53 Pretty Girly Apartment Decor Ideas to Consider

It is known that commonly, apartment won’t be in a spacious one. That is why not to make you bored to stay in your apartment, you should try to make your apartment decoration looks pretty and cheerful. Especially when you are a girly person, providing the pretty feminine decoration will be really worthy.

It is known that commonly, the apartment won’t be in a spacious one. That is why not to make you bored to stay in your apartment, you should try to make your apartment decoration looks pretty and cheerful. Especially when you are a girly person, providing a pretty feminine decoration will be really worthy. It is like you appreciate yourself and think that you deserve to get anything that really represents your personality.

However, since your apartment will be only in a small space then you can’t apply something too much or too crowded for the decoration. That will influence the space impression of your apartment. In this case, the more things you provide and apply, the more narrow your room will be seen. Hence, choosing the right color will also influence the space impression. If you want to have a spacious impression, you can choose the light or bright color than the bold and dark one.

Peach Cushions and Flowers from zyhomy

Pink Furry Cushion and Throw Blanket from zyhomy

Pink and Gold Bathroom Colors Combination from zyhomy

White Color Scheme Decor with Pink Stuff from zyhomy

Floral Wall Decoration and Peach Curtain from zyhomy

Purple Cushion with Glitter Touch from zyhomy

Pink Blush Wall and Orange Sofa from zyhomy

Soft Pink Bedroom Walls from zyhomy

Pink Rose Flower and Gold Frame Mirror from zyhomy

White and Pink Color Scheme from zyhomy

Smooth Pink Stool from homedit

Abstrac Painting and Tulips on Vases from homedit

Acrylic Bookcase from homedit

Jewelry and Pink Roses from homedit

Gold Bar Cart with Pink Flower from homedit

Pink Fluffy Pillows from homedit

Gold Coffee Table with Pink Roses from homedit

Glass Flower Vase on Table Kitchen from homedit

Patterned Storage Boxes from homedit

Dried Roses on Vase from homedit

Pink Blush Chair from hgtv

Pink Pillow with Tribal Pattern from hgtv

Pink Dining Chairs from archi-living

Pink Chair with Paisley Pattern from decoratorist

Pink Blush Sofa from decoratorist

Blush Home Office Chair from decoratorist

Red Roses on Vases from decoratorist

White Faux Fur Blanket from decoratorist

Flower Wallpaper from decoratorist

Blue Pastel Bathtub from ideas4homes

Pink Carpet and Curtain from hausratversicherungkosten

Pink Ornament and String Light from curatedinterior

Pink and White Fluffy Chusion from hausratversicherungkosten

Blush Wall from hausratversicherungkosten

Purple and Blush Nuance from hausratversicherungkosten

Faux Fur Fluffy Pillow from hausratversicherungkosten

Blush Velvet Sofa and High Curtain from hausratversicherungkosten

Pink Roses from hausratversicherungkosten

Flower Ottoman from hausratversicherungkosten

Pink Tassel Blanket from hausratversicherungkosten

Pink Curtain from philablazers

Gold-Framed Coffee Table from philablazers

Pinlk Wall and Wooden Flooring from line.17qq

Pink and White Striped Wall from line.17qq

White Faux Fur Carpet and line.17qq

Pink Headboard from curatedinterior

Pink Kitchen Cabinet from curatedinterior

Blush High Curtain from curatedinterior

Pink and Gold Color Scheme from curatedinterior

Flower Curtain and Gold Bar Cart from curatedinterior

Pink Sofa with Gold Coffee Table from curatedinterior

Gold Console Table with Pink Roses from curatedinterior

Flowers Vase on the Mantel Fireplace from curatedinterior

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To give the pretty touches to your apartment, you can apply it to the building part such as the wall, ceiling, or flooring. After that, you can move to the furniture and ornament. Anyway, make sure that when you have provided the festive feminine touches to the building part, you might be calmer for the furniture touches. Do it in otherwise where when you have provided the festive furniture and ornament, you should apply the calm color for the building part.

From the references above, you can see that whatever the room, it can be applied with the pretty feminine touches. Whether for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even the bathroom all are worthy to have the feminine look. Even more, you can also apply it for any decoration style such as the modern, classic, farmhouse, industrial, and everything. That will be great if you can give a pretty touch to your modern style since the modern style has a rigid impression.

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