden looks beautiful.

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Combining a wooden fence and hedge for your garden border is a good idea to make your garden landscape looks beautiful. You can choose pine trees for the hedge idea.
Using colorful flowers and an iron fence for your garden border can make your garden looks organized. It seems like, you collect or grouping your plants in one place. And it can make pleasant to the eye.
A wooden fence and some plants can be your option for your garden border idea. Place on the edge of the green grass and you will get the shape in your garden design.

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4. Scale

In designing a garden landscape, you would deal with different sizes. Keeping the scale in mind would help you create a consistent proportion between one element and another.

There are many kinds of garden landscape ideas, but you have to be sure of your design that been chosen. You have to create according to your style. For example, if you like a complect design you can add curve iron trellis along your garden pathway. It can add the beauty of your garden.
If you like simple design, just plant green grass, green plants and build a garden path are enough to make your garden looks beautiful.
Meanwhile, if you have a large garden you can insert some elements to support your garden looks. For example, you can combine your green grass with some potted plants and vines to make more beautiful.
Planting some plants in your large garden is a good idea to give a different look. Add wood elements on the seating area can complete the garden landscape idea.
If you like colorful garden design, you have to plant colorful flowers, different sizes of plants and trees and don’t forget to add the green grass. It can make your garden looks fresh.

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5. Texture

Applying varied texture to the garden landscape would create perspective and depth. As a whole design, the garden would appear alive. This element is important especially if you want to make a garden that is not about planting but also aesthetic. While there are rules to make the best landscape garden design ideas happen, sometimes it is not as easy as they say. There are overlapping elements that should be carefully planned. The right composition, gardening skill, and a knowledge of the right elements would make your garden designing a success.

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Adjusting what kind of plants, design, and elements is important to create a beautiful garden. It’s to avoid overlapping in your garden design.

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Combining a plant with trim neatly and plants that are allowed to grow wild can add texture to your garden look. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean make your garden

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Inserting an unused item, such as a used jar can add the aesthetic to your garden. Especially if you plant different sizes and kinds of plants can make your garden looks different yet beautiful.

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Plant your palm plant in the big clay pot to get a focal point in your garden. Combined with some succulent plants and another kind of plant to add the texture in your garden.

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