10 Stunning Ideas for Small Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom, you should be more creative in maximizing the space. You should only put the essential things in your bathroom so that it won’t look cramped. Moreover, to make your small bathroom look stunning, here are some shower and bathtub ideas worth trying.  

1. Old-Style Small Bathroom

You can choose dark red or red wine tiles to cover your shower wall. Then, combine it with a gold shower and white bathtub to make your bathroom look more stand out. A sink and mirror with a vintage style will make it look more classic.

Covering the bathroom wall in red will give your bathroom an ancient impression. You can complete it with a red bathtub, wooden floors, and a white dressing table to make it look more attractive.

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2. Uptown Glam Shower and Bathtub Ideas

A glossy black interior can be a perfect fit for your small bathroom. It will also work well with a silver shower handle and a marble sink. Also, put a big mirror on the sink to make your bathroom look wider. 

A black wall as a tiny bathroom decoration will present an elegant look so that it looks perfect. Equipped with a silver shower handle to enhance the decor and make it look stunning.

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If you have a small bathroom, use a shiny black color to make it look more elegant. You can complement it with a marble sink and mirror to give the impression of a wider space.

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3. Cute Black Pink Small Bathroom 

If you prefer a playful and cheerful shower and bathtub ideas, this design could be a perfect choice. You can combine black and pink interior to make your small space look more attractive. The combination of the black bathtub and pink tiles wall will suit well. 

When you want an attractive look in your small bathroom, you can try to apply pink and black colors. Use the pink color for the bathroom walls and give a black touch for the pop of color in your bathroom.

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A small bathroom with a pink nuance will give you a cute and pretty look. Try adding a black bathtub to make it look fabulous.

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4. Minimalist Sanctuary Farmhouse

For you who love simplicity, you can try this concept. The idea is to put as little as possible furniture in your bathroom. Also, paint it all white. It will make your small bathroom look spacious and cleaner. Moreover, to give it a fresher look, you can also put plants in the corner. 

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Choosing to use white walls to design your small bathroom is a perfect idea. So it will looks wider and elegant.

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A small white bathroom will give the impression of a bigger and cleaner space. You can add greenery in the corner of the room for the perfect freshness.
The all-white farmhouse-style bathroom decor will present a clean and spacious impression. Adding plants to the dresser will bring some fresh air into the room.

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5. Floral Shower and Bathtub Ideas

If you love a feminine concept, you should try to create this small floral bathroom. You can choose floral wallpapers. Also, you can combine with a gold accent to make it look more classic and beautiful. If you want to make your bathroom look wider, you can choose floral wallpapers with pastel or soft-colored background.  

Using flower wallpapers to design a tiny bathroom will give a stunning feminine look. You can add gold accents in the form of mirror frames, wall lamps, and bathtub taps to give your bathroom a classic look
Flower wallpaper in pastel colors for small bathroom decoration will give a very pretty feminine look. You can complete it with a gold sink to make it look amazing.

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Those are some shower and bathtub ideas you can try. Always remember that you should not put too much furniture into your small bathroom. Maximize your bathroom’s space by choosing a bathtub set with shower and hanging rack to store your toiletries.


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