Freshen Up Your Bedroom with These 3 Awesome Bedroom Designs

Picking the right bedroom design should always be on your mind, as you’ll spend much of your time in this room. In fact, the bedroom style you choose might also affect your mood and sleep quality. Out of many bedroom design ideas, here are the best design inspiration for you. 

1. A Romantic Bedroom Decor to Boost Your Mood

A romantic themed bedroom is always a perfect decorating option for your bedroom design. All you have to do is set up a cozy and romantic environment, which can help you run away from stress, boost your mood, and reconnect with your partner. 

Canopy bed is all you need to create a feeling of intimacy. If your bed is not equipped with a canopy, you can create your own canopy frame or simply hang the canopy from the ceiling using a hook.

Then, add romantic lighting to enhance the warm atmosphere. You can use candles, string lights, or pendant lamps for the perfect romantic vibe. Besides, adding flowers is a must to symbolize love, happiness, and togetherness.

To maintain and present a romantic impression in bedroom decor, an easy way you can do is install a white canopy with a sheer material that looks transparent. Not only that, you can choose a string light to apply it to the top of the canopy to give the illusion of a bright star. Choose this lamp in yellow to make it seem warmer and more dramatic. Sheer canopy accented with string light from homebnc.

Match the color of the bedding with the canopy that you use to make it more harmonious and get a more elegant room color scheme. This white cloth canopy can cover the entire bed so that it creates a romantic impression when used with your partner. Do not forget to use candle holders as additional lighting that emphasizes the impression of being romantic and of course never boring. You can imitate this romantic bedroom decor right now. White canopy with candle holder from homebnc.

Besides presenting a romantic and elegant impression, the canopy bed also provides a different bedroom atmosphere and more privacy. Instead of using a canopy pattern curtain so it is not boring. Avoid using striking colors in the interior in this room so as not to spoil the neutral color scheme of the room. Several layers of fabric used as bedding will be comfortable to use with your partner all day long. Curtain canopy pattern from housebeautiful.

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2. Bring the Beauty of Nature to Your Bedroom

If you’re keen on having a peaceful, comfortable, and relaxing place to live in, then find inspiration from nature. The simplest way is by adding greenery into your bedroom. Here, plants not only help you set the overall theme of your bedroom, but also purify indoor air so you can sleep better.   

Additionally, you can use a large-scale nature-themed wallpaper or small scenery paintings for your bedroom walls. You can also use wood as your bedroom design material for flooring, walls, or furniture. 

Don’t forget to let natural light come streaming into your bedroom. You can use an oversized or floor-to-ceiling window, from which you can get a good source of sunlight and see a beautiful view outside your bedroom.

Instead of a cloth canopy with evergreen vines that thrive. These vines will be a sight that you can enjoy with your partner before going to bed. Add ribbon accents to each corner of the canopy for a cute and cute DIY decoration. The transparent glass terrarium that is hung and placed on the floor becomes a container for aquatic plants and string lights that provide dramatic lighting. Canopy of vines from homedit.

Not only green plants, you can also apply a bunch of roses in bloom in this romantic bedroom to give your bedroom a more feminine style. In addition, this flower will also give off a fragrant aroma that becomes a natural room deodorizer. Instead of using walls with transparent glass windows to enter more sunlight into the room. This sunlight will help illuminate the bedroom during the day. The combination of a rubber tree with roses from home-designing.

When your bedroom decor has the feel of a dark room, then you can add a palm tree in the corner of the room with a larger size. This tree brings a fresh tropical feel all day long. It is not enough here, you can also enjoy the outdoor view beautifully and freely through the transparent glass window which has a large and spacious size. The swing that hangs right in front of the bed is a relaxing area that you can use when you want. Bedroom decoration with tropical nuances from home-designing.

Vines are always a decoration that is suitable to be applied anywhere, including in romantic bedroom decorations. You can place them randomly, for example in the floor area, on a wooden floating shelf and even serve as windowsill. So that this plant does not interfere with your space, then you can cut it when it starts to spread everywhere. Large glass windows are a source of sunlight that you can use easily and of course do not use electricity costs at all. Indoor vines as a bedroom decoration from home-designing.

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3. Embrace the Power of Nostalgia Using Vintage Style

Vintage style is the best option for those of you who like old-fashioned yet stylish and unique bedroom design. First of all, choose your preferable past era, understand its design template, and pick the best color scheme that reflects that era. 

Next, find vintage furnishings in antique stores, second-hand markets, or online vintage shops. Otherwise, you can also use some techniques to give a vintage look to your existing furniture like repainting and sanding. 

An easy way to bring a vintage impression to this romantic bedroom is to use several gold painting frames that are attached right above your headboard. Several types of mirrors also become accents that emphasize this style instantly. This tufted velvet headboard is a relaxing area that has a softer, smoother surface and is certainly very comfortable. Colorful pillows are bold colors that give a cheerful and not boring impression. Gold frame painting with vintage mirrors from realhomes.

To make it look cleaner, you can use a shiplap wall that has been repainted with green. Next use the black iron bed which is furnished with ancient pillowcases and thick knitted bedding. There is nothing wrong with using green plants as a decoration for a room that is refreshing and certainly never boring. Cover your hardwood floors with faux fur rugs to make them warmer and provide a soft foot surface. Black iron bed from realhomes.

The final idea for vintage romantic bedroom decoration is to use a wooden bed that is equipped with a carving on the headboard. Other interiors that you can apply in this room are floral curtains, classic chairs, and some ancient wall hangings. This reclaimed wood nightstand has a weathered white color which is the last idea you can have at a price that is not too expensive. Wooden bed with carved headboard from realhomes.

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Those are three awesome bedroom design ideas to freshen up your bedroom. So, are you ready to redesign your bedroom?

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