Inspiring Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Modern Look

It is no doubt that Scandinavian home decor will give your house elegance through simplicity. Although this style is famous because it tends to be simple, you will not lose how mesmerizing this style yo be in your home decor. Also, Scandinavian home decor emphasizes every element’s function. It does not look too much on the ornaments and colors, but it adopts neutral colors to make a peaceful ambiance. Check this gallery to find inspiration.

Living Room

The first room to discuss is the living room. As what some people say that this room is the easiest room to decor and infuse some ideas through a certain style. To make your guests feel so inviting, the Scandinavian style presents a bright ambiance of a white wall and a sheer curtain. Moreover, plain sofa with a neutral color like white or grey become the focal point. Wall ornaments and artworks are allowed but in a small portion. To enhance its look, apply a rug, install decorative lightings, and have some pillows as complements.

Balance your white color scheme with black on this little chair. Decorative lighting makes this living room even more beautiful. You can choose a large window behind the sofa and complement it with light curtains to give the perfect space. Combined with white wooden floors will also balance the decor of this Scandinavian living room. White color scheme from homedit.

This Scandinavian living room is great with decorative lighting and wooden elements. The presence of the peach pouf gives a comfortable impression. You can pair it with a wooden coffee table and gray sofa to create a room that is stylish and inviting. You can also add framed wall decorations for an attractive and stylish room design idea. White nuance and sofa from homedit.

Scandinavian decor by applying bright but bold colors and choosing wooden and metal for some of the furniture. They will add elegance and a stunning look. You can complement the decor with a neutral colored sofa which is complemented with pillows and blankets. This will create a warm and cozy room decor. This rattan chandelier provides a dramatic glow. Scandinavian decor from homedit.

Scandinavian living rooms always feature bright color schemes ranging from wall paints and furniture. Choosing white for this Scandinavian living room decor will create a bright and airy decor. Combined with gray sofas and wooden chairs, this will present a comfortable and cozy room decoration. You can add white open shelves to give the room some style. White Scandinavian living rooms from homedit.

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The next room is your bedroom. Have you imagined how Scandinavian style will transform your bedroom into a stunning room? As usual, Scandinavian presents a white wall to make a bright ambiance. As well as, it helps you to create a minimalist Scandinavian decor that is simply elegant. For a small room, the white wall will give a larger impression. Because your bed is the main element, choosing a white bedding set sounds great. It is possible to give details of patterns for pillows or blankets. Furthermore, get chic by adding decorative lights, wall galleries, or vintage ornaments.

The striped pillow lends a pop pattern to create a striking impression. This bedroom is simple with a desk and table lamp. Don’t forget to add a framed wall gallery to give the room a stylish decoration. Besides that, the wall decoration in the form of an animal’s head painted in white will create a stylish room and steal the attention of many people. Striped pillow from homedit.

To add to the impression, a metal floor lamp was installed in this bedroom. The Scandinavian decor keeps it simple and spacious without being too overwhelming. This white color scheme paired with this blue quilt provides the perfect contrast. This large window next to the bed will create a bright and spacious room. Metal floor lamp on scandinavia bedroom from homedit.

A Scandinavian bedroom decor with a chic twist seems like a great design for an apartment. Decorative lighting and artwork make this bedroom even more stunning. You can add this vintage wood storage ladder to give the room a perfect and attractive impression. White wood flooring will also give a room bright and clean. You can also add some green plants to give a fresh impression to the room. All white Scandinavian bedroom from homedit.

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A bathroom is a private room at home. This is the room to get relaxed with a peaceful ambiance. Scandinavian decor knows it well so that it brings special touches for your relaxing moment. Bringing white is a must. This timeless color is applied for the wall, floor, sink, and closet. A large mirror is provided to beautify your vanity. On the other hand, for those who want to have a patterned flooring design they can opt the tiles with a simple design to 3D design for adding a statement.

Consider the white color scheme and wood elements for a rustic touch to make this bathroom look fabulous. The white color helps this small bathroom more spacious. You can add penny tiles to this bedroom wall so that it will make a stylish room decor and steal the attention of many people. Unique wall lamps and round pine wood framed will give your room a modern style decor. Penny tiles wall from digsdigs.

This antique wood framed mirror is an element that complements this Scandinavian bathroom. This white color scheme will give a room decor that is both spacious and airy. The woven kernajang makes this bathroom well organized. This glass shower divider also gives the illusion of a spacious and airy room. The window above the bethtub also provides the perfect lighting. Antique wood framed mirror from digsdigs.

For an inspiring Scandinavian bathroom decor, consider the spacious space. Moreover, get a stylish look by having a good wall design. Freestanding bathtubs and wooden floors seem like the right pieces of furniture to complement the décor. A wooden stair towel rack will also give a room that’s tidy and clutter-free. Freestanding bathtub and wooden floors from digsdigs.

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Those are the three examples of Scandinavian home decor for your living room, bedroom, and bathroom. In each room, this style will present elegance and sleek look through dominant white and the touch of neutral colors. Just consider this Scandinavian style to get a trendy and inspiring home decor.

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