25 Simple Elements to Include in Your Rustic Decor Bedroom

A bedroom is considered as the most personal space at home, where we have the freedom to create our very own design. For those who like woodwork or a more natural look, the rustic decor would certainly be a brilliant choice. This style gives your bedroom a warmer and more peaceful ambiance, as well as earthier touch. So, if you are really into rustic decor design, then check out the tips below!

Work on Wood Elements

The rustic decor can give your bedroom a warm touch because of the use of wood elements. You can even apply this earthy element to the wall decor, and other interesting details. Besides, the wood element itself is so easy to merge with other design styles.

Bedroom decoration that feels very rustic because almost all of the material consists of wood components like this wall is also made of wood and then given a touch of white wall paint colors to feel warm.
This bedroom decoration is almost all designed with the wooden pallet where the roof itself is only coated with asbestos roof tiles so that your bedroom looks very simple but decent and comfortable for you to occupy it.
This bedroom decoration can be said to be a rustic theme but still feels comfortable because the walls in this room apply the white wooden pallet. Then, for the floor you can add a rug like a burlap material to make it feels a touch of rustic

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This comfortable rustic bedroom has a backdrop bed that applies a shabby white wooden pallet. This room also applies a dark wooden floor so that there is a simple touch other than some of the ornaments and furniture presented.

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The ceiling decoration in this bedroom presents neat wooden material arranged neatly to feel a rustic touch to this bedroom to complement this bedroom decoration. It also presents a large rug pattern made of jute rope.

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Choose Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Swap out one of your old bedroom furniture with the new rustic one. For instance, you can improve the ambiance by placing oak-based furniture. It would definitely be a nice accent for your personal space as well.

In this bedroom decoration, you can present nightstand furniture made of shabby wood that is used to place the table lamp and house plate at the top. With this, you can feel the touch of rustic on the bedroom.
The natural wooden cabinet that is presented at the side of this farmhouse bed looks simple. This bed frame from classic white wood is also enough to give a rustic touch to this bedroom decoration.
This bedroom is decorated in a shabby white color because this bedroom presents a rustic theme to complement the nightstand that is similar to this cabinet presented next to your shabby white bed.
Inspiring furniture to be a complement to this rustic-style bedroom can present a long wooden bench that can be used as a table to put indoor flowers, some books, and towels that you have.
The nightstand that was presented this time is placed on two sides of the bed which had different functions. The round one was for putting beautiful flowers and the shabby square white for laying a table lamp.

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Set Up a Live Edge Headboard 

A live edge headboard would also be one of the simplest rustic decor ideas to try. By implementing this detail, you don’t even need to add many new elements to the room. Simply attaching a wood headboard to make your bedroom look more enchanting.

The headboard presented this time only uses wide pieces of wood with a natural look. There will be a touch of rustic then you can give a touch of dark color.
This time, the full bed frame uses sturdy and strong wood including the headboard that comes directly with this frame. This is enough to present a rustic theme to your bedroom and feels very comfortable.
The rustic style headboard inspiration is made of wide wooden so it looks natural. In order to get good lighting, you can also apply a standing lamp placed on the headboard.
Large headboard decoration that almost matches the width of the wall applied to this bedroom made of wood that looks natural and you can apply if you like the touch of rustic in your bedroom.
To make it more attractive and look a bit elegant, this headboard made of natural wood can be given a touch of dark wood paint as you can try to apply it to your bedroom.

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Install Rustic Pendant Lights

Install fascinating detail like rustic pendant lights in your bedroom for a warmer look. Rustic pendant lights can also help you to improve the coziness and soothing feel in the room. Further, their artistic design would be a great focal point of your interior bedroom design.

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This simple silver pendant lamp is used to bring good lighting to your rustic-style bedroom.

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This simple lighting is also presented in a rustic style bedroom so that the lighting is maximum and can present two pendant lights that are like wrapped in rattan.

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You can present this simple and unique pendant light to the rustic bedroom so that it does not create glare from this pendant light. You can wipe it with this burlap cloth on the pendant light frame.

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This round pendant lamp that is presented in this rustic-style bedroom can be wrapped with a certain paper so that it can produce maximum light from the lamp and also make it looks different.
If you have applied a rustic design theme to this bedroom you don’t need a light that looks luxurious and brightly lit enough to apply a simple pendant light like this.

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Include Stone Element

A rustic style is also synonymous with a natural impression. Therefore, you must add stone details to strengthen its natural character. The stone element itself is normally applied to wall decor. However, you can still set it in other interior details as an accent.

If you want to bring a touch of natural stone in a rustic bedroom, you can apply it for the fireplace in your bedroom to make it more comfortable and warm.

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This large bedroom presents a fireplace heater in the form of walls that apply from natural stone to feel a simple touch and look similar to the bedroom theme applied.
One side of the wall in your bedroom is applied from natural stone which at the same time you can try to present a fireplace in this bedroom so that it feels warm if you sleep in this rustic style bedroom.
If you want to bring a fireplace at the corner in your bedroom, you can use natural stone material to make it feels more rustic in this bedroom and you can try to apply it yourself.
Wall decorations that are presented in this rustic-style bedroom are dominant using natural stone material which will make it feels warm and memorable.

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Find more bedrooms with rustic decor inspiration on this site and get the best ideas that suit your needs.


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