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Cozy Small Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

A balcony is the only outdoor space of an apartment. Since an apartment has limited spaces to enjoy the outdoor view, the balcony is made to be a cozy place then. On the other hand, some people may be confused since their balcony is quite small. That’s why decorating it seems to be challenging. Moreover, to create a fancy ambiance and incredible look, there are some tricks to transform a small balcony into a great decorated place. Below are some of those tricks.

Comfortable Seating Area

To make your small balcony cozier, consider having a set of comfy seats. Maximize the minimal space by providing this kind of apartment balcony furniture for a functional and practical reason. Then, choose the most comfortable seats whether it is a sofa, armchairs, or simple chairs. A couple of chairs seems to be enough for a small apartment balcony. Also, don’t forget to provide a coffee table so that it completes your balcony design. In addition, cushions and throws can be the optional elements to make a cozier balcony seating area.

Balcony is one of the places to relax with your family or friends. Add a seating set with greenery all around. Throw cushions on each chair to add a comfortable feel to use throughout the day. The chessboard floor gives a masculine color to the balcony decoration of your apartment. A seating set surrounded with greenery from apartmenttherapy.

Folding chairs and tables are small and limited apartment balcony furniture ideas. You can fold these chairs and tables when not in use to give them more free space. Don’t forget to repaint this chair set with a bright and striking color like yellow as the focal point in this balcony. You can imitate this furniture idea in your apartment decoration. Folding tables and chairs with bright colors from apartmenttherapy.

In order not to renovate the furniture set in the apartment balcony decoration, then choosing and using tables and chairs made of plastic and wood is a furniture idea that you can try. You can choose plastic chairs in different colors to make the balcony decoration more colorful and energetic. Neutral color carpets are comfortable and warm footwear. Tables and chairs made of plastic with wood from apartmenttherapy.

Another option for furniture in your apartment balcony is those made of iron which is not easily corroded and corroded. You can paint it a bold color like red for a more energetic finish. Wheel rack is a storage idea for some greenery that adds a fresh impression to this balcony area. Iron chairs repainted with red color from apartmenttherapy.

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Fresh with Greenery

Having a small apartment balcony does not mean you can make it beautiful and fresh. One of the other ways, to make it true is by providing greenery. Actually, greenery can magically transform your balcony into a lively space. Get some houseplants like potted plants, a vase of flowers, or make a vertical garden for your small apartment balcony. This idea will not only beautify but also create a fresh ambiance in your balcony. Geranium, cacti, the orchid can be your references.

Green plants are always a decoration idea that adds a fresh impression to any indoor or outdoor room. You can use a galvanized pot as a plant for your plants so that they are not easily porous when exposed to sunlight or water. Give regular maintenance by applying fertilizer according to the amount. In this balcony decoration you can use several different sizes of pots to fill the empty floor area. Green plants with galvanized pots from digsdigs.

You can beautify the apartment balcony which has a small size by applying several flowers that are placed in different areas. You can hang it on the wall and put it on your coffee table. Use a few different types of flowers to give a beautiful color when they start blooming. Rectangle wooden pots with glass pots make a lovely mix. Several different types of flowers differ from digsdigs.

Complete the look of your coffee table with a white ceramic flower vase filled with pink flowers. Use a little floor area to place greenery in the basket. The combination of greenery and flowers will instantly enhance the apartment balcony decoration. Don’t forget to add additional accents such as candle holders for a sweet finishing touch. Ceramic flower vase with green plants in a basket from digsdigs.

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Add the Beauty with Rugs

No matter what, a small balcony must be designed well. You can take practical furniture, colorful patterned cushions, beautiful houseplants, and add texture with a rug. Since there are many kinds of rugs, you can have the most beautiful one with an interesting pattern, like stripes, floral, tribal, and etc. A rug will give you either aesthetical and functional reasons so that your small balcony will look great and stylish. Furthermore, you can choose a rug that fits your balcony style and design. For example, a tribal rug will fit a boho or farmhouse balcony design while a striped rug will fit a minimalist apartment balcony.

In addition to making the balcony decoration more colorful, the rainbow striped carpet is also a comfortable and warm footwear when you step on it. You can install this carpet along the floor of your balcony. The ceramic elephant ornament which is equipped with paintings on the outer surface adds a beautiful and classic artistic impression. Don’t forget to add the vines on your iron fence for a fresh and lively accent. Rainbow striped carpet from digsdigs.

The black and white of this balcony decor are a perfect match and can bring out a modern monochromatic style. You can choose a carpet with vintage flowers to complement this balcony decoration. Chair sets are important furniture as a comfortable and relaxing sitting area. You can enjoy the atmosphere and outdoor air freshly and freely in this apartment balcony. Vintage floral carpet from digsdigs.

The striped motif on the carpet and the polka dot motif on the blanket make for a beautiful, contrasting combination. Each of these motifs has a bright and beautiful color. You can choose a carpet with a large striped motif. Add flowers on the carpet and chairs as additional accents that can enhance your balcony decor in a natural and environmentally friendly manner. Combination of striped patterned carpet with colorful polka dot blanket from digsdigs.

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Well, guys, there are three of some tricks to conjure up your small apartment balcony into an enjoyable outdoor space. With a well-managed design surely will bring your small balcony to a cozy yet stylish place to enjoy surroundings. Providing comfy seats with a touch of a beautiful rug will make your balcony more stunning. Then, greenery will also give a fresh look to liven up your balcony ambiance.

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