Rustic Decor Ideas for Small Laundry Room

In general, a laundry room has an important role as other rooms at home. If you decorate other rooms with a special certain design, your laundry room can also be decorated as well as them. But, you have to opt for the appropriate style that can be applied both for small and large spaces. There are many styles that offer you elegance, but the rustic style will present elegance, amazing unfinished touch, and warmth. Also, it will transform your laundry room into a cozy place rather than a workroom. Some natural materials, like stone, wood beam, brick, and clay will magically make a perfect rustic style for your laundry room then. Below are some ideas that you can consider to decorate your laundry room with a rustic style.

Stone Flooring

First of all, let’s design the floor of your laundry room. With an awesome concept of rustic style, the stone will be the appropriate material for the floor. Stone is a sturdy material. That’s why it is chosen because of its durability. Besides, it has a natural color so that it combines well with other elements like wooden cabinets or a marble countertop. Moreover, the high value of the stone will affect the worth of your house. Then, the eco-friendly characteristic of the stone absolutely enhances the look of your laundry room. Look at the picture to see how mesmerizing stone flooring design for a rustic laundry room

The comfortable atmosphere and rustic look can be seen in this laundry room decor. Only by choosing a stone material on your floor, a rustic impression can be created easily. It won’t be too old-fashioned either but makes a charming decorative touch. Combined with white walls and doors and wooden cabinets, this makes a great collaboration for decorating small spaces. Get this ideas of natural stone tile floor from bobvila.

Wooden Wall

The second part that you have to decorate is the wall. With a concept of rustic wall decor, it allows you to create a first-sight impression for your laundry room. Wood is the most commonly used material for wall decor in a rustic style. For your laundry room, wood will present a warm and industrial look. Furthermore, the wooden wall for a rustic laundry room is a good idea to consider either aesthetic and economic value. In addition, wood does not require more process than any other materials like steel or cement. Because wood is also easily recycled, it tends to be a famous material to make rustic home decor.

Give wood accents to the entire laundry room walls that will give a touch of a good rustic style. Just paint it white which makes it easy for you to combine other decorations. In addition, choosing a white color scheme is important in an effort to expand the impression of a narrow room. A touch of wood accents on the floating shelf above the washing machine makes for a sweet décor. This vintage white wooden wall decoration from countryliving.

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Weathered Cabinet

For a laundry room, cabinets play a significant role. They are used to store the stuff and the cleans. Sometimes, you need some large cabinets to accommodate the amounts of your stuff. Rustic style, then, choose weathered cabinets to balance an adorable unfinished touch it brings. The surface look of this weathered cabinet features distinct patterns and swirls so that it looks aged. A weathered cabinet has an informal unique look and ranges from the light to the darker. As well as, this weathered cabinet will match well with your wooden wall.

Never throw away old wardrobes at home. It is very useful for you to place and reuse as a beautiful storage place in the laundry room. It will look rustic if placed in this room, giving an elegant vintage impression. Not only limited to ordinary storage but also provides a strong added value as a sign. That you are displaying a rustic style decoration. Find this weathered laundry cabinet ideas from homebnc.

Metal Bucket Storage

Talking about storages, we cannot just limit the discussion on cabinets. Though you have had weathered cabinets, you will need storage for your laundry supplies or other stuff. Just think of some metal bucket storages to complete your rustic laundry room. To accommodate your need for storage, you can have some of this kind of creative storage in your laundry room to sort every item you wash or dry. For example, you can sort the white clothes in one metal bucket and the colored ones in other buckets. Also, you can stick a label for each member of the family’s metal bucket so that they will put their laundry supplies properly.

The right choice is a storage area that can be neatly arranged. This metal bucket storage case labeled with writing makes it easy for you to place and organize your belongings. Especially the necessities in your laundry room. The right placement also makes it easier for you to reach it by hand. Place directly on the table. Multiple floating shelves at the top give you a versatile play and storage area. Awesome metal storage with sign label ideas from onekindesign.

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Rattan Basket

Additionally, rattan is another material you can use for rustic home decor. For your laundry room, rattan baskets are sometimes used as complements or ornaments. They will enhance the rustic look of your rustic laundry room. But, some also use these rattan baskets as storage for stuff. You can have some and put them on the shelf over your washer or dryer. Get them reachable to ease you find the stuff you need. On the other hand, you can have a rattan basket for your laundry supplies. It is better for you to get the one with a flap to make your laundry room more well-organized.

Create a rustic feel by arranging your laundry room’s storage area using rattan baskets. Although this possibility does not rule out a modern style, it will remind you of a simple and minimalist rustic style. The wooden accent touches of some of the decorative accessories in this room are very harmonious. The dominance of bright white makes this tiny room look less cramped. This rattan baskets storage ideas from countryliving.

Laundry Closet Style

Do you have a small space for your laundry room? Just never be worried because you can have a laundry closet. Although it is small, you can conjure it up to be a very functional room ever. The door will hide your laundry room perfectly. A barn wood sliding door can be the alternative to make a rustic laundry closet. This door will save the space more than a pull-out door design. If you want, it is possible for you to have the usual wooden door design.

If you crave a hidden and useful place. So, this is the right answer. With a laundry closet style theme, you can create a room that looks ordinary but is useful for your laundry needs. By not taking up much space. Of course, this laundry room decoration idea is very helpful for those of you who don’t have a large space. The deep dark brown accents are inspired by a soothing rustic style. Take a look this minimalist laundry room from onekindesign.

You don’t have a lot of free space? calm down, this laundry room decoration idea is the solution. With folding doors that make it easy for you to hide your laundry room, it is perfect for a budget. Floating shelves that fill on the sides provide ample open storage space. Don’t forget to add a laundry label above the door so you don’t forget that this small room is very helpful. Low-budget laundry room from homebnc.

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Ladder Drying Rack

In a laundry room, it is usually found a drying rack to hang the clothes after being dried. For a rustic laundry room, you can have a ladder that you hang horizontally from the ceiling with steel chains or hooks. You had better hang it over your dryer so that you can hang your clothes directly and easily. This idea is great for those whose laundry room is quite small. A wooden ladder can be the alternative to complete your rustic laundry room. As we all know that wood is one of the natural materials that rustic style uses.

It’s the right thing to recycle items that are no longer in your home. For example, you can use the stairs as a place to hang your clothes in the laundry room. Here you can see a ladder painted uneven white, hung by a rope over which there is a portable storage area. Very useful and become art that shows the rustic style in this laundry room. This upcycled organization ideas from countryliving.

Use an improper space such as above a door as a useful place. A ladder that sticks out between above the door and the shelf in the laundry room is useful as a dryer for hanging clothes. It’s easy and economical for crocodiles to simply decorate a laundry room to make it look rustic. Apart from that, you can put multiple storage places like buckets on top as well. Ideas of drying ladder shelf from homebnc.

Wooden Crate Rack

The last but not least, to enhance your rustic laundry room, complete it with a wooden crate rack. This rack is really functional as storage. You can easily store your box of detergent or soap on this rack. Get the opened one to ease you take and put the stuff you need. Besides, a wooden crate rack can be a display rack for some rustic ornaments or greenery. It surely sounds a good idea since it presents both practical and aesthetical values for your rustic laundry room look.

The option to add a wooden crate rack to your laundry room is amazing. By giving a white color that matches the walls, making this a camouflage decoration. Even though it really contrasts with the countertop color on the laundry table, it will actually give a rustic accent. As a place to store and place cheap budget decorations. Copy this open shelves wooden crate ideas from homebnc.

These are some ideas of small rustic laundry room that you can adopt. Get a natural vibe in your small laundry room with these ideas.


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