10 Ways to Apply the Greenery into Your Home Office

Since greenery is really important to be applied to any room of your home, then it will be really needed for your home office for sure. However, for the placement, you should consider your home office spot condition that could be in its size or the room shape. Related to that, greenery will be closely related to the planter which is effective to add beauty. To give you inspiration, here we are going to show you some references on down below.

Table Decorative Plant

If you have such a wide table office, then table plant will be worthy for you. Or, if you do not need too wide space for the table, you can also have this kind of plant although your table might don’t that wide. For your advice, you can manage to put the plants that do not have a big size so that your table won’t seem crowded. Here are some examples of the table plant arrangement in your home office that could be adapted.

Try placing plants on your desk for a natural, refreshing look. Choose a small pot so that it won’t take up much space on your desk.

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To bring freshness to your living room, adding greenery is the right idea. You can place a small pot on your desk so that it looks simple and attractive.

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Equipping your work desk with potted plants will bring natural freshness and provide a beautiful natural feel in your workspace so that it can raise your spirits.

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Simple home office decoration by placing orchids on your desk will bring out natural beauty so that it can attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

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Standing Pot

The standing pot will be the best planter that you can apply if you have the spacious home office. In this case, you will be freely put the pots anywhere you want. But, to make sure that you get good nature ambiance, then it is better for you to put the pots near your table. It will be great to enjoy the freshness of the plants while working so that you can enjoy your time well, although you might be tired of working.

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Equipping your home office with greenery will never fail. You can use a standing [pot to display your greenery so they will look tidier.

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Simple home office decoration with a standing pot next to the table to place the snake plant will bring freshness there so it feels more natural.
Placing a standing pot next to the work table to display palm plants will bring a natural, refreshing feel to your home office so that it feels more comfortable.

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Hanging Greenery

Hanging greenery can also become a solution if you have small home office space. Related to its effectiveness, you can hang it above your table or any spot that may possible. What you need to do is make sure that you can enjoy the presence of the greenery. In this case, you should place it in the position where you can see it or simply feel the presence near you. Hang it on the ceiling or on the wall just based on your needs.

To present a beautiful view in your home office, adding greenery there is an interesting idea. You can hang greenery in your workspace so that it will look natural.

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The white home office decoration looks clean and bright. Hanging green plants above your work table will bring the perfect freshness so that you are more comfortable when working.

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Try adding greenery to your home office to present a fresh, natural feel. You can hang it with a rope above your workbench so that it will give its own charm.

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Basically providing the greenery into your home office is quite easy. You can even make the DIY of it so that you can save your money. Moreover, you can make the design and the material based on your personal taste. Whether you will make it looks rustic, vintage, or even modern. For your consideration, it will be great if you can provide the planter that harmonious with your home office decoration style.



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