Grab A Relaxing Sleep with These 10 Bedroom Apartment Tips

A comfy one or two-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean you need to put many pricey or luxury furniture in it. There are many savvy yet affordable ways to have the comfiest space you want, especially in the bedroom. With the help of our ideas below—and, of course, your creative arrangement, a night of relaxing sleep is underway.

1. A Modern Murphy Bed

If you have the budget and time to install a modern apartment murphy bed, we highly encourage you to go for it! Besides serving as the current trend—especially among the minimalists, a murphy bed saves more space and worth your initial investment, despite you buying it or making one by yourself.

Decorating an apartment with a minimalist room requires some smart use of furniture and doesn’t take up a lot of floor area. Start with the use of a single Murphy bed that can be folded towards the wall when it is finished so that the room can also be used as a modern and colorful living room decoration. The use of large glass windows is a source of sunlight that can enter the room to the maximum. Single murphy bed from decoist.

You can use a murphy bed with a bold color so that it can be used as a focal point that works very well. The Murphy bed that is placed in the corner of the room makes good use of the entire room in your apartment decoration. The use of this furniture will be more effective and efficient because it minimizes the use of apartment floors, mosaic rugs with black and white splashes are the idea of a warm floor layer. Bold color murphy bed from decoist.

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2. Floating Desk

Make your study or work desk a little bit different yet elegant by choosing floating desks, an innovation sought by many people who struggle to free up some floor space. You’ll see how much more efficient your activities afterward, too.

Take advantage of the wall area in your apartment decor to hang a wooden desk so it doesn’t take up floor space at all. Choose and use a desk that is equipped with storage underneath to make this furniture more multifunctional. Combine this wooden desk with an iron chair that has a height according to the table so that it can be used more comfortably throughout the day. Floating wooden desk from decoist.

Match the wall color with the use of a floating desk to make it appear more elegant and clean, white being the best neutral color choice. This desk is equipped with a built-in shelf that can be used as an area to put small items that are easily lost or small potted plants. This floating desk is applied to the wall near the window so that it will be brighter during the day without the need for table lamps or chandeliers. White paint floating desk from decoist.

3. A Swing Arm Sconce

Well, your bedroom can be more than just a sleeping haven. For those times when you want to read books or watch YouTube videos, do it with the help of apartment swing arm sconces, which won’t be a hassle considering how compact they are even if your bedroom is already as cramped as it is.

If you want to read a book at night in an apartment room decor, the use of swing arm scones just above the headboard is a smart lighting idea and can be tried easily. You can choose this lamp according to the style of the room or the color tone of the room you are currently using, black swing arm scones are the best choice because they are easier to combine with other furniture around it. Swing arm scones on headboard from apartmenttherapy.

Swing arm scones in this apartment bedroom decoration can be adjusted according to your needs. You can bring the lamp closer or keep it out of your reach. If you want to read a book or watch a gadget, then you should bring this lamp closer to keep your eye health for the better. Install this lamp on the right and left side of the bed to get maximum lighting when needed. Two swing arm scones from apartmenttherapy.

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4. A Room Divider

This idea works magic for you who share the bedroom with someone else and still require privacy. An apartment room divider can come from a tall bookcase or cabinet, and make sure to always let the light stream in.

Standing a cabinet with a higher size can be used as a room divider between the bedroom and a small living room. This is a smart idea that you can try without having to buy a permanent divider which has an expensive selling price and of course takes up a lot of floor space. You can choose this divider cabinet according to the nuances of your room so that it can blend in perfectly and of course it doesn’t damage the color tone of the room which makes it look more tacky. Standing cabinet divider from decoist.

The built-in standing shelf that is installed in this wall area has a higher size so that it can be used as a bedroom divider to make it seem more private. Take advantage of this shelf to put some beautiful ornaments as a view as well as room decoration that perfects this room to the maximum. Repaint the standing shelf with white so that it has a color that matches the walls of your current apartment. Standing rack divider from decoist.

5. Hanging Racks

Don’t forget the importance of storage, too! If your current wardrobe or shelves are already packed, apartment hanging garment hacks are smart tricks to help you add the much-needed room without taking up space on the floor.

The more hangers you have, the more clothes you can store in your wardrobe. Not only hangers, but you also have several hanging racks that can be used simultaneously to stack some of your clothes according to their type and needs. The white plastic box is an additional storage idea that you can use as much as possible. Combination of hanging rack with clothes hanger from decoist.

You can use this vertically arranged wooden shelf in an open closet to put some of your clean clothes without looking messy. Beside this clothes rack, there is a clothes hanger that can be used properly too. Choose and use a wardrobe made of wood to make it more sturdy and not easily porous, then place this wardrobe right next to your bed. Wooden clothes rack from decoist.

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It’s time to grab a relaxing sleep with the bedroom apartment tips above.


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