25 Tips to Decorate Your Farmhouse-Style Home with Rugs

If you are looking to enhance the warm and cozy atmosphere in your farmhouse-style home, rugs can provide a great alternative. While rugs are commonly associated with shabby chic or modern decoration, they also make a nice addition in farmhouse decor if you know where to start. They come in various materials, shapes, and patterns to complement the room’s design. 

To help you design better, here are some useful tips to decorate your farmhouse-style home with rugs. 

Be brave 

In general, rugs for farmhouse decor are more suitable in neutral colors. But you can interchange colors to create an interesting accent in the room. Besides going for plain white or subtle cream, try to blend in a more vivid composition without clashing with each other. 

Blue and Red Running Carpet from diegobianki
Red Living Room Rug from ceplukan

Jute for a stylish layer

One of the most popular rugs for farmhouse decor is made of jute. This material features exotic texture, soft surface, highly versatile, and low maintenance. It makes an easy choice for anyone to pick and buy jute rugs to have warm, earthy elements that work well on a wooden floor. 

Burlap Carpet from decorpad
Natural Jute Rugs from thespruce
Brown Jute Rugs from thespruce
Double jute runner rug from welivedhappilyeverafter
Dining Room Jute Rugs from lollyjane
Layered Brown Jute Rug from lollyjane
Living Room with Jute Rugs from lizmarieblog
Layering Jute Rug from lollyjane

Area rug

Instead of going overboard by choosing a wide-scale rug, you can roll out an area rug to highlight a certain part of your house. Choose one that features stain and fade resistant and durable enough to accommodate traffic areas. An area rug is the ultimate option to improve the accent of your farmhouse decor. 

Big Blue Striped Living Room Rug from donpedrobrooklyn
Geometric living room rug from boldboundlessblonde
Dining room tribal rug from boldboundlessblonde
Small tribal rug from boldboundlessblonde
Black runner rug from lollyjane
Striped Chevron Patterned Rug from donpedrobrooklyn

Boucle rug

The French-style inspired rug comes in various beautiful patterns and calming tones for your farmhouse decor. Boucle rug is made of polypropylene fibers that provide low maintenance, with high durability and improved softness. Thanks to its versatility, boucle rugs can be rolled out indoor or on the back porch to add a smart decoration piece. 

Gray boucle runner rug from lollyjane
Heringbone Boucle Rug from nestingwithgrace
Brown Boucle Rug from nestingwithgrace
Small Boucle Rug from thespruce
Grey Boucle Rug from lollyjane
Brown and Black Boucle Rug from donpedrobrooklyn

When choosing rugs for your farmhouse-style home, avoid the ones with daunting patterns. You don’t want the piece to overshadow other elements in the room and be sure to keep it simple.

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