20 Awesome Tree Ring Planter Ideas

For those who like gardening, there are always ideas to beautify it. You can try something simple such as a tree ring planter idea to enhance the landscape around trees; it is a decoration around the tree by using materials such as marbles, stones, or bricks. Here are some ideas on designing the planter that you can try yourself.

1. Stone Tree Ring Planter

You might have seen a ring planter before and decided to make some. Anything that comes in the same sizes is a great material. The simplest and most affordable thing that you can use is stones or rocks. They are something you can find right around you and are easy to make. Just put them around the tree and you are done. It is as simple as that.

This garden decoration looks neat and interesting for you to try. Here you can use stones and in the form of curvy tree rings for interesting decorations. Besides that, the cute shape will be the center of attention. Curvy Tree Ring from @alslawnserviceinc

Though, tree ring planters will give extra beauty to the main tree decoration in your garden. The simplest and most affordable thing you can use is neatly arranged stones or rocks to make a fire garden. Large Tree Ring from @alslawnserviceinc

This design you could imagine in a fictional garden, but it’s very easy to make. The evergreen leafy tree with ring stone planter will amaze you with its decorative results in your garden. Rock and Gravel Tree Ring from @alslawnserviceinc

This edge idea is one that makes use of natural touches to create a unique ring planter. Two stack rock tree planters will get a stunning decoration in your garden then you must try this one. Tree Curb from @edge_it_decorative_curbing

The pile of white stones forming a tree circle will give a beautiful deformation and more style. This design gives a neat look to the tree decorations in your garden. These tree rings are easy to make and don’t require a lot of money. White Stone Tree Ring from @alphalawn92

Using rock in this tree ring decoration succeeded in stealing the eyes of everyone who saw it. Having an attractive but messy appearance produces a unique garden decoration for you to try. Tree Edging from @mz.seasonal.landscaping

Large stones that are turned into tree rings can produce beautiful and adorable garden decorations. In addition to large stones, you can add pebbles to this tree ring decoration to give it a different design. Rock Stone from @mz.seasonal.landscaping

This pile of white stones in the shape of a checkerboard is transformed into an interesting tree circle for you to try. A design like this will produce a garden decoration that is neat and doesn’t look messy. Stacked Stone Tree Ring from @ easyconstructionnc

A backyard maple tree can be decorated with a ring rock planter like this one. Stacking ring stones neatly will result in a beautiful garden decoration that looks more stylish. Cube Stone Tree Ring Planter from @kreatyve.gardenista

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2. Square Brick Tree Ring Planter

When you are making your house, there may be some construction material left. You can make great use of it by using square bricks circling the tree. It is a great tree ring planter idea to try to reuse material around the house. Another option is to make the ring not just around a tree, but it can also be implemented in soil with plants and flowers.

This unique tree ring shape makes a stylish garden decoration. The choice of material from these bricks will provide an attractive design and can be the center of attention of everyone who comes. Curvy Brick Treee Ring Planter from @argee_corp

This circle brick tree ring is able to provide an attractive home decoration and looks more stylish. Forming this circle will also produce interesting room decorations and create different designs. Circle Brick Tree Ring Planter from @argee_corp

Two piles of brick tree rings make for a neat and stylish garden decoration. Choosing the material from this brick will last a long time and give an interesting impression for you to try. Two Piles Brick Tree Ring from @newleaflawn.propertycare

Don’t let the trees in your garden look empty and boring. Adding a red brick tree ring is a simple idea that you can try to create an attractive garden for you to try. Brick Tree Ring from @greenandblueecocare

Instead of brick tree rings, you can also make an above-ground plant border. This garden edging is perfect for creating a beautiful boundary between your garden and yard. Choosing this brick concerte will look mean and stylish. Brick Concrete Tree Ring from @hari.leaf

Plain square brick ring planter on a large tree. For backyards with large trees, it’s best to install decorations like this one for simple decorations. You can take advantage of this by using square blocks surrounding the tree for garden decorating ideas on a budget. Brick RIng Planter from @garden.of.enan

The estate’s beautiful mini flower garden is complemented by a ring of square bricks. Not only that, but it gives the best style to the main tree in your garden. Choosing a brick for this main ingredient will look sturdy and stylish. DIY Brick Tree RIng from @thegardentinkers

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 3. Border Shrubs as the Ring Planter

A tree ring planter idea also can use other plant bases. Shrubs make a great natural planter around the tree. Choose the kind of shrubbery which is not too tall and can be cut in a certain form. So, it is easier to trim when the plant grows higher. You can put marbles underneath for variation as optional.

The bushes surrounding this garden tree look beautiful and different. With this you can have a beautiful garden decoration and have a different look. Various types of shrubs can produce charming home decorations. Boxwood Tree Ring from @edge_it_decorative_curbing

The tree ring planter idea can also be used for other plant bases. Bright colors of tulip flowers surround a big tree. Various types of flowers that surround the tree make the garden more lively and cheerful. Tulips Tree Ring from @gardenpotsandflowers

Apply your creativity when designing tree ring planter ideas for your backyard garden. Shrubs make great natural planters around trees so you’ll get a natural feel. mix with red flowers and grennery around this tree. Scrub Tree Ring Planter from @thelovelythingsinlifebecks

Various beautiful flower colors surround the big tree. To create a magnificent garden, you only need to limit the box bushes as ring planters. Square Scrub Tree Ring from @fromthegrounduplandscape

Apply your creativity when designing a tree ring planter idea. You can use various materials, even something that you do not use anymore. It is a great way to create a beautiful feature in the garden by using simple things. Not only for trees, but the ring is also suitable for circulating flowers also.


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