Consider Bathroom Remodel Project with These 15 Ideas

Tons of bathroom remodel ideas out there are designed to enhance a bathroom into its full potential. Some of them can be pricey and require many resources, but here we’ll provide you with five simple ideas that won’t squeeze your pocket and energy to finish the project. Start gleaning one or two insights below for your own home.

1. Bamboo Trellis Bathroom

You don’t need to buy and install real bamboo sticks to realize this idea (though, feel free if you want). An addition of bamboo trellis bathroom wallpapers gives a more refreshing powder room, which you can further enhance with an exotic mirror frame.

The bright and welcoming green dressing room is clad in bamboo wallpaper against a backdrop of green-framed window accents. This marble sink vanity adds a fresh and inviting touch to a room. This vintage mirror brings a vintage touch to this bathroom. Orchids blooming in this vase also create a fresh and natural space. Green bamboo wallpaper bathroom from decorpad.

These bamboo trellis wallpapers really bring your bathroom back to nature. You don’t even need to add another element to make it more interesting. Choosing a white background and this white sink will give the room a bright and airy touch. A touch of gold on the lamp and the handle of this scone makes it look even more elegant. Green and white bamboo trellis wallpapers from decorpad.

Bamboo trellis wallpaper is an easy way to make your bathroom look stylish. This wallpaper fits perfectly with your white bathroom theme. Add a touch of gold to make your bathroom décor look glamorous. Choosing this white sink also creates the perfect contrast with this bathroom design. Bamboo trellis wallpaper from decorpad.

2. Bathroom with Forest Wallpaper

If you want to go full-scale nature, try to go for bathroom forestry wallpapers that’ll help freshen up the vibe. Alternatively, a black and white or abstract art defining the beauty of nature can also be what you seek for this idea.

Feel free to choose forest wallpaper combined with mint subway tiles and floor tiles in your bathroom decor. This can make your bathroom look more attractive. The touch of this wooden cabinet also gives the room a unique look and has a natural touch to your bathroom. Complementing the look with this potted green plant gives a fresh impression to your room. Forest wallpaper bathroom ideas from idealhome.

Give your bathroom a fresh impression by installing natural wallpaper. Choosing a waterfall wallpaper that is equipped with several plants will give a natural touch to your room. Rugged wood floors and some of these geometric patterned runner rugs bring extra warmth to your bathroom. These potted green plants give the room a fresh and natural feel. Natural wallpaper bathroom from deavita.

If you have an open-air bathroom like the one pictured above, lining the wall next to the bathroom with a bold palm leaf print will bring color and pattern to this bathroom. You can feel the tropical vibe in your bathroom. Adding a real plant or two will give the room a fresh and natural touch. Tropical wallpaper from idealhome.

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3. Minimalist Spa Bathroom

It’s time to have your spa right at the heart of your bathroom. Consider placing a simple freestanding bathtub and elegant chandelier at the top to grab the essence of that luxury. Clean the countertop to get more into the character, too.

A bathroom with dramatic lighting above the bathtub will create a dramatic bathroom. And the tiles and wall paint give an elegant impression. Choosing a classic style in this bathroom will produce an attractive room design and steal the attention of many people. The touch of marble tiles on this wall creates a luxurious room. Minimalist spa Bathroom from decorpad.

You can install a chandelier above the bath. Combined with gray walls and marble floor tiles, it can give the bathroom a luxurious feel. Choosing a crystal tiered chandelier will provide dramatic lighting throughout your bathroom. Several benches complete with fleece blankets provide a comfortable space. Freestanding bathtub and crystal tiered chandelier from decorpad.

The French bathroom features a French candle chandelier hanging over the Bain Ultra Spa Tub and an accented round table set in front of an antique mirror. Combined with a white color scheme and brown floor-to-ceiling curtains, this gives the room a wider and taller look. These white ceramic tiles make the room attractive and look brighter. French spa bathroom from decorpad.

4. Clean and Straightforward Traditional Bathroom

For those claiming to be uncomplicated and practical, go for a clean traditional bathroom design that’ll be enough to satisfy your personality as well as bringing joy at the same time. Furniture with standard shapes and clean lines are what you’re going to need.

Beautiful stained glass windows provide the perfect light for your traditional bathroom design. Opting for this light, neutral scheme is an easy and effective way to make a traditional bathroom feel bright and spacious, while ensuring that extraordinary features become the focal point. This antique wardrobe produces an interesting room design for you to try. Stained glass windows from realhomes.

A traditional bathroom will look uncomplicated and practical. The use of wooden floors and wooden cabinets will give your bathroom a classic impression. Using this black and white bathtub makes an attractive room. The dark gray color scheme makes the room warm and calm. Traditional bathroom decor from realhomes.

A simple traditional bathroom with large wooden frames and wooden floors will create a natural feel in your bathroom. In addition, using a brick wall will also give a natural touch to this rustic bathroom. This copper bathtub frame also gives an elegant look and will steal the attention of many people. This large window on one wall also lets the sun in and your room looks brighter. Simple traditional bathroom from realhomes.

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5. White Modern Bathroom

The widespread white modern bathroom is highly sought-after thanks to its clean look and airy atmosphere. The all-white concept creates a continuous wall tile and flooring look throughout the room.

A modern bathroom design with a touch of all-white in a minimalist style is able to present a simple concept. Namely by using a mirror and good lighting in this bathroom. So that an interesting bathroom concept is formed for you to use. The touch of marble on this wall makes the room elegant and looks more luxurious. Marble wall bathroom from nextluxury.

White marble tiles on the walls and floors add a touch of elegance and luxury to the room. The touch of this glass cabinet also provides a spacious room. Some white furniture in the form of a bathtub and small bench also create a clean room. All-white bathroom from nextluxury.

Use shades of white on the walls and floors of your modern bathroom to complete the décor. The combination of touches of tiles and gold-framed mirrors, presents a more elegant room concept. Giving a touch of marble to the bathroom floor also brings a touch of elegance to this room. Crystal chandeliers give a dramatic room. White wall and marble floor bathroom from nextluxury.

Start considering one of those ideas of your bathroom remodel project above!

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