19 Artistic Rattan Furniture Ideas

From all of the furniture materials, rattan could be the best choice for your home furniture . Not only for its good impression since it brings the nature element, but it also has good durability. Even more, it has the prettier look compared with the common wood because of the texture provided. The interesting thing here is that you can use it to create certain different furniture like chairs, tables, or swing. Check out the following pictures for the design references.

Chair or Sofa Frame

For the seating, you can both use it to create the chairs and sofa frame. There are some different designs and forms that you can have form the rattan. It covers the common to the unique one. For comfort, you can add the pad into the chairs. However, if you don’t want to lose the natural look of your chairs, then you can simply let your rattan chairs that way. It is ok! since rattan material is not that hard as the wood.

The design is beautiful, organic and fresh. Leather or upholstered fabrics for these sofas and chairs really raise the norm.
The walls are adorned with sunburst mirrors but the living room set is furnished with rattan chairs that match the blue velvet sofa.
When we talk about neutrals, it’s usually the colors of the walls, carpets, and decorations. But in this space, we see that the seating fits together well.
This artistic rattan chair is both beautiful and contemporary. Pairing it with a white tufted sofa creates a more classy look due to the color combination of the two.
The colors of the walls and floors are contrasting but still work well for everything in the room including rattan armchairs, wooden folding tables and benches, and a white console on the side.
The combination of brown rattan and blue cushions, cushions and rugs is perfect for this lovely home.
This house gives you enough windows and doors for you to enjoy the sun and the view beyond. This is something busy people look forward to during the weekends and holidays.
Floral cushions add a little bit of summer to this stunning living room.


A table can also really possible to be created with rattan material. You can combine it with glass material for the table surface. Or, you can utilize the wood if you want to have a harmonious material combination. To add the beauty, you can paint it or just let it has its natural rattan color. There are some unique and artistic designs that you can have as you can choose it based on your personal taste. Go get the references on down below!

This round rattan rattan adds tropical charm to any space. The concave sides can provide a nice contrast for a room filled with modern furniture.
Add a cool, desert or West Coast-inspired touch to your home with this stylish rattan planter stand.
Make a bold statement in any room of your home with this extra large rattan coffee table. It boasts a mid-century vintage vibe that is trending right now.
This rattan table represents normal wear for their age and can be used as a side or end table, a plant stand, or even an additional seat.
Straight from the 1970s, this beautiful rattan or coffee table will bring versatility and style to any space you put it in.
This table has heavy iron legs with an intricately woven table. You can use this table indoors or outdoors, just add a chair.


Providing swing is such a good idea because enjoying your lazy time swinging is really fun. In this case, rattan can be a good material to make the swing. For comfort, you can add the pad into the swing. Then, add also the cushion and throw blanket for more fun lazy moments. In hence for the placement, you can put it in your living room, bedroom, or porch. Simply choose the place that you commonly use to chill.

Made by hand in Indonesia from 100% rattan, these adorable hanging pods are both protective and fun to look at.
Contemporary woven designs are available in two color channels and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
What a beauty, this sleek rattan egg chair is made to withstand outdoor elements.
Add accessories with the right throw pillows and throws to create a place you probably don’t want to leave.
The dark lines and subtle shapes of this wicker chair give it a chic look that’s still boho but perfect for minimalist décor.

It is awesome where you can create several different furniture by using rattan. You might think that it will only proper for your farmhouse or rustic home decoration style. But, you can absolutely apply it for your modern home style. The rattan material can calm down the rigid atmosphere in your modern home style. If it is possible, pair it with the greenery near your rattan furniture so that you can get a fresh and peaceful feeling.

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