10 Smart Storage for Small Bathroom Ideas

Smart storage for small bathroom is not hard to find if you know what you are looking for and know the size of your bathroom. All you need to do is sit down with a measuring tape and plan out where you want your new storage. There are many different types of small storage for small bathrooms including shelves, cabinets, and trays, and these all work great for storage. Make sure you measure the space before you buy so you don’t make a mistake when purchasing. Furthermore, take a look at these bathroom storage ideas below for more information.

Built-in Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage is of utmost importance when remodeling a bathroom. It is imperative that you do the proper research before you start the process so that you have a clear idea on what you need and where to get it. To begin with, one of the things that most people look for in bathroom storage is built-in storage. Built-in storage is important because it provides a much more organized look to your bathroom.

Utilizing an empty wall space as built-in vertical storage in the bathroom is a solution you can try. Add a wooden shelf as a place to put goods.

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Built in storage in the corner of the room makes your bathroom look more presentable and organized. Align the color of the built in storage with the feel of your bathroom today.

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Wooden shelves will complement your built-in storage, you can use it to put clean towels. Arrange neatly and orderly.
Vertical built in storage is suitable for those of you who have small bathroom decorations. Let the shelves with the original wood color to display a natural impression.

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Mirrored Wall Cabinet

Bathroom wall mirror cabinet storage is a wonderful addition to any bathroom, and is very inexpensive compared to other bathroom accessories. do you need a cabinet to create privacy or just make your bathroom look more spacious.

Choose multi functional furniture for decorating your bathroom to save space effectively and efficiently. The cabinet which is equipped with a mirror wall becomes the right furniture.

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Instead of using wood doors in a cabinet with a mirror to be smart furniture. Mirrored wall cabinet gives a broad and minimalist impression.
You can open the mirror door on the cabinet to store your toiletries everyday. Choose a vertical mirror cabinet to help the bathroom room seem more spacious.

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Floating Shelf Above The Closet

Installing a floating shelf above the toilet in your bathroom is a great idea. If you are not sure what you need to purchase, you can have a professional do it for you.

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You can use a wooden rack that is hung above the closet to break toiletries. Woven basket displays the feel of a farmhouse that feels natural.
Align the colors of the floating rack with your cabinet to make it look more elegant. You can add indoor plants on the shelves as decorative items that refresh the room.
Not only floating rack is used to put toiletries, but you can also use this rack to put wooden ornaments and photos as bathroom decorations that are simple but still beautiful.

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Never neglecting the storage in your small bathroom. The right and proper storage will affect your bathroom look. So, smart storage ideas are needed. By following those ideas above, hopefully, it can help you to organize your bathroom to become a comfortable place.


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