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Affordable Apartment Kitchen Design Ideas

A reason why people prefer to live in an apartment, maybe, because they are an urban community which they might live for temporary only, so living in an apartment is another reason. Moreover, if you are one of them who lives in an apartment which apparently is not a wide space room so you need to find one solution in decorating the room, especially for the kitchen. We will give you some alternatives way to make your apartment kitchen decoration looking good and maximizing the whole space which is adjustable for their mobility.

Open Space Kitchen

The open kitchen is no denied to be the most favorite room design as a solution for houses which have small area recently. This design is commonly used in apartment. This design is really a better alternative that we can suggest to you. Besides this design make the guest more closely with the host. After they enter the room they will be welcomed in the living room which this room is the center of all room. So, your guest can mingle in living room or in the kitchen with no partition.

Pay attention to the minimalist kitchen decoration layout as best as possible for a comfortable and of course orderly final result. Avoid using a room divider between the kitchen decor and the living room to get a more open decor. The white nuance really supports open decorations because it gives the illusion of a room that looks cleaner and wider. Enough lighting is a decoration idea that you must either from sunlight or from a pendant lamp. Avoid using room dividers from home-designing.

This kitchen living room dining room combo is usually the layout in the minimalist apartment decoration. You don’t need to use a lot of furniture which will make the room look cramped and cramped. The open space provides the opportunity for you to move freely here and there. Open space is also very easy to maintain, for example sweeping and mopping the floor area in more detail. Kitchen living room dining room combo from home-designing.

Shades of white will support the decor of an open apartment for a wider and brighter look. The kitchen living room combo makes it easy for you to chat with friends or family who come while you are cooking. The open room decoration brings your apartment more to a modern and minimalist style. Place unused furniture in the warehouse so as not to damage the decor of this open space. Open space kitchen with white nuances from home-designing.

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Single Sink

In case you already installed your kitchen set means that it has taken for almost your kitchen area, so it would be better to provide single sink because this type is really fit with the spare space. Moreover, the position of this sink should be adjusted and support your mobility. But, one suggestion for you is don’t install sink too close with the stove because you definitely don’t want that while you are washing dishes, its soap will spread to the pan where you are still cooking at the same time.

This single sink, which is built right in front of the window, allows you to get an outdoor view when washing vegetables or dirty kitchen utensils. Match the sink color with countertops and walls for a more elegant look. This single sink is usually used in minimalist kitchen decorations with limited space, the black faucet is a beautiful color contrast and simultaneously presents a monochromatic style. Match the single sink color with a countertop from architecturaldigest.

If you are worried when the foam when washing dishes gets hit by the pan while you are cooking, then adjust the layout between the single sink and your stove. Both of these interiors can be built in different kitchen cabinets. The kitchen aisle is a safe enough distance to avoid getting your food exposed to dishwashing water or soap. This kitchen with predominantly gray and white colors presents a modern farmhouse style that is contemporary and never out of date. Add gold accents to the faucets and cabinet handles. Single sink and stove are built in two different kitchen cabinets from architecturaldigest.

Don’t be too far or too close when adjusting the layout between the single sink and the stove, because both will work continuously. When you put the stove right in front of the ceramic backsplash, you can try a single sink layout on the kitchen island. The distance between the two is quite good and very ideal. The pattern backsplash gives the room its own beautiful color and texture. The ideal distance between the stove and the single sink from architecturaldigest.

The single sink does not take up a lot of the countertop area so you can try and choose it to suit the minimalist kitchen decor of your apartment. This gray softwood cabinet will be more perfect when combined with wood accents on the floor. Gold faucets are one of the luxurious accents in this kitchen decor. The stove opposite the sink is the right and elegant layout. Single sink that saves countertop area from architecturaldigest.

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White Color Scheme

This color really can make the room feels so clean and neat. This color also fit to be combined with another color because it is a neutral color. Any kinds of kitchen style can use this color. Not only to give clean and neat looking, this color which is applied in your kitchen will give an elegant look, so trendy and also brighter. But, maybe you are bored with this color or maybe your kitchen will look to plain, so you need to add some ornaments like greeneries or artsy ornaments. Then you kitchen will be more interesting.

This glass flower vase filled with white flowers will be a decoration that refreshes the whole kitchen room. Place this vase in an area that is often visited by people, such as above the kitchen island. This transparent glass window helps to enter sunlight easily so that the indoor plant will thrive. The iron chairs that surround this kitchen island can be a multifunctional dining place and are perfect for decorating small kitchens. Transparent glass flower vase from apartmenttherapy.

If you already have the feel of a white kitchen, you can easily try adding green plants as additional natural colors. You can get this plant in the garden around you, and move it into a pot to make it look more elegant and avoid scattered soil. Hanging vines from the ceiling and potted greenery over wooden cabinets, a mix of these two plants will work well when decorating an entire kitchen. Cut the vines when they interfere with your cooking activities in the kitchen. Decoration of vines from apartmenttherapy.

If you have a kitchen decor with limited space, then hanging the pots with string is a smart decoration idea that you can try. Several other pots that you can place on the table and window sill. With this green plant, your white kitchen decor will be even more colorful. You don’t need to buy these greenery at a flower shop, just search the neighborhood to save even more costs. White kitchen shades with greenery from apartmenttherapy.

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Those are some ideas that you can copy. Soon if you want to decorate your kitchen in your apartment. Those ideas are affordable kitchen design. Don’t be worry if you have limited budget. You still have your well-organize and trendy kitchen by maximizing the space without ignoring your mobility while you are in kitchen and also less ornaments are the perfect decision.

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