How to Smartly Manage the Relocation of Your Office

So, you’re thinking of moving your office, but you’re worried since you don’t know the first thing about it. We can understand your anxiety. According to research, office moves are the second most stressful events in the life of a company. Therefore, companies put off moves till the last minute. But it should not be the case. Moving at the right time can be profitable in the long run. It can make your business accessible to your target audience. It can place you closer to a better workforce and cut down on the cost of doing business. 

The best way to approach the move is with a detailed plan in hand. If you’re unsure about how that looks like, don’t worry. We’ve written down the details of all you need to move your office.

Engage everyone in the conversation and assign the roles: The first thing to do is open communication lines. Office moves are stressful for everyone. Everyone is apprehensive: be it employees, stakeholders, or management. But you can avoid it.

Try keeping everyone in the loop and work in an organized manner. Appraise every one of what’s going to happen and why. Treat the whole process like you would approach a new project. Appoint a person so that you know whom to talk to about updates and progress. Just make sure that he/she is not an unorganized slob. Let all the team members know about their roles and responsibilities.

Go through the profiles of moving companies. Since the movers will be handling valuable office equipment, you’ll want experts to do the job. For minimal hassle, look into getting a full service moving company. They will do all the heavy lifting, and you can focus on keeping productivity levels up. Hire a moving partner with moving insurance to damaged goods. Ensure that your commercial business moving company will deliver the goods for a seamless and uneventful move.

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Choose the right place: A lot is riding on which site you choose to be your next office. You need to consider the location of the new space. Is it easily approachable? Many of your employees might be commuting via public transport. So, office space should be accessible by public transport. 

Contemplate the costs of the office. Can you afford to buy a building? Is it more feasible to lease? While a traditional lease offers privacy and stability, it can be inflexible. You might find yourself locked into a long lease with a steep cancelation fee. That is why renting coworking spaces is the best option for businesses in the nascent stage. 

Some locations might have internet connectivity problems. You don’t want to find out that the new office has unworkable conditions. Do your due diligence beforehand to avoid such disasters. Have a good walkabout in the area and ask around if there are any such issues with the property. 

Do the grunt work: Approximately six months pre-move is the optimal time to do all the leg work. First, let your customers know about the move. Issue a change of address that has the address of the new site along with moving dates. Let your vendors know about the relocation as well. Some of your vendors might not be able to deliver to the new place so keep that in mind. Look for any substitutes in the case of this eventuality. 

Update everyone about the address. Change the address on your website, office stationery, and directories. You should also revise the contact information on google listings. Disclose the new address to your insurance company and bank so that you don’t miss out on any important communication from them. Tell your current service providers about the change.

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You can take this opportunity to reinvent the vibe of your office. Talk to an interior designer to get the most out of the move. Having a conducive workspace is more important than you think. According to a survey, office design affects employee satisfaction and retention. And employee satisfaction will affect your revenue and overall business.

Similarly, do a full dress rehearsal to check if everything is working. Inspect the new site and check sockets, fans, HVAC for any problems. 


Congratulations! You’ve moved to your new location without incident. Now is the time to enjoy your new place. Make your employees feel welcomed with a smashing party. Leave little welcome packages at their workstations. Planning a successful office move is no small feat, and you all deserve the pat on the back. Try to learn from the experience to formulate a better plan for your next relocation adventure. 

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