Budget-Friendly Small Ponds You Can Build Right Away

Having a water feature like a small pond in the backyard has been a dream for a lot of people. If you’re one of them and wish to build one but has little money and time, don’t be intimidated! A small pond can be surprisingly easy and affordable to make while still being exciting to have. To inspire you out, check out these 5 simple small pond ideas!

1. Stock tank small pond

Stock tank is highly versatile as it can turn into several exciting recycled DIY projects, including a DIY small pond! Simply clean up the stock tank, fill it with water, and add pond plants as well as small pond fishes.

So that your small pond can be moved anywhere you want in the garden decoration, then you can use an oval tank pond stock made of galvanized material so that it is very sturdy and strong against all weather changes outdoors. Decorate this tank pond with aquatic plants that float on its top for a fresher impression and it will surely blend in perfectly outdoors. A vintage mirror is an additional accent that you can put on the side of the stock tank pond. Oval stock tank pond from empressofdirt.

Complete the appearance of your garden by using a stock tank pond that is placed in the garden area that still has an unused surface. This stock tank pond has a larger size so that it becomes a focal point for a beautiful garden decoration. You can use various types of aquatic plants that are used in a single tank pond for a more beautiful appearance and of course a green accent that will blend in with nature instantly. Focal point stock tank pond in the garden from penick.

Don’t let your pond tank stock appear plain and boring, you can add aquatic plants that float on the surface of the tank as decoration as well as complement and enhancement. This tank is made of stainless steel which is not easy to rust and causes porous so that it will last longer and do not need to buy it repeatedly. Fill this tank with clean water so it doesn’t become a nest for mosquitoes. Stainless steel stock tank pond from balconygardenweb.

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2. Water garden with koi pond

If you decide to create a small koi pond, you might as well create a beautifully landscaped garden surrounding it. Due to its modest size, this is one of the best small pond ideas you may try if your garden isn’t too large or small.

Take advantage of your small pond for cultivating koi fish that have various types of different sizes. This pool is built on a wooden deck so that it can be a beautiful sight in your garden decoration. Adjust the size of the fish pond with the remaining garden area so as not to disturb your space while in this garden, don’t forget to add a small fountain as a medium that complements this fish pond perfectly. Small koi fish ponds with accent fountains from nextluxury.

You can freely choose the shape of a koi fish pond that is adjusted to the extent of your garden decoration. Use cement as an idea for the edge of a fish pond for a smoother texture and of course it will last long when used for a long time. This fish pond is surrounded by various kinds of greenery that will give off a tropical vibe at the same time. It is not enough here, the fountain made of bamboo adds a natural impression in moderation. Tropical koi fish ponds from nextluxury.

3. Recycled tires small ponds

This is yet another exciting DIY small pond project, this time featuring old, unused tires. Create several small holes, insert the tires to them, and decorate them with natural pond stones and rocks. To give the tire ponds more life and color, add small pond fishes to them.

Reuse old tires that are not used as a DIY pool idea that saves money. The original colors of the tires will blend with the earth tones perfectly. Use two tires placed on a lower surface to present a simple waterfall that will create a relaxing sound of water splashing when you are in the area. Outdoor furniture is an important accent that you can use to enjoy the outside view. DIY black tire fish pond from theownerbuildernetwork.

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4. Corner small pond

What if you have a very small backyard but have enough size somewhere else around the house like the corner side? If that’s the case, then you can use that tiny spot to make one of the most compact small pond ideas ever. Once you’ve created it, consider adding paved path walk to the pond for extra decoration.

So that the corner of your garden is more useful, then you can build a small pond made of stone on the sides. This material will be stronger because it has a hard texture and is not easily porous. Decorate this corner pool with green plants and various kinds of flowers around it and don’t forget to add water plants on the top surface of the pond. The fountain is an additional accent that presents a beautiful sound of water splashing. Stone corner pond from nextluxury.

You can use the corner pond covered with a wooden deck to put a lounge chair set made of leather so that it doesn’t tear easily when exposed to sunlight or water. The deck, which is made of teak wood, has a slightly rough surface so that it is not easily slippery when splashed by water. This pool is divided into three parts so that it looks wider and will be a different view. Corner pond lined with wooden decks from nextluxury.

5. Small pond with waterfall

Okay, this DIY small pond project may cost you a bit more time and money. But believe it, the result will definitely worth all the effort. To make it even more gorgeous, try to add pond plants and small pond fishes in the pond, as well as a garden surrounding it.

The waterfall, which is applied directly above the rock pond, is an additional accent that will bring out the sound of water splashing that relaxes the surrounding atmosphere. Do not forget to add a bird statue on top as a complement and complement that does not cost a lot of money, buy this statue at a home decor shop located around your house. Waterfall applied over the pond from nextluxury.

Take advantage of the materials you have around the house to create a DIY pool with a natural look and of course it can blend with nature instantly. Arrange and arrange slabs of stones of different sizes neatly so that they are sturdier when used as the side of the pool. The waterfall in the corner of the pool is a sweet and never boring finishing touch. DIY rock waterfalls at the corner from nextluxury.

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Hopefully, these 5 brilliant small pond ideas ignite your interest in building an exciting small pond in the backyard. Speaking of which, have you decided which DIY small pond project you’d like to start right away?


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