10 Functional Things to Apply for Your Comfortable Bathroom

Having a comfortable bathroom is such a must because it will be the place where you release all your tired feeling after you worked all day long. Then, to create a really appropriate bathroom, then you should make sure that you only apply functional things inside. It is important so that you won’t waste your space to put something unused. Here we have some recommendations for the functional things that worthy to apply.


You might think that rug is only needed for your living room, dining room, or any other rooms that commonly used to be the gathering spot. However, it is really worthy to put the rug into your bathroom. You can have such a comfort feeling with the rug in your bathroom to really complete your bathing quality time. Moreover, you will get the warm feeling on your feet too with the rug as your transitional spot for your feet before you go out from the bathroom.

Completing your bathroom with a carpet is the right idea. You can place it under the sink so that it will keep your feet dry.
The patterned carpet next to the bathtub will give your feet perfect warmth when you step out of the tub so you won’t get cold.
Try adding a patterned rug in your bathroom decor so that it will give an attractive appearance there. It will also provide warmth to your feet so that you will feel more comfortable.

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It might sound weird to have the fireplace in the bathroom, but trust me that it is really worthy. Imagine that you can enjoy your soaking moment in the bathtub with the warm feeling and atmosphere because of the fireplace. No matter what is the season or how cold the temperature at the moment, you can always spending your time in your bathtub.

Building a wall fireplace in your bathroom is a stunning idea. You can place it near your bathtub so that it will provide the perfect warmth when you are soaking.
Adding a glass fireplace near the bathtub will increase the comfort in your bathroom. It will provide a warm atmosphere when you are soaking in the bathtub.
White bathroom with white bathtub looks bright and clean. Building a fireplace next to your bathtub will provide perfect warmth so that you feel more comfortable.
To create the perfect warmth in your bathroom, try building a fireplace. You can place it next to your bathtub so that it will function properly.

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Some people do not realize that the window is really important for a bathroom. Everybody know on how the bathroom can have such a high humidity that won’t be good for the furniture yet the health. But, not all of them give their concern on how to maintain the humidity. Here, the best thing that you can do is providing the window that allows the bathroom to get the sun light and the air. With this, you won’t only maintain the humidity but also the good scenery in case you also provide some plants outside.

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Building a large glass window in your bathroom will provide direct sunlight so that it feels warmer and more comfortable.

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Small bathroom decoration with large glass windows will give the impression of a bigger space so that it looks more perfect.

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Rustic bathroom decoration with antique furniture will give you an attractive classic look. Building a glass window there will allow you to enjoy the stunning outdoor beauty.

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You should provide those things above besides all of the basic things that the bathroom should have such as vanity, storage, bathtub, and more. Trust me that although those things sound unfamiliar, but can be really functional just like what we have explained above. By providing the functional things, it will be a certainty that you will have such a perfect bathroom. The impact is that you can have a fun bathing moment for sure.


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