15 Top RV Decorations for Your Best Inspiration

If you are thinking about an extraordinary traveling, you can consider a fun traveling with an RV. An RV will bring you wherever with a simpler house decoration. It has a smaller space but you can conjure it up into an amazing space. There are a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and cozy nook in an RV. Moreover, you may design your RV as well as your house to make your traveling much and enjoyable.

Furthermore, your RV furniture is the element that you cannot forget. Because an RV has limited space, some folding furniture can be your alternative to save more space. Also, opt the furniture with a double or multiple-functions so that you get both practical and functional aspects. Likewise, you can bring a certain style or seasonal decorative items into your RV interior design. Surely, they will make your RV more festive and stylish.

The side of the kitchen island can be used as a clever storage idea that you can easily do yourself. This vertically designed wire basket can be used as an area to store some of your small items so you can find them easily when you need them. This RV kitchen island design also has a size that is not too big so it is very suitable for use, repaint it with a deep blue color to make it look newer and attract attention. Get this wire basket at the nearest store at a fairly affordable price. Hanging Wire Basket Kitchen Island from @gills_on_wheels

The easiest way you can do to give the impression of a more elegant RV is to cover the floor with a runner rug that has a beautiful and vintage pattern. The size of this rug is also not too big so it is very suitable for use in the RV living room area. In order to give it a more vintage look, you can combine it with a leather sofa which is perfected with plaid pillowcases which are dominated by earth tone colors. Having a fireplace in the RV adds to a warmer RV atmosphere when you travel. Flooring Runner Rug with Vintage Style from @ourlifeonlaketime

An ottoman that is in the living room of this RV can be covered with a wooden plank so that it will function quite multi-functional. You can paint it with wood color too so that this ottoman table will appear cleaner and shiny. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also enhance the appearance of this ottoman table with a ceramic vase that can be filled with flower arrangements to make it look prettier. A layer of tapestry on the floor adds an elegant atmosphere that can never fail. Multifunctional Ottoman Coffee Table from @rusticlanternandco

White is one of the colors that is suitable for use throughout your RV room. Now you can apply it to the walls, ceiling and use of furniture too. The advantage that you can get from using this neutral color is that it makes the room appear brighter, more open and wider. Here you can use a kitchen island that has been repainted in a deep black color so that it can instantly present a monochromatic feel. Transparent glass windows allow more sunlight into the room. Neutral Scheme RV Themed from @you.me.andtheboys

The bohemian theme can also be tried on RV decorations in the easiest way that you can do yourself. Here you can enter indoor plants with a variety of different types. This plant can be easily found in your garden, all you have to do is move it to a few vases or pots that you already have. Rattan woven plates and a macrame hanging on the walls and cabinets are additional decorations that you can install right now. Try to make this decoration visible to anyone who visits your RV. Bohemian RV with Greenery Decor from @chasingthecashes

Folding furniture is one of the best interior must-haves for decorating your RV. This will save more floor area so you can move freely. Try installing and using a folding table in a neutral color like white to be used as a dining table or it can also be used as a design desk. Isn’t it quite multifunctional and effective? Fold it back when this table is finished using. Don’t forget to combine it with the use of a sofa as a sitting area which is comfortable enough to use to relax with your family. Folding Multifunction Table from @campersinnrv

Don’t use too much furniture in this RV decoration. What you can use now is a sofa that can be combined directly with a coffee table and a folding table that can be used as a dining table. The furniture here uses earth tone colors which can be combined directly with other interiors that have neutral colors as well. You can use folding furniture in the corner of the room to the fullest according to your RV decoration needs. Cover the leather section of the sofa with some throw pillows for a more comfortable fit, just use them in the same color so they coordinate better. Open Space RV Decoration from @newlookrvrenovation

White is a color choice that will never fail to be tried on any part of the decoration, including the RV decoration that you are currently using. You can try this splash of white on the walls, ceiling and kitchen cabinets so that they appear more optimal and elegant. A kitchen island that is dominated by the use of reclaimed wood provides a simple look that you can try. You can use floating shelves on the wall to the fullest, this storage idea doesn’t use up a lot of RV space so it’s perfect for use whenever you want. White Themed Small RV Kitchen from @jenn.wahlbrink

