25 The Best Non-White Colors for Formal Dining Room

White is usually a “safe” shade for a formal dining room, but it is not the only option. You can create an elegant and beautiful formal dining room with other colors, from airy, bright tones to the moody dark ones. Here are several tones you can try for a dining room.

1. Steel Blue

Steel blue is a “cool” color in many ways: atmospheric, formal, yet relaxing. Steel blue has a gray undertone, making it perfect to pair with other colors. You can install metal brass or gold-coat lamps and other ornaments to create a beautiful contrast.

Choosing shades of steel blue for your formal dining room decorating ideas will look very cool. You can install a gold light so it looks perfect. Blue shades dining room from homestratosphere.

Formal dining room decoration with shades of steel blue and gold chandelier will look classy and can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Shades blue and gold chandelier from homestratosphere.

To make a formal dining room feel warm, you can use steel blue as the main color scheme. Pair it with a classic chandelier and gold wall hangings for a glamorous feel. Classic chandelier and gold wall from homestratosphere.

A dining room in a steel blue outfit is a brilliant idea for serenity and comfort. Pair it with a crystal chandelier for perfect lighting. Crystal chandelier from homestratosphere.

Using a striped wall design with a light blue and dark blue color combination is the perfect color scheme for you to use. With these color combinations, your formal dining room will have a calm and comfortable impression. Striped wall from homestratosphere.

2. Mauve

Mauve is a crossroad between gray and violet, a perfect blend of “neutral” and “dramatic”. It provides a great background for white furniture, creating a serene look. You can pair the combination with elegant chandelier (crystal or gold-coated) to create an opulent look.

To get a bright look in your formal dining room, try to choose mauve so that your problem is resolved. Choose a candle chandelier as a lighting idea to make it look glamorous. Mauve dining roo with candle chandelier from decorpad.

Formal dining room with mauve nuance will give bright nuance there. You can add a crystal chandelier to bring a luxurious look there. Mauve nuance from decoist.

One way to make the dining room color scheme more relaxed, you can use a lavender color. Besides being able to brighten up the dining room, the combination of a wooden table and a drum chandelier will make your room even more perfect. Mauve dining room from decoist.

This dining room combination with white and light purple creates a serene look. Complete the decor with a pendant lamp for a luxurious look. Combination with white and light purple from decoist.

The use of a light purple wall color in the dining room is a great color scheme for you to use. Because with this color scheme your formal dining room will look brighter and cleaner. Dining room with mauve color from designtrends.

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3. Pale Pink

Want to have a pink formal dining room without looking childish? Choose pale pink as the wall color. This pink shade is beautiful and feminine, yet without the childish or girlish feel often associated with the color. You can pair it with gold color or medium-tone wood for a warm, formal dining room.

Choosing a pale pink color for your formal dining room design will look beautiful. You can add wood accents there so that it will give a warm tone that makes you comfortable in your dining room. Shell pink dining room from veranda.

If you don’t want to use a pale color in the dining room, you can use pink. As in the picture above, combining it with a wooden table and a unique pendant lamp will look elegant. Pale pink and wooden table from apartmenttherapy.

Pale pink is a color that is suitable for you to use in a formal dining room to make it look beautiful. You can combine it with a black and white dining table and gold chandelier sputnik lamps. Gold chandelier sputnik lamps from freutcake.

Updating the color of the dining room by using a pale pink wall color is a great idea. With these colors, your dining room with a combination of sputnik chandeliers will look warm. Pale pink wall color from freutcake.

If you want to decorate a formal dining room in pink without looking childish, you can use pale pink. Complementing it with a wooden dining table will enhance your decor so it looks elegant. Pale pink dining room from housebeautiful.

4. Cream

Cream is a great option if you want to stay close to white. It offers a warm tone, but not too deep or bold. You can pair it with almost any colors, from dark wood to colored metal and white furniture. You can also incorporate gold-coated (or brass) fixtures and accents.

One way to make your dining room look warm, you can use a beige color like the image above. Using a white dining table and white furniture add a luxurious impression to the space. White dining table and white furniture from layjao.

Beige shades are a great choice if you like white tones. You can use a wooden table which will enhance your decor so that it looks perfect. Wooden table from layjao.

You can use cream shades for your formal dining room decorating ideas. Use a gold plated chandelier so that it will look elegant and luxurious. Gold plated chandelier from layjao.

Cream and white are a great color combination for a warm impression. The gold candle chandelier finish creates a glamorous decoration. Gold candle chandelier from decorpad.

A beige formal dining room is perfect for creating a warm impression. You can get comfortable by adding a royal chandelier with a touch of gold. Beige formal dining room from decorpad.

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5. Different Gray Shades

Gray is a great moody color, but you can combine several gray shades to create a unique look. Pick a dark, medium, and light tone to create a background and accent colors.

Shades of gray will create a unique look and are perfect for formal dining rooms. A crystal chandelier will add an elegant look to your dining room so it looks more perfect. Gray dining room fromrhythmofthehome.

Choosing the background of your formal dining room with shades of gray looks simple but will present an elegant and inspiring look. Bulb chandelier from rhythmofthehome.

The use of gray in this formal dining room adds a warm impression. The lantern chandelier with a touch of gold adds to the glamor and appeal. Gray formal dining room with brass lantern chandelier from rhythmofthehome.

Bringing together shades of gray and white in a formal dining room is a brilliant idea. With this color scheme, your dining room will look more natural and relaxed. Gray and white formal dining room from rhythmofthehome.

Applying warm colors in the dining room like gray is a great choice for you to use. Besides being able to give a warm atmosphere to the room, this color can also make your dining room more charming. Large wall art from rhythmofthehome.

A formal dining room doesn’t need to be stark white. Infuse proper colors to make it look more attractive and comfortable, despite its formal look.


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