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10 Space-Friendly Bathroom Storage to Declutter Your Space

If you think that adding furniture for the storage idea in the tiny bathroom is impossible, then you’re mistaken. There are plenty of space-friendly bathroom storage ideas available in the market that can help you tackle the space issue.

Without further ado, let’s figure out the best space-saver bathroom storage ideas to make the most of your limited space.

1. Install a Recessed Cabinet Within Your Cavity Wall

If you have a cavity wall, why don’t you sink a wall cabinet inside it? By doing so, you can have new pretty storage without sacrificing any floor space. This cabinet type is mostly placed over the bathroom vanity, as it comes with a framed or frameless mirror. But you can always use any bathroom wall space and hide the storage behind beautiful frames or paintings.     

Installing hidden cabinets for storage ideas in your bathroom is a smart idea. So it will be functional storage without taking up much space. This will give your bathroom a firmer, more airy look. Keep a few of your belongings neat to create a stylish bathroom. Add a few drawers for extra storage. Hidden cabinets on bathroom from shelterness.

If you have a small bathroom, try using a hidden cabinet in your wall so that it will give its own appeal and look stunning. Having a neat and spacious bathroom will be everyone’s dream. Add drawers to provide extra storage for your bathroom to look neat and tidy. Built in storage on the bathroom wall will give you space on the floor so that your path is not disturbed. Built in cabinet and drawer from laurelberninteriors.

The hidden cabinet in the Wall cavity is the right choice to decorate your tiny bathroom as it is space friendly and gives a modern look. This also provides space on the floor so that when you do the activity you will not be disturbed. This is a brilliant idea to complement a narrow bathroom look. White built in cabinet from carlaaston.

This built-in cabinet storage gives your small bathroom a more stylish look because of this gorgeous storage without sacrificing any floor space. Adding these plastic shelves and baskets gives the cabinet extra storage. Don’t forget to add a shelf to the door that will complement the built-in storage. Built-in cabinet storage from homebnc.

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2. Get a Slimline Bathroom Storage

The next smart bathroom storage solution is a slimline bathroom storage idea, which typically features self-closing doors or pulls out drawers. The best thing from this storage is, it can be placed in narrow spaces (like a tiny area between the sink and toilet), while still providing valuable storage rooms for your bathroom stuff.

Choose sleek shelves for your bathroom design to get a simple bathroom decor that saves space. Place it next to the sink and toilet. Save a few towels and other ornaments for a tidy bathroom. These white nuances and white furniture will make your bathroom more attractive and stylish. Rack stainless steel from shelterness.

This slimline storage gives your bathroom a neat look and will save a lot of space. This tiny storage gives a neat appearance to the room so you can keep a few stocks of tissue and other toiletries neatly. Placing this storage next to the toilet is a brilliant idea to try so that it will create a clean, clutter-free bathroom. Slimline next to the toilet from shelterness.

To get the perfect tiny bathroom decor, try using a sleek wardrobe so that it doesn’t take up much space and still looks perfect. You can put it beside the bath and you can add greenery on top of the cupboards to give the room some fresh air. Combining with this white subway tile wall will give a spacious and airy impression. This way you will get eco-friendly storage and will keep your bathroom tidy. Sleek cabinet next to bath from realhomes.

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3. Pick an Over-the-Toilet Shelves

Another best storage option for your limited space is an over-the-toilet shelf. This shelf is similar to a wall or hanging shelf. The only difference is that you will use the space over the toilet to mount it. This storage is simple and practical but able to declutter your bathroom. And also this is a space-friendly bathroom storage idea.

Simple wooden shelves add ample storage space for toilet paper, towels, and bathroom supplies. This is vertical storage that will save space and avoid cluttering your bathroom floor. Some of the ornaments and houseplants bring more life to this small bathroom design. You can also add a wire rack for extra storage. Wooden shelves vertical storage from hgtv.

On the other hand, an attached wooden shelf can be a good option. Wicker baskets open up a storage area for towels and supplies. Using the space above the toilet is another way to get a tidy bathroom. Choosing this type of storage will avoid floor clutter in your bathroom. Add extra storage in the form of a woven basket next to your toilet. Wooden open rack over-the-toilet from hgtv.

If you have a small bathroom, using the cupboard above the toilet is a never-failing idea. Because it will save space so that it can inspire. You can make your own using old wooden planks and black pipes. So you have a bathroom decor on a budget that is cheap. Now you can neatly store a few ornaments on this DIY open shelf. Combining with white nuances will make your room look spacious and clean. Reclaimed wood shelves for farmhouse style bathroom from homebnc.

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Those are 10 perfect bathroom storage ideas you can use to declutter your bathroom. All in all, each storage idea offers valuable functional storage and additional hygiene space to store all your medications and toiletries. Moreover, the bathroom storage also comes with a variety of designs, colors, and shapes that will add a stylish look to your small bathroom.

So, grab your preferred bathroom storage and bring your tiny bathroom decor to the next level. Good luck!

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