Genius Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Every room in your house is equivalently important. However, there must be different challenges these spaces face depending on their purpose. Living room, for example, is a room serving as a place to hang out with family, friends, or guests. Therefore, to make it an ideal place to spend time, a spacious and cozy living room is preferable. In contrast, no one wants a narrow and cramped living room.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a large living room, making people who don’t, need to find solutions to make the most of it. One of the ways to optimize small space in your living room is by using the right furniture. Thus, here are three genius living room furniture ideas for you.

1. Utilize Multifunctional Furniture

Typically, living room furniture consists of large sofas and armchairs. Thus, don’t cramp your small living room further by separating the table with those additional chairs. Instead, make the most of the chairs by turning them into a piece of multifunctional furniture. For example, you can turn your ottomans into a coffee table by putting a tray on top of it.  When needed, they can be easily transformed into extra chairs.

This high contrast themed living room features a white sofa with a large square dark tufted leather ottoman in the center, black trim, patterned rug on dark hardwood floors and this white fireplace will complete the look of your living room. This beige color scheme and multiple windows will give the room a bright and warm look. Green plants in the corner of the room will give freshness to the room. Square dark tufted leather ottoman from homestratosphere.

If you have a small living room, using multifunctional furniture is the right solution. You can use an ottoman so that it can function as a coffee table or additional chair at the same time. Adding these two ottomans creates the perfect space so you’ll have two extra chairs and save space. Multifunctional furniture living room from homestratosphere.

Using an ottoman is a great solution for your small living room decorating ideas so you can turn it around when needed as a coffee table in your living room. You can add a metal look that is complemented by some ornaments and other greenery to bring the perfect look. Combined with a beige sofa and brown carpet, it brings a warm impression to the room. Rectangular ottoman coffee table from homestratosphere.

Choosing to use multifunctional furniture is the perfect idea for decorating your small living room. Try using an ottoman so that it can be used as an extra seat and coffee table. A warm yellow padded ottoman stands in the center of this cozy living room, wrapped in natural earth tones for a cozy and inviting living space. Combined with a warm beige color scheme and a few other ornaments, this creates a stylish and attractive room. Ottoman coffee table from homestratosphere.

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2. Place Built-in Storage 

Rather than having separate pieces of furniture scattered in your tiny living room, you can simply opt for built-in storage. This idea will save you a lot of space. Imagine with the built-in storage, you can stash your books, decorations, and even TV—all in one place. 

Decorating a small living room equipped with internal storage is a perfect idea. So you will have a lot of storage space without having to take up a lot of space. This example of built-in storage will save space so that your room looks wider and avoids clutter. In this internal storage, you can also add a TV to maximize space. Small living room with built-in storage from designingidea.

Place Built-in Storage in your small living room so that it will provide enough storage space. So your personal collection can be stored there and look tidier. Complete with a fireplace and wood storage on the wall, this will make for the perfect living room design. This white color scheme and black wood flooring give it a warm and airy feel. Built-in Storage and fireplace from trendir.

Complementing your small living room with built-in storage is the right solution so it doesn’t take up much space and you still have enough storage space. Plus you can add TVs all at once to save space which is perfect. Combined with the white color scheme, large windows and wooden floors make for a spacious and bright room. Built-in storage living room from trendir.

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3. Choose the Right Sofa

A huge sofa should be avoided when you have limited space in your living room. You can opt for several armchairs instead of a sofa when the space is tight. A lower sofa would help when you have a high ceiling in the living room. A backless sofa, in particular, could be the perfect option when you put it in the middle of the room. Not only giving a spacious feeling, but this type of sofa also gives extra seating.

When you have a small living room, a large sofa is a wrong choice. You can use a sofa without a backrest and place it in the middle so that your living room looks more spacious. You can also add some extra sofas for extra seating ideas to this small living room. This large wooden coffee table and rattan basket will complete the look of the room. Large backless sofa from digsdigs.

A backless sofa is a right choice to fill your small living room so that it will beautify your decor so that it looks more modern. In addition, this sofa can accommodate several people so there is no need to add many additional chairs. Combined with a shabby wooden coffee table, this beach living room design makes the room look attractive and eye-catching. Backless sofa from digsdigs.

Choosing the right furniture is one of the things that affect your decor. You can use a leather sofa and armchair so that they will provide additional seating in your living room. Complete with a coffee table and ottoman, it adds perfect and comfortable room decor. This white color scheme and wooden floors give a bright and warm impression. Leather sofa and armchair from digsdigs.

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Those are three genius living room furniture ideas you should try if you have a tiny living room.


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