10 Unique Bathroom Vanity in Farmhouse Style You Can Adapt

Having a farmhouse bathroom concepts such a worthy although it might be a little bit tricky because of the material you are going to bring into it. As we know that in farmhouse style, you have to put the natural element material such as wood, rattan, and more. Those materials won’t be as durable as the metal or iron especially when you want to apply it for the bathroom vanity. However, you can still have it for sure by adjusting to the wood material with the other durable material. You can even have it in some different looks as follows.

Natural Wood Color

By having it in its natural wood color will be adorable too. Here, what you need to do is just make sure that the wood you use is clean and good condition. You don’t need to worry because even the wood natural color has its own artistic value. Then, for the other material combination, you can have the stone or ceramic. Since the wood is in its natural color, then it will be great if you apply the simple neutral color for the additional material like white or grey.

Leaving the dresser in real wood tones accentuates the simple farmhouse style. Add it with a square mirror, the wall sconces and it can make the farmhouse bathroom vanity looks perfect.

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Here you don’t need to repaint the vanity. Just leave this vanity with wood color to keep it authentic. Two rectangular mirrors help the bathroom look more spacious.
The natural wood color of the vanity can be one of the hallmarks of a farmhouse bathroom decor. Added some extra storage to make it easier for you to store multiple items.

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You can use a wooden vanity with a storage area underneath to place clean towels. Rattan basketball gives off a natural rustic feel.
Utilizing real wood colors in the vanity in your farmhouse bathroom decor will give you a rustic feel. This dressing table will be more sturdy and durable because it is not porous.

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Painted Wood

Applying the paint color into the wood can be in two different ways. The first one is for the sleek look and the second one is in weathered look. Both are awesome as it will depend on your taste. You can even have it in several different colors like white, green, grey, or blue. But, if you want to have a strong farmhouse impression, choosing the brown or beige are the best choice for you. Or, for the colorful one, you can manage to have it in weathered style.

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Paint the vanity on the wood with green color so it doesn’t look plain. The green color, complete with indoor plants, provides a farmhouse design that you can try for your bathroom.

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The gray vanity color gives a different style to your farmhouse bathroom. Using a marble table will create an elegant impression.
You can add gray vanity to your farmhouse bathroom to create the perfect decoration. Pair it with neutral tones and hardwood floors for a warm impression.
White is a color choice that you can apply to your farmhouse bathroom decor. Flowers in used tin vases and wooden mirror frames are also simple focal points that make the bathroom cooler.
The white dresser that doesn’t look shabby is one of the furniture that gives the impression of a farmhouse. Adding double mirrors, wall lamps and flowers in a vase helps to give fresh air to the room.

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For both the painted and the wood natural color, you can design it to have a sleek or weathered impression. In this case, the wood that doesn’t give any touch doesn’t mean that it always has the weathered look. There are also woods that have a sleek and clean look as it can be applied to get the artistic side and the cleanliness for you who really put forward on that. At last, since wood needs to be maintained well when put in the bathroom, then make sure that you can handle the humidity.


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