10 Minimalist Scandinavian Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Talking about home decor, it is true that it may be challenging to choose the right one like yours. For those who plan to decorate or renovate their house, there are lots of styles that can be adopted to make a stunning home look. In this article, we will focus on two styles that combine well into one. They are minimalist and Scandinavian styles. These two styles tend to be modern and simple. They will inspire you to make your house more fabulous and awesome.

Generally, minimalist focuses on the industrial and geometric concepts in an open space. It is simple and emphasizes every elements’ functions. On the other hand, Scandinavian refers to some natural materials, pale neutral colors, and simple shapes. When they blend together, they will surely make a gorgeous home decor everyone loves so much.

This Scandinavian living room emphasizes a natural and minimalist vibe. By using wooden material and simple design of the dining table and chair, it can create a simple look but very comfortable. Image Scandinavian dining room from curatedinterior.
Scandinavian home decor works well in this kitchen with white and blue colors to create a subtle vibe. Applying a wooden floor will add a warm impression to the room. Image Scandinavian kitchen from curatedinterior.
Wooden chairs and a dining table make this Scandinavian dining room more simple and elegant. Add a pendant lamp to focus on food while in the dining room. Image Wooden dining table and chair from homestratosphere.
Minimalist dining room with wishbone chairs and the sleek wooden table is able to create a natural and minimalist Scandinavian dining room. A chandelier is added just above the table will perfect the decoration. Image Scandinavian furniture from homestratosphere.
Using a neutral color scheme for the Scandinavian dining room design is a good step to get warm and coziness. The large window is very useful to let the sunlight comes into the room. Image Scandinavian dining room design from homestratosphere.
This Scandinavian bedroom design maintains its simplicity with a black and white color scheme. Adding tribal carpets and other ornaments will enhance the room decor. Image Scandinavian bedroom from contemporist.
This two-tone Scandinavian bedroom has a simple touch that looks cozy. Adding a wall gallery will enhance the look. Image Scandinavian bedroom design from contemporist.
This Scandinavian-style bedroom looks minimalist with the simple bed frame design in white color. The wooden floor will create a warm impression in the room. Image White bedframe design from contemporist.
The white color that dominates this minimalist Scandinavian living room can make it look neat. A black sofa and gray rug will enhance the look. Image Scandinavian living room from houseinspira.
This simple grey sofa design blend wells with the monochrome color scheme that uses in this Scandinavian living room. To make feels warmer the wooden floor will complete it. Image Grey sofa from donpedrobrooklyn.

Furthermore, this minimalist concept allows you to add some bright colors as statements. This idea may create an inspiring colorful Scandinavian decor which tends to be simple yet impressive. Like in a living room, a minimalist Scandinavian decor gives a nice look for a black sofa and a grey rug. Then, Scandinavian style put the wall white to make a brighter ambiance. As well as, for a living room, you may be more expressive to put some colorful cushions or flowers to get a colorful touch. In addition, the two-tone black and white can be the alternative to decor your bedroom. If you want to look masculine, this idea sounds good. Have some frames with black-white photos to make a calm look balancing the color scheme.

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Although Scandinavian lets some natural material come in, like woven baskets, wooden furniture, and hemp rug, it keeps the room minimalist by combining with some stainless steel elements. For instance, a minimalist Scandinavian kitchen perfectly looks sleek with a wooden cabinet and flooring design. Also, the dining room next to it looks great with the wooden chair and table. To enhance the look, install a unique pendant or decorative lamp.


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