Home Office Decor Trends to Follow

More people are having offices at home, thanks to the rising numbers of entrepreneurs and digital workers. The home office décor trends in 2021 follow it up by playing with bold, refreshing, yet professional elements. Follow the trends to avoid having a drab-looking office at home.

Here are several trends to try in your home office.

1. Bold and Contrasting Colors

Say goodbye to typical gray, black, and white “professional” tones. Today’s home office décor trends are not afraid of using bold colors in the design. They are refreshing, bold, and perfect for conjuring creativity. Inserting red and orange energizes your mind, while green and turquoise calm you down.

The orange color scheme on the walls of this home office will energize and energize you. Combined with wooden floors and white ceilings, this creates a perfect contrast and will give a warm impression. You can also add white furniture here for a stylish home office design. Orange color home office from decoist.

Green wall paint is an easy way to make your home office feel calm. Add some house plants and other furniture to make the house design more interesting. Combined with the white color scheme will provide the perfect contrast and will balance the appearance of the room. Choosing this black, Scandinavian-style chair will result in a comfortable and inviting kanto design. Green wall paint home office from shelterness.

The green color on the walls was chosen to make your home office produce a calming feel. Add some greenery to refresh the home office design. In addition, the wood accents on this workbench set bring a natural touch to the room. Using this green color will calm you when you are working at home. Green color scheme home office from shelterness.


2. Modular Office Furniture

Modular office furniture is here to stay in 2021. It is a solution for small spaces and those who like practical workspaces. Some modular items, like bookshelves, can be adjusted to fit your storage needs.

A space-saving solution in your home office by adding modular furniture complete with some storage for bookshelves and other ornaments. This idea will make your room more spacious and create an airy feel. You can put this table in the corner of your office so that it will maximize the space of your home office. Corner modular furniture from digsdigs.

A chic neutral home office with white storage units that fill the entire wall, table and mint chairs complete your home office décor. Choosing this modular furniture will make your room design more stylish and will look more spacious. The choice of a white color scheme and carpet throughout this room will give the impression of a warm and bright room. Modular furniture from digsdigs.

To save space in your home office, modular furniture is suitable. You can use a large bookshelf that can also be used as storage. Combine the cabinet with the workbench to be more efficient. You can place your office space under the stairs which will make your room decoration more charming. Modular furniture under staircase from designtrends.

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3. Green and Sustainable Workspaces

More people involve green elements and sustainability in their workspaces, including at home. You can start by creating an office in a room with a lot of natural light, reducing the need for an electric lamp. Buy lighting fixtures with power-saving mode and LED bulbs. Clean old bottles, jars, and tin cans to serve as utensil containers. Buy secondhand furniture when possible.

A simple way to decorate a home office by applying near a large window is an interesting idea to save energy on electric lights. Sunlight can enter naturally through your large windows. Choosing furniture from this wood brings a natural feel to the room. Green plants in pots will also provide a fresh room. Wooden furniture from homestratosphere.

Large window touches are a great idea for natural lighting into your home office. Adding greenery will add a natural feel to your room. Combined with this beige color scheme, your home office design will look warmer and calmer. Wooden floors and some wooden furniture also give a natural impression to the room. Large window from homestratosphere.

A small home office with a small corner window, an office desk with drawers, and a few chairs will complete the design of your room. Placing this table near a window will save electricity while providing a bright and airy room. Combined with a white color scheme and wooden floors will make the look more calm and warm. Small home office from homestratosphere.

4. Outdoor Elements in the Room

Many modern offices blend indoor and outdoor settings to create a more relaxing working space. You can do this by having plants in the office, and not just one mini cactus pot. We are talking a dedicated spot to place plants, depending on the size of your home office. Also, when planning the office design, install large windows or connect it with the terrace.

Choosing these low-maintenance plants in pots will make your home office look fresher and have a natural feel. You can place it in front of large windows and on storage shelves to complete the look of the room. Combined with a white scheme and hardwood floors this will result in a spacious and warm office decor. Natural home office from decoist.

Applying greenery and large windows to your home office is a great idea to bring a natural atmosphere to your space. Combined with a touch of wood can strengthen the natural impression. This mid-century home office design opts for a white color scheme for a bright and airy look. Greenery on home office from decoist.

Add some hanging plants and large windows to make this home office look like a return to nature. Add other ornaments separately to create interesting drama in this natural space. Choosing low-maintenance plants placed in front of windows and around bookshelves will give the room a fresh and natural feel. Hanging plants and large windows from decoist.

This boho home office design features some inexpensive greenery on the floor and an open shelf above the window. Choosing pots from natural materials in the form of woven rattan will also strengthen the bohemian feel in your room. This green and white color scheme creates the perfect contrast. Plants on home office from shelterness.

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5. Design for Work and Life Integration

Have you ever heard of “work and life balance”? The new trend is “work and life integration”, where you blend working with daily life in a seamless way. Designs include an open-plan home office, a combined workout or meditation area, and leisure spots like a coffee bar and reading nook.

You can try the combination of a home office with a reading area to combine your work with life balance. You need to balance work time with reading time to get a good quality of life. You can place a yellow sofa in the corner of the room which will create a comfortable and inviting room. Home office with reading area from thespruce.

You can install a standing bookshelf that you can fit into your home office. This is one way to balance your life. Complementing the look with comfortable round chairs will give the room a cozy and inviting feel. Adding some green and wood accents to this furniture will give it a natural look. Reading area on home office from thespruce.

Leave the serious office that makes you look like a workaholic shut-in. These home office décor trends will make working feel more joyful and exciting.


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