Use These Ideas To Keep Your Gardens Safe From Intruders

You’ll be surprised to know that most of the burglars and wildlife guests, enter homes via gardens and backyards, especially during the night, for obvious reasons. 

In fact, as the city of Denver continues to grow at a huge pace, it is impacting the wildlife habitat tremendously. That’s the reason why animals such as skunks, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes seem to thrive near neighborhoods. 

 Long gone are the days when tall and thorny shrubbery was enough to keep the intruders from finding their way into your home. 

The golden rule of garden security is to keep all the garden accessories and tools tucked in when not in use. 

But there’s much more than just that. Here we have some garden security tips for you to incorporate into your home to keep those intruders at bay.

Spruce up on outdoor security

Homeowners need to realize the fact that garden security is as important as keeping the indoors secured. And you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank for it. 

You can consider placing gravels or building stone pathways around your garden and backyard. This way, there will always be a crunching sound if someone tries to break into your home.

In fact, you can also create an illusion of tight home security by hanging the “You are under surveillance” board. This is because visible security is a proven way to warn off burglars. Try installing fake cameras and motion lighting to intimidate unwanted guests. 

Do something about the wildlife

You should know that it is not just the burglars you need to look out for. There are small animals such as raccoons, foxes, and cats who can’t wait to trample on your plants and damage your garden, and leave their wastes behind. 

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The best and fuss-free ways to keep them away from your garden would be to bring in the animal repellents and use ultrasonic sound devices to keep them away from breaking in your garden. 

If you are not familiar with coyotes or raccoon removal practices, it would be best to seek help from professionals. In fact, the experts at a wildlife removal Denver company suggest inspecting the potential entryways and sealing them off properly to prevent those unwanted wildlife visits. 

Apart from this, make sure you tie your food waste in a biodegradable bag to avoid attracting those animals in the first place. 

Get your sheds inspected regularly

Research shows that half of the burglars and animals hide in sheds to keep out of sight. This is because wooden sheds start rotting eventually. Due to this, the shed walls become weak, making it easier for unwanted guests to get in. 

That’s why make sure you maintain and lock your sheds properly. Consider treating or replacing the wood altogether, if needed, to make sure no one gets in easily.

And if you are replacing or building your shed from scratch, it would be best to place it somewhere that makes it easier for you to keep an eye on from within the house.

In the end, 

Let’s be honest, no one wants their beautiful garden to be destroyed by animals or to be used as a way to break into your home. That’s why every homeowner needs to prioritize garden security and keep those intruders away from your home sweet home. 


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