Best Interior Design Tips for Small Apartment

For small apartment, space will always be a major issue. Yet, it doesn’t have to be your problem. With these best interior design tips, you’ll be able to create a lighter, airier, and prettier studio that’s well-equipped and well-organized. So, check them carefully and give any of them a try.

1. Double for Good: Multi-Function Items

One of the best tips for small apartment interior design is to have multi-function items or details. For example, a built-in storage wall, a bed frame with extra storage underneath, and stairs with concealed storage. Therefore, you must think of how you will create multi-functional furniture, wall, ceiling, and stairs.

Keeping things in double function will not only meet your needs of a spacious room but also your needs for elegant storage. 

If you have a bedroom apartment with limited floor space, then you can use the built-in storage rack that is applied on two sides of the bed or rather on a different wall area. This wall mounted shelf is arranged vertically with a width that is not too big, you can use it as a storage idea for some beautiful ornaments that can enhance the appearance of this room to the maximum. Vertical wall mounted rack from apartmenttherapy.

The selection of furniture with two different uses is also a smart idea that you can apply in decorating a small apartment. Furniture that you can try is a bed design that can be used as a sitting chair and is also equipped with storage shelves to put some books and ceramic decorative items with different colors and shapes. This multifunctional bed is perfect when placed in a modern minimalist style apartment. Multifunctional bed design from thespruce.

Don’t worry when you have an apartment living room with limited floor area, now you can own and buy a daybed with drawer storage underneath. This furniture can be used as a sitting area as well as a sleeping area during the day or night, here you can simply add blankets and throw pillows to complete the warmth when the room feels colder. Plywood daybed with storage drawers underneath from extraspace.

If you have a bed without a headboard, you can use the part of the wall in the bed area as a wall mounted open shelf that is arranged neatly and regularly. Don’t forget to perfect the existence of this open shelf with white lights to make it look brighter when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark. Not only books but you can use this shelf as a storage idea for small items that are easy to lose. Wall mounted open shelves instead of headboard from extraspace.

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2. Go for Vertical Décor: Hang from the Ceiling or Fix on the Wall

Another key to designing your compact apartment is not to squeeze your floor space. How? Hang the furniture and decorations from the ceiling or fix them on the wall. By implementing this idea, you can arrange more room in a limited area available. Floating desk and shelves, for example, can create an exclusive and professional office in your small apartment. 

You can use floating desks and box shelves for additional effective storage for decorating your small apartment. The slim shape certainly won’t take up much space, so it will make the apartment look wider. You can apply this floating cabinet to your workspace in the apartment, with this cabinet it will help you in storage. Floating desk and storage box from thespruce.

Take advantage of the remaining space in your apartment to be used as your workspace. Use a floating table to decorate the workspace in your small apartment. A floating table mounted on a wall will save more space so it doesn’t look cramped, also use a small swivel bench for your seat when working in this small workspace comfortably. Corner floating desk from thespruce.

Do you need an area to put some ornaments and green plants in your small apartment decoration. In order to save more space, try to use floating shelves with several levels. You can try to apply this to the workspace in your small apartment. Mount it on the wall right above the work table to provide natural freshness at all times and its slim shape will not interfere with your activities. Tiered floating shelves from thespruce.

To make your small apartment look spacious, you can use some minimalist furniture. For example, by using a floating table for your work desk. You can install this floating table in the living room in your small apartment. The merging of these two types of rooms does not take up much space because this floating work table has a slim shape, so it will make the room look spacious. Minimalist floating desk from thespruce.

3. Opt for Mirror Display: Take Advantage from Its Optical Illusion 

One of the easiest tips to manage is to use a mirror for room reflection. It can make your room seem larger, airier, and brighter. Thus, attaching one or two mirrors on your apartment room wall would be a smart tip to try. 

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To exude a more decorative look of a mirror, you can select a creative and unique mirror frame. For instance, sunburst framed mirror, wooden framed mirror, jute-wrapped mirror, and more. 

To help the lighting in your small apartment to be brighter and also efficient, use a mirror to reflect sunlight throughout the corner of the room. Hang a mirror in front of the window so that it can reflect the light more optimally. You can choose a mirror with a sunburst gold frame to make the roar more attractive and unique. Hanging sunburst mirror from apartmenttherapy.

Not only as a perfect light reflector, a mirror can also be used as an apartment decoration that is no less beautiful. You can use several mirrors of different sizes and stack them on top of each other to create an extraordinary illusion. You can try this method easily and with this mirror decoration will make your apartment the center of attention of everyone who is there. Circle round mirror from apartmenttherapy.

To get a broad impression for a small apartment, an easy and inexpensive thing you can try is to use a mirror that has a large size. A large mirror combined with white walls will be very suitable if applied to your small apartment. If you have difficulty bringing a large mirror into the apartment, cut it into several parts and then combine them again in one large frame to make it look dashing and charming. Big mirror behind the sofa from apartmenttherapy.

If you want an aesthetic impression to decorate your apartment, use a large mirror with a wide wooden frame. No need to bother to determine a suitable place, just lean it on the wall of the room and make sure this large mirror leans firmly so that nothing bad happens. This large backing mirror is perfect for decorating small apartments to give a spacious impression. Standing wood frame mirror from hgtv.

4. Minimize for Better Space Look: Use Small Furnishings

Don’t throw any large furniture into your compact size apartment. It will make your apartment stuffy and overcrowded. Thanks to genius interior designers who have contributed ideas for the pint-size furniture, you will find small sofas and loveseats that will fit any small space. 

Adjust the use of furniture in the living room of your apartment to the size of the room so that it can make you more comfortable while in this room. For example, if you have a small living room, then you can use a small leather sofa with a square glass coffee table with gold legs. A sweet final look that you can do is to coat the wooden floor with a bohemian rug dominated by a splash of black and white. Small leather sofa with glass coffee table from mydomaine.

So that you get a fairly free and spacious floor space, then you can use only the main furniture to fill your modern living room decoration. The main furniture includes a sofa, two chairs, a stool and a ceramic coffee table in plain white. You can learn the layout of the furniture in the small living room to produce a comfortable room decoration and of course many people are interested in. Use only the main furniture from mydomaine.

One medium-sized sofa is a suitable sitting area for a minimalist living room, but you can also add two additional chairs for your guests who come at an unexpected time. A coffee table made of transparent glass is a combination of the interior of the apartment room which makes the room seem more spacious and open. You can cover the surface of the legs of chairs, sofas and coffee tables with neutral colored rugs for a more elegant look, ending with the use of indoor plants as fresh decorations that are easy to get. The combination of a medium-sized sofa and a transparent glass table from mydomaine.

If you have an apartment living room with limited space, then you can use an L-shaped sectional sofa that is able to adjust the use of your room. In addition to this sofa can be used for a sitting area can also be used for a lying area during the day or night. Wouldn’t it be more useful, after that you can combine it with the geometric coffee table which is perfected with the use of iron legs so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous. Sectional sofa with L shape from mydomaine.

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That’s all the tips, and be careful when planning your small apartment interior design.

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