This folding side table design that has been repainted in pastel colors is ready to be used as RV furniture which makes the nuances inside livelier and brighter. Now you can combine it with a wooden sofa covered with sage green cushions. Here you will feel the maximum comfort when doing RV trips. Re-fold this side table after you’re done using it to save more space for your RV so it’s more effective and efficient. Having a faux fur blanket on the sofa can be used properly to warm your body more optimally. Peach Paint Folding Side Table Design from @darling_the_camper

Choose and use can stools as your sitting area with your family when going on an RV trip. The advantage of the stool that is used is that it can also be used simultaneously with storage in it. You can simply open the top of this stool easily, then put in the items to be used. Usually the design of this stool is used to store your throw blankets so that the appearance of the RV can look neater and orderly, repaint the stool with plain white for a more elegant appearance. Can Stool for Storage Ideas from @rvtrader

The addition of DIY cutting boards to your RV kitchen cabinet decoration is intended to save more space in this mini RV. Use the cutting board properly and effectively, after you’re done using it, you can fold it back so it doesn’t limit your space for movement. Just make it out of DIY wood with a choice of neutral colors and a more shiny and smoother surface so that it’s easier to clean again when it starts to get dirty. You can try it right now with the maximum. DIY Wooden Folding Cutting Board from @glutenfreeinanrv

The high bed frame designed in this RV decoration is a new idea that will save more space effectively and efficiently. Right under this bed you can use it as an office decoration which is complemented by the use of desks, chairs, sofas, ottomans and a layer of faux fur rug which will add to the atmosphere of the room feeling warmer. In this way, throughout your RV trip you can still do office tasks well, isn’t it very interesting to try this year with your loved ones? RV Office under the Bedding from @campersinnrv

Do not leave the RV wall empty and not in use at all. What you can do right now is decorate the RV wall as an open storage idea that you can design yourself according to the budget you have. Now you can install DIY floating shelves made of wood and knife magnets that you can use properly and efficiently. Just arrange everything neatly so that you have an RV kitchen space that is more comfortable to use and of course makes your RV trip more enjoyable. Open Space Wall Storage Ideas from @quadrostylestickers

The open shelves in this RV kitchen decoration can be folded at any time when you need them. This wooden shelf can be folded again when you are going on another RV trip so that all stored items do not easily fall to the floor. Several woven baskets are additional storage and will make it easier for you when organizing all the items that you will carry and store. Choose and use a complete basket with handles to make it easier for you to move it. Folding RV Shelves from @inspiredrvliving

Using a sectional sofa is one of the best ideas you can do to complement the furniture that will be used in your RV decoration. This sofa can be used as a sitting area or lying down too. Add some pillows and throw blankets on top of this sofa to provide a softer surface and of course more comfort too. Don’t forget that the bottom of the sofa layout can be added with a rug which will give the RV a more elegant look, you can try it easily. Sectional Linen Sofa Ideas from @butlers_unboxed

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For your bedroom, you can opt a folding bed frame if you think you must save the minimal space. But, it is possible for you to opt for a bed and decor it as cozy as possible. Besides, to save your space in the bathroom, you can have a curtain to separate your bathtub and closet. It is more effective than a glass door. Curtains are the elements which are very important because they will protect your RV from the direct sunshine and heat. They also play as private and decorative elements.

On the other hand, your kitchen is the next room to focus on. If you are interested in a rustic style, you may apply it for your kitchen by bringing some wooden elements, for instance, the wall and flooring design, cabinets, and dining table. Keep saving your space by maximizing every single free inch as storage. Use drawers and floating shelves to organize some stuff. In addition, to celebrate Christmas in your RV, bring festive decor like garland, wreath, string lamps, small Christmas tree, and bells. Enjoy your beautiful moment in your stylish RV then.


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