Inviting Front Porch Ideas with Farmhouse Country Look

Decide on some embellishments to transform your front porch into a cozy and relaxed area to warmly enjoy summer nights with your family. Farmhouse country decor is renowned for bringing out the homey and welcoming spirit, with some rustic elements blending beautifully with a subtle modern touch. Whether you like to entertain some guests or just have a cozy sitting area, here are the best ideas to have a farmhouse country front porch.

A sign of welcoming

Take this advice literally and put a large wooden board sitting in your front porch as a welcome sign. Otherwise, you can also install a massive welcome sign on the wall painted in colorful earth tones. 

This black chalkboard inscribed with white chalk is a sign welcoming that is easy and very on budget to create. You can install it on a porch wall that is still empty or more precisely above the candle holder. Complete this sign welcoming with several types of green plants around it. Blackboard sign welcoming from homebnc.

This vertical sign board is an ornament that will warm and welcoming your guests. Place this ornament next to a classic white sofa which is used as a comfortable relaxing area. When you use a black sign board, it is advisable to use white writing for a clearer color contrast when reading. Vertical sign board from homebnc.

Selection of greenery

Choose some organic embellishments to allow your front porch to blend well with some natural elements in farmhouse country decor. Have a large single potted fern or colorful potted flowers arranged in an old washed repurposed ladder. 

Change the storage function of this drawer as an area to put some of your flower pots beautifully. The tin pot used to grow fern plants makes for a vintage accent perfect for porch farmhouse decor. Colorful flowers are the right combination to make this porch more colorful and keep it fresh. Fern plants in vintage tin pot from homebnc.

This fern plant that thrives is one of the plants that you can have to emphasize your porch farmhouse decorations firmly. Not only fern plants, you can also add white flowers with galvanized pots and several pumpkins that have different sizes. The dried corn hanging on this stone wall complements your porch decor. The combination of fern plant with white pumpkin from homebnc.

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Antique items

This idea works best in a limited front porch area, where you can arrange two rocking wooden chairs covered in white stain while placing some tinpot herb planters around them. 

An easy way to incorporate vintage ornament into a porch farmhouse decoration is to place a tin pot containing herbs on a white pallet table equipped with a candle holder for dramatic lighting. This pot material is not easily damaged or porous so it is suitable for long-term use. Tin pot on a white pallet table from homebnc.

Outdoor furniture that has a vintage style is a reclaimed wood rocking chair repainted in white. Throw in pillows and faux fur blankets for a more comfortable and warmer sitting area to use throughout your weekend. This wooden box tucked next to a rocking chair makes for a DIY table on a budget. Reclaimed wood rocking chair from homebnc.

Celebrating independence

Take inspiration from the 4th of July by bringing the traditional American farmhouse country decor back in business. Cover the floor with an area rug, pillows, and throw some blanket to cover you from the chill; don’t forget to spread the flag in the background. 

Cover your black wood floor with a bohemian carpet that has a mix of light gray, black and a little splash of white. Use this carpet to cover the legs of outdoor furniture that gives an elegant impression. You can repaint this rattan woven furniture with a color that matches the floor for a more beautiful porch scheme and it blends in perfectly. Bohemian carpet from homebnc.

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A comfy swinging daybed

Bring out the coziness by having your front porch decorated with a hanging daybed, supported by heavy coastal rope for an interesting porch swing. Pile up pillows to add comfort and make it more inviting. 

Match the color of your daybed swing with the round footstool in front of it to match the porch color tones properly and accordingly. The surrounding greenery is a decoration idea that never gets boring, put a string light in this porch area as lighting that gives a romantic and more dramatic impression. This modern carpet with a splash of black and white provides a warmer footing. White swing daybed from homebnc.

A simple wreath 

If you don’t have enough space to put things in the front porch, work with everything you have. Beautiful wreath for a romantic and warm front door.

Welcome the guests who come to your house with greenery wreath that hangs on your front door. Not only that, you can also add mats and other green plants to complement the front porch decoration of the farmhouse. Lamp wall scones are a lighting idea that you can try easily and of course have a low budget. Greenery wreath decor from homebnc.

Farmhouse wooden plant cabinet

A simple addition to your front porch is creating a DIY wooden cabinet from repurposed materials and some old boards you’ll find easily from the garage. It sends off rustic vibe while serving the purpose of potted plants storage at the same time. 

Take advantage of this open wooden cabinet to place some green plants and pumpkins as an ornament that emphasizes the porch farmhouse country style. In this porch decoration, you can also hang a greenery porch and a wooden sign board at the same time. The wooden cabinet opens to place greenery and pumpkin ornaments from homebnc.

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You don’t have to go extravagant to design an inviting front porch in farmhouse country decor. The ideas work best with natural elements and simple arrangements to create a timelessly appealing space, inspiring, homey atmosphere.

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