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Dos and Don’ts When Rearranging Your Living Room Furniture

You don’t have to go big to refresh the look and feel of your living room. Simple furniture rearrangement may sometimes do the trick. However, you do have to know some of these dos and don’ts to make your new layout work.

1. Say yes to a large area rug

Using an area rug that is too small is a big no-no in designing your living room. At least, all the front legs of your sofa and complimentary chairs should be on the rug. Better yet if all the legs of the furniture stand on the rug.

Try to keep all the furniture in this modern living room on a smart surface, this decoration idea seems very elegant and never out of date. Use an earth tone color for the furniture in this living room to make it easier to blend when combined in one room. Choose a bath with graphic motifs that emphasize the modern style of this room. Place this coffee table set right in front of the fireplace so that you get maximum warmth when winter arrives. Graphic rugs as surface furniture in the living room from veranda.

When you use classic furniture, also adjust the carpet that will cover it. The combination of blue and red on this carpet looks very pretty and bold, so it makes your living room decor different and more colorful. From now on, you can try using gold furniture to present a luxurious impression that is not excessive, for example a console table and some gold-colored ornaments. Classic rug style from veranda.

2. A no to all-against-the-wall furniture

Do not push all your furniture against the wall. Having the right number of seats at the right distance around your coffee table is highly desirable for convenient conversation.

Arrange the furniture layout in your living room decoration as best and as comfortable as possible so that your conversations with guests or family who come are warmer and certainly not too close. If you have attached a sofa to the wall, for the placement of the table you can put it in the middle, which is surrounded by chairs. This coffee table will look more elegant and perfect when decorated with several ornaments on it such as flower vases and horse statues. Chairs surrounding the coffee table from home-designing.

Not all furniture in this modern living room decoration must be attached to the wall, arrange all the sofa chairs and coffee tables as comfortable as possible for chatting. Place the coffee table in the middle of the sofa with a distance that is not too close or not too far. The combination of black and white presents a minimalist monochromatic feel and is certainly never out of date. Some green plants become decorations that have different colors, namely fresh and bright green. The layout of the coffee table and sofa is right and comfortable from home-designing.

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3. Just the right-sized coffee table? Certainly!

If your coffee table is too gigantic or too tiny, it won’t bring a good balance in your living room. Ideally, a coffee table should be half of your sofa’s length. In terms of height, it should either be four inches lower or higher than your sofa.

Adjust the use of your marble coffee table with the sofa in use today. A coffee table that is too large will cause the room to feel cramped and limit your movement space. This leather tufted sofa is a comfortable sitting area to use all day long because it has a softer and smoother surface. This iron leg on the coffee table will accommodate a larger amount of anything because it has a hard material and is not easily porous. Adjust the size of the coffee table with your leather sofa from home-designing.

Place a coffee table on your bohemian carpet surface for a more elegant and casual look. We recommend that you use a coffee table that is half the length of your sofa for decorating this living room, this furniture idea is intended to make you more comfortable when picking up or putting things on this coffee table. Use furniture in this living room with earth tone colors that blend well when placed in one room. Choose coffee table that is half the length of the sofa from home-designing.

4.  A floating sofa? Nope!

You can place your sofa just after the open entrance to your living room from your hallway. However, leaving it “floating” with a bare back is a violation of the living room interior 101. Place a large piece of furniture to cover its back. It can be a console table or a nice shelf to put up your various décor. This should do the trick!

Place furniture according to their needs and functions. It feels like the console table is not quite right when it is placed in your entryways area, because this will cause your road to be disturbed and narrower. Instead, place the console table behind the living room sofa as an area to put table lamps and small storage under it. Match the color of this console table with the interior that surrounds it so as not to interfere with the room’s elegant and not tacky color scheme. White console table in the living room area from architecturaldigest.

If the feel of your living room is dark, then choosing a wood console table with a slightly bright color is a complementary idea for furniture that you can try. In order not to interfere with your space when decorating this living room, you can put it behind the sofa with a large enough room. This table can be used as a storage idea for indoor ornamental plants and your favorite books so as not to interfere with the main function of the coffee table which is surrounded by this linen sofa. This living room has a cool masculine style. Console table as an additional storage idea from homedit.

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5. The casings of cushion and throw pillows shouldn’t match

Matching your throw pillowcases with your sofa cushion casing is so outdated these days. The cases should be of different colors and patterns than your sofa. If your sofa is of soft color, you can go for bold-colored or striking-patterned pillowcases.

Also, pick different sizes of throw pillows, but remember, too many pillows is never a good thing. You should make space for comfortable sitting too, shouldn’t you?

Make the white sofa look more colorful with throw pillows covered in bold and patterned fabrics. For example, a red pillowcase combined with a plaid and floral pattern, this idea will make your living room look more cheerful and certainly not boring. This gold-framed mirror adds a luxurious color that matches your living room’s decor, besides that this mirror will also reflect light so that it makes the room feel wider and brighter. White sofa with throw pillows in bold color and pattern from ballarddesigns.

The more patterns and colors that are applied to the pillowcase, the more colorful this modern living room decor will look. Combine the leopard pattern with stripes close together to complete the look of your white sofa. The black, brown and white colors in this living room will work well and of course create an elegant and contemporary design. You can hang some gold mirror paintings and frames as functional wall decorations. Combination of leopard pattern with striped pillowcase from ballarddesigns.

With this five basic knowledge of living room furniture rearrangement, you should now be prepared to refresh the look and feel of your living room.

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