Remarkable Farmhouse RV Decor You’ll Admire

Despite so little room you have inside, there are many ways to spruce up your RV. Farmhouse RV decor is a great idea to create a welcoming feel and make it a cozy, warm homey place to stay.

Take a look at the inspiration below to learn the simple way of creating the farmhouse style in your traveling home.

1. Wood Accents

Wooden walls can increase the unique look of your RV. A wooden storage cabinet on the white wall is classic yet beautiful. Flooring, paneling, or a small dining table, wood accents are attractive and the important element for farmhouse style.

For more affordable choices, you can use the faux wood accent or peel-and-stick wallpaper on the wall.

If you have farmhouse-style RV decor, then try using reclaimed wood walls that are already slightly faded in color. Not only that, this wall is also equipped with a built in floating cabinet so that it provides an idea of storage in the living room. Use these cabinets as a storage idea for small, easy-to-lose items such as a TV remote or books and magazines. Reclaimed wooden walls RV farmhouse from rvinspiration.

This RV farmhouse kitchen is fitted with light gray wooden shiplap walls. Make this wall decoration look more attractive by hanging the wooden sign which is equipped with an iron hook to hang the dishwashing sponge. Make this shiplap wall more functional by adding an iron shelf as an idea for storing your cooking utensils such as a spatula and some ornaments that enhance your kitchen decor. A ceramic flower vase is a perfect and appropriate decoration for this style. Wooden shiplap RV kitchen from rvinspiration.

2. Shades of White

Lighten up your room. It’s time to paint your walls white or ivory. This will make your RV look bright and wider. A full white wall also fits nicely with any furniture and colors.

Change the appearance of your plain wall to make it look more attractive by applying string lights and several simple-looking painting frames. Spread a string light just above your wooden door. Small wreath also enhances the appearance of your wall maximally. Plain wall paint has a neutral color so it’s easy to mix it with any decoration and interior around it. Wall decoration with string light and small wreath from rvinspiration.

Repaint the walls of your RV farmhouse in a color to make it easy to fit in any colored interior. Avoid using bold colors that spoil the view of your eyes and are not suitable to be applied in this farmhouse style. Install transparent glass windows to let sunlight into the room as much as possible so that the RV room looks brighter and less stuffy. Arrange the layout of your furniture so as not to disturb your space. Repaint the walls with neutral white from rvinspiration.

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3. Vintage Accessories

You don’t need to fill the entire RV with vintage furniture, but some of them are worth owning. Mason jars, old silver, wood bowls, ironstone, quilts, baskets or a vintage side chair, are some of the vintage collections you can consider to add to your farmhouse RV decor.

Reuse the old mason jar as a flower vase that hangs on the wall as a decoration for the room that is refreshing and cool the atmosphere inside. Add some other beautiful ornaments such as vintage paintings and alphabet letters that enhance the look of this wall. The lantern hanging on the iron shelf is also a vintage ornament that never goes out of style. Hanging vase mason jar from rvinspiration.

Hang a wire basket on an empty part of the wall vertically for ideas to keep your fruit fresh. In addition, this wire basket is also a vintage accessory that is suitable to be placed in the RV farmhouse decoration for a simpler impression and does not cost a lot of money. Wire baskets fruit suspended vertically from rvinspiration.

4. Farmhouse Sink

A vintage porcelain double farm sink is timeless, spacious, and add a gorgeous look to your kitchen. While an apron-front sink made of stainless steel seamlessly fits into any modern design.

Sink is one of the furniture that you must have in small RV decorations because it is very useful for washing hands or faces. You can use a single sink to save RV space more effectively and efficiently. The black iron faucet provides a contrasting color that brings out a more contemporary monochrome style when used in your current farmhouse RV. Flower vases are an additional accent that you can try. Single sink RV farmhouse from rvinspiration.

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5. Decorative Rugs

You can decorate the floor and table with knitted rugs to capture the beauty of your farmhouse RV. To keep your feet warm and protect the wooden floor or your RV carpeting, throw rugs and runners are the perfect options.

Cover the wood floor of your RV with rug rattan matting which gives it a more natural feel and doesn’t cost a lot of money. In addition, this knitted rug also reinforces the RV farmhouse decoration that never goes out of style. Take advantage of the wall area to hang some ornaments such as hanging green plants to beautify the RV living room as a whole. Cover the RV’s hardwood floors with knitted rattan rug from rvinspiration.

6. Antique Signs

Hang antique sign is a fun and easy idea to incorporate farmhouse style into your space. If you have the artistic skill in you, you’ll love to DIY some vintage signs. You can just simply get it in a local store as well.

Decorate the walls of your plain RV with several wooden signs that have several different inscriptions. You can choose this sign with different sizes and shapes to make it look more optimal when in the RV living room decor. Green wreath is a wall decoration that you can mix and match. Don’t forget to use the built in shelf as an open storage idea that makes it easy for you to pick up the items you need as quickly as possible. Combination of wooden sign with green plant wreath from rvinspiration.

Not only in the RV living room decoration, you can also put a wooden sign with motivational writing in the bedroom, precisely in the pallet headboard area. Repaint the sides of the sign board with brown color as a frame with an earth tone vibe. If you have a sign in black, it is recommended to use white chalk for the writing section to make it look clearer and more detailed. Wooden sign affixed to the pallet headboard from rvinspiration.

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When you are having a fun time accomplishing your farmhouse RV decor plan, the most important thing not to forget is, do not rush. You know that all that charm can’t be bought in a day.


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