Lovely Bathroom Lighting Ideas for a Cozy Ambiance

Choosing bathroom lighting always requires you to make a lot of considerations. You’ll not only need to find the fixtures that can match the room style, but you should also know which lights are much safer to be installed in each bathroom area.

To help you pick, we’ve gathered best bathroom lighting fixtures to illuminate your bathroom. Let’s dive in!

1. Light up Your Vanity with Wall Sconces

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the vanity area always needs special attention. As you’ll do many activities there, from doing makeup, shaving, to brushing teeth, you should light this space with proper illumination. If your bathroom has one vanity mirror, you can mount a pair of wall sconces on each mirror side. And for a double mirror, add one more sconce in the small space between the mirrors.

What’s great is, this fixture has various pretty types that will add a catchy style to your bathroom, such as half-moon, candle, and lantern. As an alternative to wall sconces, you may also choose an LED bath bar.

Good lighting is one of the most important features of a bedroom. Wall sconces flanking this sleek glass make bathroom decor feel more elegant. Choosing a gold color will add a touch of elegance to your tiny bathroom. Combined with a white color scheme and gray cabinets give an attractive appearance. Wall sconces bathroom from decorpad.

Wall sconces may not be the first light source that comes to mind when you think of quality lighting, but you can find them very versatile and use them in all your bathroom designs. Using gold accents on this discount lamp steals attention and will give the impression of an elegant room. This white and navy color scheme provides the perfect contrast. Gold wall sconces from decorpad.

Sophisticated bathrooms bring dramatic lighting of scones into this space. Placing it on the right and left of the mirror will provide perfect lighting. Combined with the upper walls covered in modern gray floral wallpaper and the lower walls covered in dark gray subway tiles lined with white sinks. Dramatic lighting scones from decorpad.

Bling sconces add a sophisticated touch to the vanity design over a polished nickel faucet and double sink. The blue walls in the transitional bathroom create a spa-like finish to the gray double sink complemented by a set of vanity mirrors featuring frosted glass trim. Choosing these crystal scones lights will add an interesting style to your bathroom. Bling sconces from decorpad.

This brass scone light adds an elegant touch to the room and provides dramatic lighting to your dressing table area. The ivory wood sink offers a honed gray marble countertop under a mirror to complement your room’s decor. Adding green plants in this pot also makes the room fresh and has a natural feel. Brass scone light from decorpad.

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2. Illuminate Your Bathtub and Shower Space with Recessed Lights 

Your bathtub and shower are the next bathroom space that needs special lighting. Bathtub and shower are wet areas. Thus, installing a safe lighting fixture like recessed lights is the smart solution.

The best thing from recessed lights is, they have a clean and modern look, while also can make a tiny bathroom seem spacious. Moreover, they offer eye-catching trim types like a baffle, eyeball, and pinhole. 

This recessed lighting fixture allows you to take your bath in comfort. This bathroom lighting comes with a modern design and a touch of white. Combined with the beige color scheme and wood paneling it gives a perfect look and will steal the attention of many. This glass shower door gives a sleek look and looks spacious. Recessed lighting fixture from decoist.

This recessed lighting fixture allows you to shower comfortably. This bathroom lighting comes with a modern design and a touch of white. This beige ceramic provides an attractive and sophisticated look for you to try. This scone in the sink gives the room a bright and airy design. Recessed lighting bathroom from decoist.

This recessed bathroom lighting fixture evokes a modern concept, which is a great choice for your modern and clean bathroom. Choosing recessed lights is a stunning room design and steals the attention of many people. This wooden furniture also provides a perfect contrast and gives a unique look for you to try. Recessed bathroom lighting from deavita.

Enjoy your bath time with this recessed lighting fixture in this bathroom. They do not take up much space, they are able to light up the entire room and give it a warm atmosphere. Combine it with green LED lights that will give an attractive room design with the right lighting. This wood paneling and white color scheme gives the room the perfect look. Recessed lighting green LED lights from deavita.

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3. Create an Elegant Focal Point Using Chandeliers

Another perfect bathroom lighting option is chandeliers. With their sophistication, elegance, and luxury look, this fixture is best for ambient and decorative lighting. To get a beautiful and catchy focal point, place them in the middle of the bathroom. Remember that you should always pick chandeliers that fit your bathroom space. Some of them may take up more space and are suitable for bathrooms with high ceilings. 

An eye-catching black chandelier hangs over the clawfoot tub in this master bathroom with tall storage cabinets and patterned flooring. This chandelier is the perfect focal point of the room and will steal the attention of many. This design is a chandelier that fits your bathroom space. Black chandelier from homestratosphere.

An antique candle chandelier illuminates this master bathroom with a drop tub under a beautiful stained glass window. With their sophistication, elegance and luxurious appearance, these fixtures are best suited for ambient and decorative lighting. You can combine it with a blue and beige color scheme to create a warm and fresh room. Antique candle chandelier from homestratosphere.

This white master bathroom is equipped with perfect lighting. Choosing a black hood chandelier makes a unique look and steals the attention of many people. Choosing this design will provide dramatic lighting. Combined with double sinks and vanity between the front glass cabinets. This room features a freestanding bathtub near a framed window covered in white roman tones. Black hood chandelier from homestratosphere.

For this vintage-style bathroom, the chandelier is the main highlight of the decor. They are able to illuminate the bathroom tub very elegantly. Combined with this classic style will present a perfect room design and will attract the attention of many people. This design creates a beautiful and catchy focal point, place it in the middle of the bathroom. Vintage-style chandelier from homestratosphere.

This classic chandelier is the perfect solution for creating a soft, dreamy glow in a bathroom, but it has to be positioned correctly. Choosing a crystal chandelier and placing it between the bathtub and shower room produces the perfect room design for you to try. It is suitable for bathrooms with high ceilings. Classic chandelier bathroom from homestratosphere.

To add a glamorous impression to your bathroom, this crystal chandelier can be a decoration highlight without leaving function. Lighting is the perfect idea for this bathroom design. It makes a stylish focal point of the room and catches the eye of many. Crystal chandelier from homestratosphere.

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Those are 3 best bathroom lighting fixtures to illuminate your bathroom. Anyway, which one do you like the most?   


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