4 Tips to Incorporate Plants in Living Room Decor Ideas

Plants are classic but timeless living room decor ideas. They bring natural beauty and freshness into any houses, not to mention the ability to improve air quality. With numerous types of plants and containers available in the markets, you can explore a lot of ideas to adorn your living room. Use these examples to get living room decor ideas.

1. Placing Large Plants on the Corners

Large plants immediately draw attention, and the best spots to place them are on the corners. You can place a few plants on the spots closest to the windows or create symmetrical looks in a room. Popular large plants to choose from include kentia palms, philodendrons, yuccas, and Norfolk Island pines.

Climbing plants are good plants to freshen the air. In fact, it is also great for decorating your living room. Place it in the corner of the living room for the best ideas. Adding a chair complete with this pillow will give extra comfort to the corner decoration of your living room. Climbing plants from balconygardenweb.

One large yucca plant in the corner of your living room will suffice. Not too much, but also to decorate your simple living room to be a little green. Combined with two-tone walls and a green velvet sofa, it will make your room decor more attractive. This heringbone wood floor also makes your room decor warmer and more inviting. Large yucca plant from balconygardenweb.

Large plants in the living room do not take up much space. Just put it in a corner for the best view and make your living room look shady. Choosing fig leaves planted in these wicker pots will give an attractive appearance and steal the attention of each of your guests. Do not forget to bring it closer to the window of the house to produce a stylish appearance. Corner large plants from balconygardenweb.

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2. Creating Succulent Gallery

Place all your succulent collections on one spot to create a “succulent gallery”. Choose succulents with different heights and arrange them to create neat rows. If you don’t have enough space, stick with mini succulents to make a cute plant gallery. You can experiment with various planter designs to make the mini garden more artful. For example, place the succulents in glass terrariums a for a more artful look.

Try a mini succulent garden in your living room by adding a succulent terrarium plant to this coffee table. Many types of succulents with varied vases will look amazing. You can add two terrariums for a stylish room decor. Add candles in a glass for dramatic lighting. Mini succulent garden from balconygardenweb.

You can place several types of succulents in ceramic pots and use wooden blocks to give the plant a neat décor. You can place it on the table behind the sofa to give the room a stylish décor. Complementing the decor with potted green plants will give your room a fresh touch. Succulent ceramic pots from balconygardenweb.

A terrarium vase for mini succulent plants on the side table of your living room will give an attractive appearance and steal the attention of many people. Make the living room the perfect decoration with this one. In fact, succulent plants are easy to care for. Choosing a variety of succulents will result in the perfect display. Terrarium vase succulent from homedit.

3. Making Hanging Garden

Have limited floor space for all the planters? Create a hanging garden instead. Many types of indoor plants have ideal leaf and foliage shapes for hanging planters. The best plants for a hanging garden include arrowheads, bird’s nest ferns, English ivy, burro’s tails, and Boston ferns. You can place several plants under the hanging garden to create a top-and-bottom balance.

Make wise use of the limited space in the room by making a hanging plant stand. You can apply this hanging plant as a room divider so that it becomes the perfect room focal point. Using this green pot will balance the look and you will save your floor space. Hanging plants divider from balconygardenweb.

Hanging some greenery in the living room with this wicker pot will bring fresh air into your room. Adding vertical plants will give a natural touch to your room. At the bottom of this vertical plant you can add some green plants in pots to complete the look of your living room. Hanging greenery from thespruce.

Hanging plant decoration in the living room. This English Ivy plant creeps up your couch. This is an attractive living room decoration. Adding this fig plant will also provide fresh air throughout your living room. Placing it near this window will provide nourishment sunlight to your fig plant. Hanging English Ivy from apartmenttherapy.

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4. Arranging Window Garden

Use a space near your window to create a mini garden. Choose plants that require bright sunlight to thrive. African milk bush, aloe, jade plant, hibiscus, papyrus, and jasmine love bright light. Jasmine gives you a bonus of amazing fragrance during winter.

Apply some plants in front of the windows in your living room. Place some low maintenance plants for an interesting living room decor. Create an extraordinary scene this way. Combined with a white color scheme and a leather sofa will provide a spacious and comfortable room. Plants on window living room from hgtv.

The best part about decorating indoor plants is that they are easy to care for. Place some plants in front of the window so that the plants get enough sunlight. Using this galvanized pot will make your room decoration more attractive. Combine it with a black and white color scheme with a minimalist look for your entire room. Indoor plants in window from realhomes.

Create interest by framing windows with some potted greenery, artwork, family photos, and antiques. With this green plant you will have the impression of a room that is fresh and looks more attractive. With wooden walls and a leather sofa, this will give a natural room and extra comfort. Garden indoor fromgoodhousekeeping.

You can also get creative when turning plants into living room decor ideas. Use the wall surface to create a vertical garden, erasing the need for floor space and creating a unique look.

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