25 Cool and Creative DIY Coffee Table Ideas for your Small Living Room

If you have free time on weekends, then you have to do activities so it doesn’t feel boring. And one thing that you can do is create work that works for everyday life. Actually there are many items that you can create. And one of them is to make a coffee table. The coffee table is a table that you can put in the living room. And usually where there is a coffee table, then there will also be a comfortable sofa or chair. Then, the main function of the coffee table is a place to put drinks and snacks. But now, the coffee table also serves as a place to beautify a room.

Before making your coffee table, the first thing you have to do is determine the design. There are many designs to choose from, for example, rustic coffee tables, reclaimed wood coffee tables, terrazzo coffee tables or ottoman coffee tables. You can adjust the design to the concept of the room there. With that, it will create a harmonious display there. However, people usually use wood material because it is considered inexpensive and it is able to create an elegant appearance. So, for you who still feel confused choosing the shape and design of the coffee table. So we present some pictures below that you can copy. Let’s see it!

Furniture showing off the beauty of the wood grain has a certain appeal. This chunky coffee table proves my point. Even more, this is a super sturdy build that kids or pets won’t be able to tear apart. Solid wood coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

If there’s one thing I can appreciate is furniture with hidden storage. This basic project includes free plans for the storage coffee table which is suitable for beginners as well. Mid-century coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Pallet furniture is so fascinating. You can take some plain pallets and turn them into something great. This gorgeous pallet coffee table also falls within those lines. Pallet coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

This farmhouse coffee table can be easily restyled using a different stain or paint. But, if you want to get its original farmhouse look, make the details look simple. Farmhouse coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Simple is classy! This round coffee table has a plywood top so it will be light enough to be moved around easily. It’s perfect for your small living room. Round coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Terrariums are very trending in home decor and the truth is they are quite beautiful. This coffee table actually contains a terrarium which is quite clever and it certainly catches the eye. Hairpin leg coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Since we’re still in the rustic department, check out this tree stump coffee table. I think it looks very unique and appealing! Perfect for your small space. Tree stump coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

A wood slice table top and hairpin legs are definitely a winning combination. Moreover, this cabin chic coffee table gets more impressive matchy with the sofa. Wood slice coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Let’s admit this coffee table with pullouts is practically a work of art. If you enjoy playing board games you’ll surely want to make this one. Unique coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

This Terrazzo-style coffee table seems like just the thing to brighten up a living room. And it’s a quick build that will keep you busy on a rainy afternoon. Terrazzo coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

I’m impressed by the wonderful wood imperfections of this rustic coffee table. It made from sycamore wood slabs. However, those hairpin legs hint towards Mid Century Modern, which is brilliant!. Mid-century coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

A rustic industrial coffee table that worthy to have. The simple look wooden countertop and the black iron legs giving the best result. Industrial coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Concrete and wood furniture looks so classy yet modern. The simple design but solid can be the best coffee table for your living room. Concrete coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Wood and steel are another stunning combos for furniture, especially if you like the rustic industrial vibe. Moreover, built-in storage drawers for more utilities. Storage coffee table from jenwoodhouse.

Display your beautiful succulent garden in a coffee table. You can choose a both practical and aesthetic approach in creating a glass coffee table that serves as a succulent container as well. Succulent coffee table from homesthetics.

A thick wood slice is a perfect accent in a modern home. Place a wood slice on wheels and enjoy your morning coffee wherever you want around the house. Wood slice coffee table from homesthetics.

A vintage suitcase can serve as a chic coffee table. Add a set of hairpin legs to a vintage suitcase and use it as a chic coffee table. Vintage coffee table from homesthetics.

Old wine barrels transformed into beautiful DIY coffee tables. The classical wooden wine barrel can resurface in an interior design in the form of a glass-covered coffee table. Wine barrel coffee table from homesthetics.

The unique coffee table can define your interior design. A true petrol-head would definitely appreciate such a unique design. It will be complete your living room decoration, as well. Unique coffee table from homesthetics.

An old vintage clock recycled into a retro coffee table. We do love vintage items and transforming them into useful custom made pieces for our interior decor. So, this clock coffee table can actually be an appealing project. Retro coffee table from homesthetics.

DIY French marble coffee table. You can recycle an old coffee table and give it a French touch with a new handmade marble top. Choose a white plain marble that will contrast boldly with black grout. Mozaic coffee table from homesthetics.

An old large crate can become the focal point of your bohemian decor. Transform an old wooden crate into a cozy homey coffee table. Bohemian coffee table from homesthetics.

Exploit every piece of driftwood you encounter. Driftwood has a special appeal for interior designers thanks to its unique shape and texture. Such an incredible example could serve as an exclusive custom made coffee table. Driftwood coffee table from homesthetics.

Recycle old wooden doors into large coffee tables with storage space. Another great example of a DIY coffee table project. In the wooden fibers of old doors that can be cut and reassembled into creative storage. Storage coffee table from homesthetics.

Elegance lies in simplicity. Hairpin legs and simple wooden beams merge into a beautiful perfect design. White hairpin legs coffee table from homesthetics.

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From the pictures above, so you can see that there are many shapes or designs of coffee tables that you can make yourself. And apparently, you can make a coffee table by using the objects around you. For example, you can use wood blocks, tree trunks, old-fashioned suitcases, car engines, windows or pallets as material for making coffee tables. So, instead of these objects only stored in your warehouse. Then you can use it to become very useful items.

For those of you who have plans to make your own coffee table. Then you can use the pictures that we present above as your inspiration. Don’t hesitate to try new things. Because everyone actually has the creativity that can be used for positive things. And one of them is to use creativity to make your coffee table. Besides being satisfied with the results, you can also save your money because you don’t need to buy a coffee table at a furniture store. So, good luck trying to make it!


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