Ottoman Challenge: Turn Your Old Coffee Table into a Brand New Ottoman

Thinking about the cold bare wood coffee table that desperately needs an upgrade? This DIY ottoman idea will guarantee to turn your old table into a new ottoman and give your space a fresh yet warm look. Let’s find how to do it.

Pick the Table

Most of the coffee tables you see are in a rectangle shape, but there are more to find, such as oval, round, even geometric design. They are also available in a wide array of materials like glass, stone, wood, or metal. Pick wisely the table you love as you don’t want your project to be hard to handle.

This ottoman tufted coffee table equipped with shiny metal legs is a unique piece of furniture that you can have to complete the appearance of your living room decor. The metal legs on this table look shiny so they present a modern and contemporary style, combine it with other interiors around it such as neutral colored sofas and patterned carpets that are not out of date. Tufted ottoman coffee table with metal legs from homedit.

When you choose a coffee table ottoman for living room decoration, then you have to add a wooden plank just above the ottoman surface because it can be used as an area to put coffee or other drinks that are provided so that it doesn’t roll over and cause it to spill. Apart from that the table ottoman also has a different look to the living room. Ottoman table with wooden planks from homedit.

Choose the Design

You have an old table. The next thing to do is to choose the design, whether it’s a simple rectangular tufted fabric ottoman, upholstered storage ottoman, a bench, tufted leather, or cocktail ottoman. From here, you’ll see the fabrics option.

Instead, use a wooden coffee table with an ottoman table that looks more luxurious without being overwhelming. Choose a coffee table ottoman that is equipped with a book storage underneath so that it will become one of the more functional pieces of furniture. With this table, you can easily pick up your favorite book when you read it in this room right away. Try this coffee table to save more of your floor space. Ottoman coffee table with storage from homedit.

Change the appearance of your living room decor by choosing the right furniture. Pair a white sofa with a tufted leather ottoman coffee table. Leather is a more classic look but is still suitable for use in modern bedroom decorations. The yellow sheet pillow provides a bright, bold color and is certainly a focal point in this room. Tufted coffee table made of leather from homedit.

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Pick the Fabrics

There are no formal rules in your DIY ottoman; you are free to choose any fabric print, type, and color you desire to give the best complement to your space. The crucial thing is you have to figure out the amount of the fabrics you need.

There is nothing wrong with using several patterns in your living room through existing interiors. The striped carpet that is used to cover all the legs of the furniture in this room will appear more contrasting when combined with a graphic ottoman which has a neutral color. All the colors and patterns in this living room will work well and are certainly the best choices that you can try right now. Graphics ottoman table combination with striped carpet from homedit.

When the sofa and pillowcases in the living room decor are covered with plain fabrics, then you can try using a wooden table ottoman with a classic motif that never goes out of style. In addition, this ottoman table also has a neutral color that will make it easier for you to combine other interiors around it. The living room with glass walls spoils your eyes to see the beautiful scenery outside the room. Classic coffee table ottoman pattern from homedit.

Don’t Forget the Legs!

You are the one to decide whether you like your ottoman keep the old table’s original height and color or not. You might better like it shorter, so you have to cut and paint it in a new fresh color. Another option you can adopt is to install wheels so you’ll easily move it.

An easy way to move the coffee table ottoman without lifting it is to choose this piece of furniture with wheeled legs. Choosing the right furniture will make it easier for you to move it easily without being complicated. Furthermore, you can choose this ottoman with synthetic leather which is not easily torn or brittle when used for a long time. Leather table ottoman with wheel legs from onekingslane.

Adjust the height and size of the sofa with the table ottoman that you will use to make the living room look more comfortable to use when chatting with your friends or family. This white ottoman is equipped with sturdy gold legs because it is made of iron so that it will hold more weight safely. White furniture is the right choice because it has neutral colors that seem clean and of course easy to mix with other interiors around it. Table ottoman with golden iron legs from home-designing.

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Where to Place

Last but most important, decide which room you’re going to place your new ottoman. You can place it in a guest room or a kids’ room, or show it off in your living room.

Change the atmosphere and appearance of the living room instantly by changing the glass or wood coffee table, now you can replace it with a coffee table ottoman that has the same color as the sofa in front of it. Brown is a favorite color that makes the room feel warmer and presents a soothing earthy tone color. The glass flower vase placed on the table ottoman becomes a decoration that refreshes the room as a whole. Coffee table ottoman which has a matching color to the sofa from architecturaldigest.

The selection of living room furniture with a combination of black and white presents a modern monochromatic style and certainly never goes out of style. In this living room decoration you will be surprised by the ottoman used as a coffee table, choose an ottoman design according to your taste. This black round ottoman is made of linen, so it is easy to clean when it looks dirty. Linen ottoman coffee table in living room decor from architecturaldigest.

These are how-to DIY ottoman from your old coffee table. You can also do another do-it-yourself ottoman project using other unique materials, like recycled plastic bottles, tires, pallets, crates, or buckets. Be creative!


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