20 Tips to Choose the Most Ergonomic Office Desk

The desk is an inseparable part of every office worker, but not everyone knows how to choose the most ergonomic office desk. The ideal desk is not always expensive, but it provides the best features to support healthy and comfortable work positions. Follow these tips to get the most ergonomic desk for your workspace.

1. Provide Enough Clearance

An ideal desk must have enough clearance for feet, knees, and thighs. Your desk should not have a drawer or other bulky parts above the knees (a drawer must be situated near the edge). You must have enough space to shake your feet and adjust the position. Add a footrest to create proper support.

Choosing an office desk without storage will give you ample legroom. This view makes it comfortable when working. Wooden and metal table from familyhandyman.

Decorating a workbench without drawers will have enough space to move your legs. The simple and sleek design of the desk makes your office room looks minimalist. Wooden countertops from essentialhome.

This wooden table has leg support that you should try so that it will create a comfortable table design. Pair with classic chairs and upholstered rugs. Wooden table from essentialhome.

This contemporary desk will create the perfect look in your home office. Applying a footrest will create proper support so that it has enough space to move the leg. Contemporary desk from essentialhome.

2. Provide Comfortable Angles for Arms and Hands

An ergonomic office desk must put your arms, elbows, wrists, and hands in proper positions when you are typing. The elbows and arms must be parallel with the desk. The wrists are on the same level or slightly lower positions than the elbows to prevent straining. The desk size must also accommodate a keyboard and mouse properly, so your hands don’t stray too far.

Choosing a table and chairs that are in line with your arm will give comfort when you are working. So that you will keep focusing and feel convenient when working. Black chair from halfwaywholeistic.

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3. Have a Keyboard Tray

Many office desks now have built-in keyboard trays. They are installed in slightly lower positions than the desk surfaces. This feature allows your muscles and tendons to have relaxed positions while you are typing. You can also adjust the keyboards without having to lean or extend the arms whenever possible.

This keyboard tray complements your table décor. This feature allows you to relax while typing and can make your arms comfortable while working. Keyboard tray on black desk from minimalistdesks.

This corner white table is complemented by a keyboard tray for an attractive appearance. This way it will be easier for you to stretch your arms comfortably. Corner white table from minimalistdesks.

Implementing this keyboard tray comes in handy for tilting or stretching your arms whenever possible. This method is suitable for you to try in your office to get convenience. Black table with keyboard tray from minimalistdesks.

Tables with added a keyboard tray as shown above can tilt or stretch out your arms if possible. This provides the proper position for the keyboard for you when typing. Wooden desk with keyboard tray from minimalistdesks.

Complementing the look of the table with the additional keyboard tray that is installed under the table will make it easier for you to stretch your arms. Use wood for a rustic office design. Keyboard tray on rustic office from housebeautiful.

The office table with a wooden keyboard tray looks very solid to use. This tray will make you feel comfortable when typing even in a long time. Minimalist keyboard tray from decorpad.

For more comfortable when typing in your work desk, choose the work desk that has a keyboard tray. The type of the keyboard tray can be adjusted to your work desk style and according to your need. Keyboard tray from vurni.

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4. Get Edge Cushion

Many desks come in sharp edges that press painfully on your arms after a while. You can reduce the pressure by installing the edge cushion. Alternatively, buy a desk that has blunt edges, giving your arms less sharp pressure.

When you want convenience in your arm when you are working, you can use a table with an edge cushion. so that your arm was comfortable and has no sharp pressure. White desk from blog.modsy.

Using a white work table will make your space look more clean and elegant. Best of all, the edge oval design of the desk gives you the best furniture in the home office. Edge oval design desk from homedit.

This work desk is equipped with blunt edges for a comfortable arm design. With this idea, it will make a comfortable office decoration that you should try. Blunt edges desk from workwhilewalking.

5. Choose the Right Size for Screen Adjustments

Ideally, your screen must be tilted slightly backward to avoid reflection. Your middle fingertips should touch the screen when you sit in a straight, comfortable position. If you use two screens, the secondary one must be placed slightly off the center. Find a desk that allows you to do these standard screen adjustments.

A minimalist look is present on the L-shaped table. This double screen complements the look of the workspace combined with other ornaments. L-shaped table from hative.

This corner table perfectly complements the workspace décor. This design is suitable for your double layer so that it will make the appearance attractive. Corner table with double screen from hative.

Adding a table suitable for placing dual screens like the one above is worth checking out. Use a wooden terraced table for an elegant look. Wooden terraced table from snacknation.

Ergonomic office desks have their own advantages. So you can do work comfortably using the dual screens. Best of all, the table has a unique design to be perfectly placed in the corner. Corner ergonomic office desks from pods.

You can choose the size of the table that fits your screen so that it will provide comfort for you and not easily tired when you are working. Wooden desk with double screen from pods.

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An ergonomic office desk doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make sure it offers features that allow adjustments for comfortable work.


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