10 Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables for Your Living Room

The living room is an important room in the house. This room is used as a place to gather with family or friends who come to your home. In this living room, usually, there is a comfortable sofa and coffee table there. The coffee table is a table that is used as a place to put drinks and snacks there. But this table is also used as a place to put books and other living room decorations.

Talking of the living room, you also have to decorate it properly. Especially if you have children, then you have to decorate the living room to be friendlier. And besides choosing a friendly sofa and choosing a storage solution, you also have to look for a kid-friendly coffee table that also has an important function there. Now, there are many coffee table designs to choose from. But you should think about the form and the safety of the table before choosing it. So we present the coffee table pictures below that can be your inspiration.

The oval shaped wooden coffee table is the right choice to complement your kid friendly living room. So that when the children are playing they will not get hurt.
If you are looking for a kid friendly coffee table, using a round coffee table is the right choice. Because it does not have a sharp edge and is safer for children.
Choosing to use a round table for your living room decoration ideas, will make your children safer there so they won’t get bumped and hurt.

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The short round coffee table is one of the right kid friendly coffee tables to complement your living room decor. Making it easier for your child to reach it.

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Choose a table made of wood to complement your living room decor. Because it is not easily broken like glass, it is very suitable for friendly living room decoration.
You can never fail to use a round coffee table to complement your living room decor. The blunt side is safer for your children and looks simple.

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Choose a short round wooden table to complement your living room. So that it will be easy to reach for children and your kid friendly living room looks perfect.

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Decorating a kid friendly living room with an ottoman coffee table is a great idea. Because it has a blunt tip and a soft texture.
A round ottoman coffee table has a soft texture so it is safer for children when they are hit and won’t get hurt.

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To get a kid friendly living room decoration, you can use an oval coffee table. Because it does not have a blunt tip so it is safe for children.

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Actually, if you have children, then this coffee table doesn’t only function as a place to put things. But this table also serves as a place for learning and playing for children. For that, the shape, size, and material must also be considered appropriately. Choose an interesting shape, a size that fits the sofa and other furniture, and also choose materials that are safe for children. It would be better if you choose materials made of wood or cloth and not from glass that can be broken.

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So, it’s the best time for you to replace the coffee table in your living room with a kid-friendly coffee table there. With the presence of a friendly coffee table in your living room, it will make you feel calmer when your children play there. However, there are important things that you must also remember. You must combine the coffee table with the interior design style in your home. With that, it will create a nice, beautiful and friendly living room for children and all the family there.


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