10 Keep Your Bathroom Tidy with Stylish Bathroom Shelf

Having a neat bathroom is everyone’s desire. However, to make it happen, we often find some limitations; one of them is creativity. The fact is, you only need one item to save you from this mess: a simple bathroom shelf.

Sprucing up your bathroom with a bathroom shelf can free up space. If you are good in choosing items and have a high taste, a shelf can even beautify and decorate your bathroom. Pay attention to the tips below because they might help you to decorate and set up your bathroom!

Ladder Style

With its multilevel shape, you can put many objects on this bathroom shelf model. Besides towels or toiletries, give a personal element to this shelf by placing a picture frame or flower vase.

The simple storage idea for the bathroom is placing a ladder. You can buy or use your old ladder and paint again to get a new look. This ladder is very useful to keep your bathroom tidy. You can place and store your toiletries there and you will be easy to find them. To make it look interesting, on the top level of the shelf, you can place several ornaments. Image White ladder from harptimes.
If you want to keep tidy up your bathroom, just place a wooden ladder for the storage idea. Besides being able to store your toiletries, this kind of shelf is easy to find and use and also more sturdy. Image Wooden ladder from thearchitecturedesigns.

Floating Shelf for Mini Space

As a way out for those who are lack of space, the efficiency of floating shelves is undoubted. Make everything attached to the wall and open, so the room will look more spacious and give a modern vibe.

The perfect place for the floating shelves is attaching them above the toilet. This bathroom is designed in such a way to save space. If you a farmhouse lover, the white color is appropriate for the shelf color. Image White shelf from shadesofblueinteriors.
Placing a floating shelf in the corner of the room will create the perfect small bathroom decor. This is a brilliant idea to keep tidy up your bathroom. Image Wooden corner shelf from apartmenttherapy.

Classic with Rustic

If you want to restore the heyday of the vintage era, this idea is certainly worth trying.

Choose materials made from wood and give stained touch. Then, you can put it as an open shelf in your bathroom.

Another kind of bathroom storage idea is using a shelf with a rustic vibe. This is simple to do. Just find a distressed wooden board and combine it with an iron rack. Attach it to the wall and it can be used to store your towels. For more functional you can add hooks underneath. Image Rustic shelf from shelterness.
If you like a rustic vibe it can be brought to the bathroom decor. Simply, just use some wooden beams then attach them to the wall with a bracket. And you can use it to put your toiletries and bathroom ornaments. Image Rustic open shelf from shelterness.

Traditional Cabinet

You can also present an elegant impression in your bathroom by choosing a bathroom shelf with cabinet type. Place the cabinet in one corner of your room. You can put more objects, including your private things or collection.

A black glass cabinet in the corner of the bathroom can fill the empty space with something useful. Especially for storing your toiletries such as towels too. Image classic black cabinet from housebeautiful.
If you have enough space in your bathroom, place a cabinet for the bathroom storage idea. You can custom the design and size of the cabinet according to your bathroom size. Image Standing cabinet from thearchitecturedesigns.

Wire Rack

With its transparent shape, wire rack can make it easier for you to manage your stuff. Attach the wire rack to your bathroom wall. You can place it on the toilet or other free space, and then put a magazine or hairdryer in it.

Multi-leveled wire rack to make a floating shelf for the bathroom storage idea. You can put some small toiletries in there to make the bathroom look clean and tidy, as a result. Image Wire basket from homebnc.
Not only minimalist but also easy to get. This wire rack that stuck on the wall to create open storage. It can be used to store your ornament or hang the towel. Image Small wire basket from homebnc.

After reading this inspiring tips, get up from your couch and purchase a bathroom shelf according to your taste and needs! Don’t hesitate to tidy up your things to create a clean bathroom. Feel the comfortable effect of your neatly arranged bathroom.

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