7 Ways Your Home Portray Your Personality

Who is your personal secret-keeper? Yes, that is right. Your home is the only place that knows all your personal things, where you can chill, relax, and do plenty of other things that are tied to your personality. You may get astonished but your home can tell a lot about your personality. It is the place that absorbs all your negative or positive emotions. The more it absorbs, the more it will reflect. 

The way you treat yourself at home, your home will reflect the same thing in return. Some of the things that your home conveys about you are going to be discussed here. Let us have a look at them.

What does your home tell you about you? 

There are certain sides to your personality that your home can portray. These are:

1. Lifestyle: Well, it is quite a probability that if you are clean and like to keep everything organized then your home must be spacious. Or, houses having enough space tells that the related person remains to stay cool and composed. For a person who loves to go outdoors and play, their home will be filled with vibrant colors and full of flowers and plants. They will be maintaining a garden. It is very important to keep your lifestyle and home in sync as you should feel the same vibe at home as you actually are. 

2. Colors: Colors at your home can also depict a lot about your personality. In a study, it has been proven that how color psychology affects your emotions and lifestyle. For instance-the people who like vibrant and funky colors are more likely an outdoor person. A person having neutral taste in colors would most probably be an introvert or a lazy one. Since it is such a critical aspect, it is important to invest a good amount of time in choosing colors.

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3. Accessories: According to many experts in this field, accessories are the best way to reflect your personality. You may look like a quiet person, but the yellow colored-sofa in your living room may tell your positive outlook towards life. If you have animal printed wall hangings or paintings then one might guess that you are an animal lover. There are a lot of accessories and stuff in your home that can completely disclose the type of person you are. 

4. Patterns: The various design patterns in your rooms can also disclose a lot about your daily routine and the lifestyle you have adopted. For instance- A solar system in your room tells you that you love talking and reading about space. In a child’s room, you will most probably find some cartoon characters or superman type of postures. 

5. Experiences: The amount of experience a person can have can be seen by seeing the items around them. For example- A person who travels a lot often brings keepsakes and trinkets in their rooms. Now, it will obviously tell a lot of things about their traveling experiences in life. The items in your home portray a story about the feels and experience you had while roaming to different places. Imagine, a person walking through your home and can feel what you actually are. 

6. Relationships: The type of decoration you have in your home will tell a lot of things about your relationship with the other members who live with you. Like, if you have kids or children at your home, then you might have some disco or vibrant colors in your rooms. In case you are married or have a partner, then you will go for colors that represent love and affection. Colors represent a lot about your personality and the type of relationship you have with others. 

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7. Furniture: Do not consider your furniture only as a part of your home. It actually has the potential to reveal a lot about how you are as a person and what your choices are. Having a soft and comfy sofa depicts that you are a person who has a lot of outgoing friends, who love to party, and to eat pieces of stuff sitting comfortably on the couch. While a person with a posh look reveals that guests do visit their homes frequently. Now, you can see that the things that are mute can actually speak a lot about your daily life and the choices you make.

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It is now understood that your home is a secret-keeper and has grabbed your lifestyle gradually. Make sure that you always generate positive vibes so that you can receive them back in return. 

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