Parisian Home with Eclectic Decors

Everyone dream to have a very comfortable dwelling or house. Their house is the best place to get together with their family. To make it true, they have to know some aspects, like space, furniture, budget, and surely the decoration. Talking about the decoration, there must be the right chosen decoration to bring elegance and coziness to your house. Introducing one of the best home decors, it is the Parisian style which offers simplicity and elegance through aged and modern elements and French style.

Serene Color Scheme

One of the characteristics of Parisian home decor is that it has a serene color scheme. Some neutral colors like white, light grey, creamy white, and gold are examples of the most commonly applied colors. In Parisian home decor, a serene color scheme plays an important role to create a warm, peaceful, and glamorous ambiance. A serene color scheme, then, combines well with large windows to make your home looks airier.

The white color decorates this living room well. Wooden floors and white carpet will enhance the overall look of the living room. Moreover, modern chandeliers and floor lamps make for a touch of luxury. This velvet sofa gives a luxurious look and will give you a comfortable impression in the decoration of this living room. A uniquely shaped coffee table will give the room a chic look. White color Parisian living room from decoholic.

To create a stylish look in elegance, the beige color scheme is dominant in this living room. By applying the Parisian style, this bedroom is even more beautiful with some vintage furniture. The tall windows are equipped with silk curtains that have the same color as the canopy, making this look more attractive for you to try. Don’t forget to add framed wall decorations and antique framed mirrors that will add a unique look to this decor. Beige bedroom Parisian electic from decoraid.

Broken white was chosen as the ideal color scheme combined with gray curtains. With a spacious design, this Parisian living room fits perfectly. Also, the white sofa and wooden chairs definitely fit into this living room scheme. This patterned floor and geometric rug will make the perfect room decor and will grab the attention of many. This antique mirror above the sofa offers the illusion of a bright and spacious room. White color scheme from homedit.

The perfect Parisian style will combine various pieces of your style and combine them in one unified decorating concept. Choosing this eclectic white apriasian living room decoration makes a perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. The black and white striped curtains and this antique gold-framed wall decor make for the perfect room look that is also common in French décor. Parisian electic style from homedit.

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Gold Element

As we know that Parisian home decor always brings a luxurious look for your house. Some classic yet classy elements in gold are the keys to make statements. Gold which tends to be expensive and exclusive can be seen from a carved wooden mirror frame, candle holders, photo frame, and other decorative elements. Sometimes, gold presents a beauty for the sofa, cushions, or curtain to enhance the whole look of the rooms.

Gold painting frames help create a statement for this eclectic Parisian living room. Too. The gold color combined with the brown wooden floor makes it the perfect Parisian home decor. A soft sofa with gold accents will also add a luxurious and elegant impression to the room, making it the perfect decoration for you to try. Gold painting frames fom homedit.

Gold always tends to be a luxurious color wherever it is applied. As in this living room, gold enhances its appearance through several elements, such as a painting frame and coffee table legs. With this kind of decoration, you will create a luxurious and glamorous room decoration. Combined with a beige color scheme on the walls and sofa, it will give a comfortable and warm impression to this room. Gold framed painting from impressiveinteriordesign.

This living room looks warm because of the gold element combined with the antique mirror frame, curtain painting frame and this crystal chandelier. Using gold ornaments reinforces your Parisian style. The beige color scheme and a large window on one of these walls will create a bright and spacious room decor that you can try now. This kind of decoration offers a modern feel to this living room. Gold antique mirror frame and curtain from homedit.

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Artistic Touch

Parisian home decor does not ignore about aesthetic value. There are some artistic touches to see in this Parisian style. First, you can see how carved moldings are present in this amazing home decor and create an extraordinary look. It works well with a white wall. Second, placing a large mirror over the fireplace sounds to be a good idea to create an artistic spot, especially in the living room. As well as, you can be creative to make a wall gallery to show your photos. In addition, applying herringbone flooring is another artistic touch you find in Parisian home decor.

Even though Parisian home decor places every element in a simple way, it doesn’t mean forgetting some artistic ornamentation. Wall galleries, patterned pillows, and flower vases enhance the decor of this tiny living room. A dark color scheme will give the room a calm and warm look. The wooden floor and large carpet under this bed will provide a warm and inviting decor. Several painting on bedroom from elledecor.

Parisian home decor does not leave the aesthetic aspect. Some artistic touches can be seen through the ornaments, such as this gold frame mirror placed above the fireplace will offer the perfect dining room decor for you to try. In addition, heringbone wood flooring will offer the perfect room decor. some green plants in this pot will bring a fresh and natural impression to the room decor. Gold mirror above fireplace from elledecor.

Furthermore, for a Parisian style dining room it is possible to have a gold framed mirror placed over the fireplace to make for the perfect room decor. White walls create a classic yet classy impression. This gray sofa will give the impression of a comfortable and warm room. Gold framed mirror from thechrisellefactor.

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Moreover, some furniture with unique shapes can be the complements to make the great Parisian decor. For example, an aged chandelier with a classic look seems to be stunning to decorate your dining room. On the other hand, Parisian decor allows you to give a little touch of another style like chic vintage through floral wallpaper, pastel-colored curtain, and a vase of flowers. So, you can consider this charming home decor as yours now. Doesn’t it sound a great idea?

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