8 Main Ideas to Create a Perfect French Country Home Decoration

Inspired from French countryside-style homes. French country-style home decoration is an embodiment of comfort that appears in the form of simplicity and elegance. Many use calm colors and simple elements to symbolize French country decorations. In a house, there are several main rooms, which will represent the entire home decoration. Such as porch decoration, living room, bedroom, to the beautiful patio. The whole room is repainted in the form of a beautiful room. Whether from color or French country furniture.

Front Porch

The first embodiment of the French country’s beauty style is shown by the following porch design. The porch is no less important if you have a beautiful patio design, nor the concept of a porch. Integrating the rustic decoration style, this french country porch features a simple concept of a porch. With a simple design featuring a bed, the sofa allows you to have a comfortable, relaxing time. Not to forget the presence of a pair of garden chairs with a round coffee table with warm cloth decoration.

The rattan woven chairs surrounding the reclaimed wood coffee table are the right choice of outdoor furniture for a French country front porch decoration. Make the front porch look more elegant with the graphic carpet that has a combination of neutral colors, namely the combination of gray and white. If you want to get a softer and smoother sitting surface, then covering a rattan chair with cushions is a smart idea that you can emulate. Elegant style French country front porch from shelterness.

The front porch appearance is incomplete and perfect without applying greenery around it. The combination of wicker rattan chairs with beige pillows is a combination that blends perfectly. In addition, you will also get a sitting area that is warmer and more comfortable, try a teak table to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Front porch decoration surrounded by green plants from shelterness.


An entryway is a transition room that connects the outside into the main room in a house. In this room, you can represent the beauty of your main room. Rustic french country entryways use more natural colors. Both from furniture or from decoration. We can see, the French country-style entryway concept uses a beige sofa lounge beside a dark brown wooden table. Furthermore, the rustic style is more charming with dried flower decoration.

An easy way to bring a classic impression to the decor of French country entryways is to use an antique chandelier overlaid with gold and silver. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate plain white walls with painting frames that are quite large. Green plants and bird statues adorn your wooden table to the fullest. Wall scones lamp becomes additional lighting in your staircase area. French country entryways with classic interior from housebeautiful.

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To show the beauty of a french country patio you can do anything. Including building a patio filled with various plants. Indeed, the patio is a space that is integrated with nature that provides a place to relax. So the concept of a patio should be an open space filled with various flowers. Of course, you can plant lavender or many other herbs. To get a more beautiful view, the concept of the patio should be equipped with hanging plants.

Take advantage of the patio decoration as an outdoor dining room area to get a different dining atmosphere. Choose an iron dining chair that is repainted in a dark color so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous when placed outdoors in all weather changes. Covering the cement table with a striped tablecloth will give you an elegant impression that is not over the top. Patio which is used as an outdoor dining room from shelterness.

Dining Room

The focal point of a dining room design of the French country style is the presence of a large dining table. As we know, French country decor is more comfortable with a casual concept that minimizes the finishing touches. Therefore, for the dining table concept, you should choose a unique, elegant design, and a little finishing touch. Also, try to consider the shiny color of the table and the curved design for the chair.

The more motifs used in one dining room, the more colorful your home decor will look. The flower patterns found on the sofa cushions, wall wallpapers and curtains are a more fun and exciting color combination. To neutralize some of these patterns and colors, you can try applying a wooden dining table that has been repainted with white. Large glass windows are also a source of sunlight that you can make good use of. Floral patterns in several dining room interiors from housebeautiful.

This vintage wooden dining chair covered with pattern cushions has its own texture and color. This large dining table has a soft surface and looks shiny so it is more comfortable to use and displays a less glamorous feel. Cover all furniture legs in this room with natural woven rugs. Vintage wooden dining chairs from housebeautiful.

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Most French country house styles feature natural materials. Like the following French kitchen design. All of this French-style kitchen furniture features natural furniture. Starting from a wooden floor, rattan chairs, and a large wooden dining table. Combine a variety of natural furnishings in French nuances to create an elegant and varied kitchen concept. Use the marble surface on the dining table and brass accents to display a luxuriously elegant feel.

Kitchen cabinets made of wood can be repainted white for a cleaner and more elegant French country kitchen look. Install a metal rack in one of the wall spaces to hang several cooking utensils vertically to save floor space for more efficiency. It is not enough to get here, you can choose a stone floor so that it is not easily slippery when splashed by water from the sink. Repaint white kitchen cabinets from housebeautiful.


Take the inspiring French country bathroom concept. Inspired by vintage style claw bath up designs. Then placed on a neutral-colored wooden tile. Also elegant color selection with a variety of warm wood elements. Neutral color variations with pastel colors present a beautiful bathroom feel. Juxtaposed with a dressing table and a very beautiful dressing chair. Do not forget a towel with a cast iron hangers that add to the elegance of a romantic bathroom.

The nuance of a white bathroom is usually one of the hallmarks of French country style, then to emphasize this style you can try using wood floors, repainted wooden tables and chairs. The shower iron is the right interior blend, while the black wire basket you can use for storing unused tissue. White scheme French country bathroom from housebeautiful.

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Living Room

To display a French country style living room, pay attention to the color scheme. The choice of neutral colors provides a warm, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere and is friendly for those who want tranquility. The nuances of neutral elements always evoke history in a French country style room. As well as the unique combination of furniture with natural materials as if it would never disappear from French country furniture.

Choose and use the interior of the living room with neutral materials and colors so that it emphasizes the French country style in your home. The combination of white, beige with a splash of black is an elegant blend and certainly not easily boring. The fireplace is a heating accent that you can put in the middle of the room and can be used according to the cold weather in the room. Neutral color interior living room from housebeautiful.


French country bedrooms always feature a romantic feel with a neutral package. Additional of pastel colors make this room look simple, elegant, and always warm to live in. The spacious bedroom design gives you an opportunity to choose various elements that hold them together. Such as wooden tables, paintings, and comfortable beds. Do not forget the large window as a source of natural light. Additional high curtains show the modern room.

The floral wallpaper that is applied in the French country bedroom decoration will look more leverage when equipped with several painting frames and antique interiors in it. Transparent glass windows are a source of light that enters the room, making the room brighter and naturally natural. The sunlight that enters naturally will help the growth of indoor plants that are placed on a nightstand so that they are safe and can grow properly. Floral wallpaper with transparent glass windows from housebeautiful.

These are some main ideas to create a perfect French country home decoration. Follow those ideas above and get your beautiful home decor.


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