9 Main Considerations You Should Concern in Decorating Your Small Apartment

In this modern era, many people choose to live in apartments because considered more practical. Usually, the apartment is located in the middle of the city. It makes someone who lives in an apartment becomes easier when they want to go somewhere or want to buy something. For you who live in an apartment, especially if you live in an apartment with a small size. Then you have to decorate it to be more beautiful and comfortable. And for that, it would be better if you pay attention to a few things when decorating your apartment. In small apartment decoration, you must pay attention to the room layout, theme, color, furniture selection, lighting, and also ornament or accessories. Those are important things that you must properly consider. When you really consider some of these things, you will really have a beautiful and comfortable apartment.

Room Layout

The most important thing about decorating a small apartment is the room layout. You have to design a room layout first before you decide on a theme. For room layout, you can plan how the layout or location of the rooms in your apartment. And of course, you can design the room layout according to what you want. However, don’t forget to choose a simple room layout because you only have an apartment with a small size.

The interior layout in the living room must be carried out as well as possible to get a more comfortable atmosphere when chatting with your relatives or friends who come. Facing this faux fur sofa and chair over this tufted table decorated with roses. Some of the interiors in this living room present a modern style that never goes out of style. Facing these faux fur sofas and chairs over the tufted table from homebnc.


Having a small apartment sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable. However, don’t let that happen. You can outsmart by choosing the right color for your apartment. For apartments with small sizes, you can choose white, gray, yellow, light blue, or light green. These colors can give a broad impression of a room. however, white is indeed an idol for small apartments. It is because white will reflect light and make the room brighter and can create an open impression.

When the nuances of your room have a white color scheme, then for interior ideas you can choose several neutral colors to harmonize the tone of the room in this house while presenting a minimalist and modern monochromatic style. For example, using a gray linen sofa with a glossy brown wooden table on a black and white patterned carpet. Monochromatic living room color from homebnc.

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The selection of themes is also important. The theme of a room will affect the mood of someone. There are many themes that you can use such as minimalism, farmhouse, rustic, coastal, vintage, and others. However, to give a different impression in your small apartment, then you can try the coastal theme. This coastal theme will give a fresh and comfortable impression in the apartment. And don’t forget to give accessories or decorations to enhance your appearance.

The appearance of the apartment living room will seem fresher when using some wooden furniture with green accents placed on several floor areas. Let this wooden furniture appear in its original color to present an environmentally friendly nature style. The more types of plants used, the more natural scenery in this room. Nature style living room apartment from homebnc.

Bohemian patterns have a classic impression that you can apply to the apartment living room decor. This bohemian pattern is on rugs, pillowcases, blankets and wall decorations. Another interior that emphasizes the bohemian style of your living room uses two ottomans of different colors as a cushion under which is still warm and soft. Bohemian pattern in living room decor from homebnc.


Lighting has become an important thing in a room. You can imagine if there is no lighting in your apartment. That will make the room dark and can not be used for activities. A window is natural lighting but you also have to add another lighting that you can place on the ceiling, wall, or table. You can adjust the lamp design to the theme of the apartment you have. If you want to create a warm look in the apartment, then you can choose bulb lamps as lighting there.

The bathroom decoration must always be bright when used during the day or at night, at night you can install a pendant lamp that sticks to the dry floor wall while during the day you can take advantage of a transparent glass window which will be the source of the entry of sunlight into the room maximally. You can try out both lights in this bathroom with ease. Wall mounted pendant lamp with glass window from loveproperty.

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Multifunctional Furniture

choosing multifunctional furniture is a smart idea. Multifunctional furniture is furniture that has more than one function. It’s like a shelf that can be used as a table to put a television and also as a divider between rooms. With its unique and attractive shape, multifunctional furniture can also be an item to enhance your apartment’s room appearance. And with the presence of multifunctional furniture, you don’t need to put a lot of furniture in your apartment.

If you have an apartment decoration with limited space, then choose and use some furniture that has multiple functions. For example, a teak coffee table that is equipped with storage underneath, you can use the storage under this table to put some small items and books so that it doesn’t look cluttered. Functional wooden coffee table from loveproperty.

Not Too Big Furniture

Don’t choose furniture that is too big. That’s because you only have an apartment in a small size. Just choose the size of furniture that matches the empty space in your apartment. For example, you can choose a sofa, coffee table, work table, and a cabinet with a size that is not too big. Although the size of the furniture is not too big, it will also be an interesting view of the apartment you have.

Keep your living room to a minimum by using some of the furniture that is often used only. Choose furniture that is not too big, for example a mini L linen sofa. A round table with a knitted ottoman provides an additional area to relax throughout the day. Avoid using excessive furniture. L linen sofa with mini size from loveproperty.

Create Hidden Storage

Storage is an important thing in the apartment. And for small apartments, then you can make hidden storage at the bottom of the stairs. You can use this storage to store various equipment that you need. With the design under the stairs, it will make the room tidy because there is not much storage in the apartment. And, people who visit your apartment also will not know that under the stairs there is hidden storage that is very functional.

Make your apartment decoration more unique and attractive, you can start with a wooden ladder equipped with a pull-out drawer for hidden storage that you can use as well as possible. Put all the small items that are easy to lose on this ladder so that they are easier to find when you need them. This pull-out drawer is one of the best storage saves floor space. Wooden ladder with pull-out drawers from loveproperty.

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Choose Smart Divider

When you have a small apartment or studio apartment. Then you have to think smart by choosing a divider from the furniture. To make the boundary between the bedroom and living room, you can place a shelf as a divider there. Apart from being a room divider, this shelf can also be a place to store books or beautiful decoration there. With the presence of a shelf as a divider, it will create an attractive and unique look in your apartment.

The wooden divider that is installed between the living room and the bedroom is a very multifunctional room divider because it is equipped with a storage rack that you can use as a safe storage for your favorite books and of course it doesn’t take up a lot of space which causes stuffy and cramped. Apart from books, you can also place some pretty ornaments on this shelf as a sweet finishing accent. Standing wooden divider storage from thespruce.

Ornaments as Sweetener

The apartment will look unattractive if there is no ornament there. You can place ornaments on the wall or on the table as a tool to enhance the appearance of the room. If you have a blank wall, then you can place ornaments to put there. You can choose ornaments like plants, flowers, photos, paintings, musical instruments, books, trinkets or other decorations. With the presence of ornaments in your apartment, it will make the apartment look more beautiful.

To decorate your bedroom, you don’t just use framed paintings, instead with several kinds of green plants that are placed in various areas randomly but seem more artistic. Place this green plant pot on the floor area, on a table or on a headboard rack, with this the appearance of the room will be fresher and of course provide healthier room air. Bedroom decoration with greenery from loveproperty.

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