10 Creative Kitchen Island Ideas

If you are looking for creative kitchen island ideas, then it is good to know that the choices are practically endless. You could go for a traditional island like the kind found in French Country kitchens or you could take a design style that is more modern in nature. For example, if you prefer a garden kitchen with a touch of rustic appeal, then go for an oak or black walnut island that would be pleasing to the eye. As far as what to do with the space left over from your new kitchen island, you could add as much storage as you want as long as it matches the rest of the design of the space.

Another important thing that you have to remember when looking for kitchen island ideas is that you should choose one that you can be proud of. A very big part of this is having the right amount of storage because this will not only increase the overall value of your home but also help you make the most out of every square inch of your kitchen space. Remember that a well-designed kitchen requires all the storage and function that you could want so that it will fit into the budget and not come at the expense of how great your home looks and feels inside.

Kitchen Island Hidden Storage

The kitchen island is a home center that can be really beneficial for your family. This great piece of furniture has some hidden storage that can be found as you open the door or as you’re finishing up a kitchen remodel. By using a utility sink, as well as a small pantry, the island will make cooking a snap.

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The idea of a creative storage and will not disturb the atmosphere of a more crowded kitchen. Using the island kitchen as a wine cellar is a good idea.
This is a great idea with the idea of clever hidden storage under the island kitchen. You can put the refrigerator and place some books there.
With storage on the kitchen island in the form of side shelves for storage of plates and cups will give a wider kitchen space and look more organized.
Kitchen island with dishes and tableware storage so, your kitchen will look neat and cookware will be safer. The storage can be formed in drawers to get a minimalist but functional.

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Curved-shaped Kitchen Island

There are several benefits of having a curved-shaped kitchen island, however, it should be noted that there is a trade-off between space and function. If you have a huge kitchen with lots of countertop space and lots of cabinets then this particular island design may be suitable for you. However, for smaller kitchens, it is highly recommended that you choose another style of the island. This is because curved-shaped kitchen islands occupy a lot of floor space.

For those of you who have a large kitchen space, this curved kitchen island is very suitable. Besides that, it can make your kitchen looks more elegant and you have more storage area in your kitchen.
An elegant kitchen with a warm touch with marble and curved island kitchen will bring a very attractive kitchen and a more elegant atmosphere.
The kind of kitchen island that recommended for your large kitchen is in a curved shape. This design will allow you to accommodate your big family, so you can eat together in one place.

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Kitchen Island Lighting

As a great way to accent your kitchen, you can find some fantastic island lighting. This not only gives your kitchen the perfect lighting and beauty but also helps the kitchen flow with the rest of the house. In most cases, these lights are available in both wall-mounted and ceiling mounted options. However, the main choice you need to make is the kind of lighting you want.

You can also add decorative lights in the form of glass balls. Which is placed right above the kitchen island. So, it will look more elegant and warm.
The kitchen lighting fixture with pendant lamps above the island kitchen make it feel more charming and comfortable for preparing food.
Placing decorative lighting above kitchen island made from marble with a unique shape that resembles a tree branch will make your kitchen looks sophisticated.

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Nowadays, a kitchen island becomes a necessity for modern life. There are several types of kitchen islands that can be applied. Finding the right one is important for you. By following those ideas above, maybe can help you to get some inspiration.

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