27 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas that Will be Your Favorite

A room décor (especially bedroom) shows your identity and lifestyle. Thus, if a single tone or simple decorative thing isn’t your type, find other ways to adorn your space. For example, use a bohemian or boho style. This design is well-known for its characters, such as a colorful pattern, free-spirited beauty, warm material, and full of texture.

So, does it sound like your type? If yes, you can start decorating the space with these four best bohemian bedroom ideas.

Patterns? The More Colors, the Better Looks!

One of the keys to bohemian design is colorful patterns. There are no fixed rules about it. However, boho believes that the more colorful prints use, the better looks you’ll get.

To achieve the goal, you have to pick certain bedroom items (like a blanket, bed sheet, comforter, accent rug, pillowcase, curtain, and even lampshade) in bright colors. This idea will certainly lead you to an eclectic atmosphere.

Bohemian style bedroom can be your choice. The appearance of this style has the characteristics of beautiful patterns and motifs. The diverse designs and colors make the room feel more comfortable.
Use bohemian styles that have a variety of motifs and colors. The more motifs used, the better the appearance of your bedroom. You can try it with pleasure.
Cover your walls with boho-patterned fabric to get the decoration you want. Combine with other motifs applied to pillowcases and curtains. The rope lights give a big statement.
Bohemian bedrooms always bring inspiration to you, because this room provides maximum comfort so that makes you want to linger in this place. Apart from that the bohemian style gives a totally different atmosphere.
You can apply carped and bohemian-style wall hangings to your bedroom to create a different feel that can bring to an eclectic atmosphere. Bohemian appearance is a favorite of some people.
You can combine bohemian style with industrial to get the best appearance in your bedroom. Choose different fabrics and colors on wall hangings and pillowcases to make it more passionate.
In addition to fabric and bohemian motifs of different types and colors, a rope lamp stretched over the bed can also be one of the hallmarks of a bohemian style. This idea will provide an atmosphere that attracts the attention of many people.

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Books to Show

Are you a bibliophile? If so, you’ll love this ‘books to show’ idea.

Books aren’t only for reading but also for decorating. You only need to arrange the books on bookcases (possibly the wooden ones) next to your bed. Then, let the books’ vibrant colors work for you.

Books placed close to a gold table lamp can be a multi functional decorative item. Because in addition to decoration, you can also read this book when you have loose time.
You can arrange several different types of books on the nightstand for high-quality decoration. Enhance the look of your bedroom with bright colors on the curtains, blankets and even your walls.
Let the bright colors in the books work for your bohemian bedroom decor nicely. Arrange according to what you think, as long as it looks neat and not cluttered.
Place the book next to the bed as a beautiful decorative item when equipped with a flower vase. This idea is quite easy and inexpensive for you to imitate to your bohemian bedroom style.
When you have a nighstand, then use it to place various types of books in different colors as decorative items that work well. Give a touch of silver and gold to your vase and outboard lights.

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Books arranged into vertical racks are not only for reading but also for decoration. Enhance it with wall hangings affixed between the shelves to make it look more memorable.
Bohemian style that is applied to your bedroom will feel warmer when equipped with rattan furniture. Take advantage of stacks of books beside the night stand as decorative items.

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Fresh Plants, Positive Vibes

Let’s be honest! No bohemian bedroom would complete without plants. Thus, your space needs to have at least one or two houseplants next to the bedroom door or bed. Opt for easy-to-maintain houseplants. Peace Lily, Pothos, Dracaena, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, and English Ivy are great examples.

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By growing the plants, you keep providing yourself with a healthier place to sleep.

Green plants are always a decorative item that refreshes the room. Green plants are also suitable for any decoration including bohemian. Choose green plants according to your wishes.
Choose ornamental plants that are easy to care for such as tropical plants that have large leaves. You can plant it in a pot with black. This decoration idea became popular among the people.
By applying greenery to your bedroom, you will be healthier in this room. Even green plants also become one of the characteristics of the bohemian style.
You can choose different types of green plants so that your bedroom is more diverse. Perfect your greenery with a string light that has a warm color like yellow.
For plants that will be placed in your bedroom, then choose one that is easy to maintain so that it does not easily wither when it is indoors, just splash your water on green plants.
Shades of green paired with some green plants make your bedroom feel fresh and healthy. Dream catchers can emphasize your bohemian style.

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Beautiful Ceiling with Textiles or Lights

Don’t forget to add a little touch of magic to your bedroom ceiling!

There are brilliant ways to keep it in a bohemian look. First, use a patterned fabric to cover the ceiling. Or, second is draping the string lights from the ceiling. These two ideas surely bring romance and positive energy to your space. Besides, they are inexpensive to do.

You can apply some rope lights to your bohemian bedroom decor, because the lights can be an alternative pathway to get the impression of a beautiful and unique boho.
Boho textile ceilings that are applied to your bedroom bring romance and positive energy into the room. In addition, this idea is also one of the cheap and easy decorations to do.
Add a little touch of boho to the beautiful ceiling with striking colors like orange. Combine it with a boho-smelling textile fabric to perfect its luxurious appearance.

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Use rope lights to decorate your bedroom walls, wall hangings with boho textiles will reinforce your decor. Add some dream catchers as a sweet finishing touch.
Give a warm and soft touch to your bohemian bedroom with some bright colors on the blanket and even decorative items that are hung on the wall of your bedroom. The rope lights that stretch across the ceiling of the ceiling become positive energy that is not excessive.

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Give a warm and soft touch to your bohemian bedroom with some bright colors on the blanket and even decorative items that are hung on the wall of your bedroom. The rope lights that stretch across the ceiling of the ceiling become positive energy that is not excessive.

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So, are you ready to feel the best décor of a bohemian bedroom? Hopefully, you can find the above ideas as your favorite.


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