Tips for Preparing Winter Items for Summer Storage
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With the season changing, you may find yourself considering switching out the winter clothes and bringing the summer clothes back in. Not only is this one of the most dreaded hassles of the year because it consumes time and physical energy, but for another reason as well. This time of the year, most of us experience a recurring issue, lack of storage. We buy more clothes every season and forget to give the old ones away, hence the reason we find storage becoming a significant issue.

If you are looking to store your winter clothes away for the summer, chances are you have run into the storage as mentioned earlier issue. Trunks and suitcases in the attic or basement don’t quite cut it anymore. It sounds like you need a few pointers to store your winter apparel away for the coming months successfully. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare your winter items for summer storage. 

Find a self-storage facility

Washington remains partly cloudy during the summers, and the winters are freezing. Living in the state capital, you need to be sure that you are ready to pack your winter items away. Being ill-equipped during a sudden cold wave can cause serious trouble to your health. The clothes we wear in the winters are our best defense line during the bitter cold that the Pacific North West is known for.

As for storing away your winter items, in Washington, Olympia storage units provide the best options to keep your stuff secure for a long time.

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Pack your trunks, suitcases, and boxes with all the seasonal clothes and items, and ship them off to the nearest storage unit in your town. A storage unit will help de-clutter the house and ensure that your items are kept safe and ready for the next winter season. 

Label each person’s items

When you prepare your winter items for summer storage, the best thing to do is mark boxes according to their belongings. If you are packing away your daughter’s clothes into a carton, consider labeling the box ‘Sophie’s winter clothes.’ Filling them according to the person’s belongings helps you figure out how you want to store them, and retrieving them becomes a lot easier.
Once you are ready to bring the clothes back out next winter, hand the boxes over to each person and let them sort out the rest. Families often pack all their clothes together for some reason and spend additional time sifting and sorting. You can make the dreadful process considerably easier by this simple tip which we have just mentioned. 

Give what you don’t need to charity

If you have winter items that no longer serve a purpose in your house, please consider donating those items to charity. Whether it’s old Christmas decorations or redundant clothes, if you aren’t using them, someone else less fortunate might be able to. As we mentioned, winter in Olympia can be bitterly cold. 

Giving away the belonging that serves no use to you anymore may keep someone warm next winter.
Not only is this a great way to give to others, but it clears out your items, and you can keep what you need. Giving away redundant items helps you with the space issue and removes the sifting and sorting issue, which we know all too well. 

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Line your boxes with plastic

If you are packing your clothes into boxes or cartons, consider laying a sheet of plastic bags at the bottom and sealing the top. Doing so works for suitcases as well if that’s where you are storing your clothes. Lining the boxes with plastic keeps them away for next winter and ensures that no dust or creepy crawlies make their way inside.
Sealing the box or suitcases is another essential tip to keep your clothes free from bugs or dirt. The chances are that when you open up your clothes every year, you get a puff of dust which rises once you have flipped the side of the suitcase. Following this tip can help avoid that and have your clothes ready to use.


We also suggest that you dry clean your clothes before you pack them away. Dry cleaning makes it easy for you to take them out, dust them off and wear them right off the bat. They are already clean, so you don’t have to wait for them to be washed and dried—an essential tip for when winter descends upon you without warning. Consider which tips suit you best and put them into practice when packing your items away at the end of this winter.

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