17 Apartment Hacks for Smoother Daily Routine

People living in an apartment often search for apartment hacks that can turn the living space into a highly personal space. It’s understandably tough at times, mainly when the room you have is already limited, and it becomes challenging to decorate the unit when you’re afraid there’ll be unapproved changes or damage. However, fret not—here are some easy ideas from us.

1. Add Personalized Lighting

Thank God if you like the standard lighting already installed in your apartment. If you’re not, however, there are options to add apartment personalized lighting that won’t require you drill into the ceilings or walls.

Do you want to avoid drilling walls and ceilings? If yes, then for lighting the living room area you can use a table lamp that is perfected with a candle lamp that is placed on the coffee table. Both of these lamps have yellow lighting that makes the room feel warmer and dramatic at night. But during the day you can use sunlight that can enter through the use of glass windows that have a large enough size. Dramatic living room lighting from mydomaine.

When you have an apartment bedroom decoration with limited space, the use of a table lamp is enough to illuminate the room at night. The use of this table lamp is enough to place it on a nightstand without having to drill the wall or ceiling. The existence of this table lamp is perfected by the presence of a painting on it with a matching color, namely a splash of black and white. Black and white table lamp from mydomaine.

A little drilling in the living room ceiling area can be done easily to install a small bulb with a shiny gold lampshade. When this bulb is not bright enough, you can use a table lamp with a DIY pole made of dry tree branches which looks natural and easy to get. These two lights will work well together to illuminate the room to the maximum. Combination of light bulbs with table lamps from mydomaine.

2. Stick Stylish Wall Decals

Consider removable wall decals that remove your concern about damaging the apartment unit. It’s time to give your vision some inspirational quotes or beautifully patterned motifs to flourish the vibe here and there.

This apartment wall which is dominated by pink color can be perfected with the use of unicorn stickers to liven up a beautiful minimalist wall and of course it can be used as a work of art suitable for everyday use. These unicorn stickers are a hot trend that are great for creating the perfect fairy tale room feel. Hanging paintings are a perfect idea for walls that you can install simultaneously in one room. Unicorn stickers on pink background from homebnc.

This star and moon wall sticker that has a beautiful and varied color selection is a room decoration that is full of fun atmosphere. This sticker is very suitable to be installed in your child’s bedroom apartment, don’t forget to combine it with the surrounding furniture with the same color so that it can blend more elegantly in the same room. A sailing ship placed on a book becomes an additional decorative accent that has a sweet impression. Star and moon wall sticker from homebnc.

If you have more and more colored origami paper, then you can cut it with a variety of different shapes to stick on the empty wall, making the room feel more colorful and fun. Complete this DIY piece of wallpaper with a gold hook that you can use to hang your bag and hat. DIY origami paper wall decor from curbly.

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3. Go for Multipurpose Pieces

The innovation made of multipurpose apartment furniture is undeniably helpful for those seeking two or more functions embedded together in one piece. Some inspiration you can consider is a seating bench with storage underneath or a foldable sofa bed.

To keep the decor of your bedroom apartment minimalist, you can use a wooden bed that is equipped with storage underneath, when you are going to do storage, you can use a rattan wicker basket to make it look neater and of course very well organized. This rattan wicker basket can be obtained easily at the nearest store with a selling price that is not too expensive. Bed with storage basket underneath from extraspace.

Arrange the layout and use of furniture in your hacks apartment decor, when you have limited floor space then you can use double furniture such as a curved kitchen island which is equipped with a built-in sitting bench that you can use for a lunch or dinner sitting area You. In this room, you simply add a minimalist round dining table with several slate chairs as a comfortable additional sitting area. Kitchen island with built-in bench from extraspace.

Keep your apartment tidy for a very comfortable room view to use whenever you want. For example, you can use an ottoman with a rectangle shape that is equipped with a pillow storage underneath. You can tuck pillows and blankets under this ottoman according to the size of the built-in storage. When you are going to do storage then you simply pull the surface of this ottoman upwards, isn’t it very easy to do? Ottoman storage ideas from extraspace.

The next choice of multifunctional furniture that you can apply in your apartment decor is a teak wood coffee table with book storage or small items underneath. It’s not enough here, this coffee table can also be used to work by pulling the surface to the top to put the laptop according to your needs and comfort. Multifunctional wooden coffee table from extraspace.


4. Install Sliding Shelves

Take advantage of underused spaces like the gaps between the wall and the fridge or shelving unit. The proper installation of the apartment sliding shelves won’t scrape the wall or furniture, and most apartment dwellers agree how efficient this hack is for small spaces.

Make the most of the empty space in small kitchen decorations for storage ideas that you can use as best as possible. For example, when you have an empty space between the refrigerator and the door frame, you can install a pull-out shelf that is equipped with a vertical arrangement of storage shelves. This shelf is also equipped with extension rods so as to minimize your food stock from falling to the floor area when pulled outwards. Hidden rack storage from mckinley.

Another option that you can do in the apartment decoration hack is to use the corner of the bathroom as storage by installing a wooden triangle shelf with three arrangements that can be used to put some green plants with the use of white ceramic pots that look shiny. This plant is able to provide a fresh bathroom atmosphere. Triangle wooden shelves bathroom from extraspace.

You can use the remaining space that is squeezed between the kitchen cabinet and the refrigerator for hidden storage ideas that greatly save your apartment’s kitchen space. This shelf can be easily pulled to an outdoor area. In addition, this squeezed shelf is also equipped with an iron holder that allows you to more easily store or retrieve the spices or dry food you need. Squeezed pull-out shelf from extraspace.

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5. Invest in a Storage Cart for the Kitchen

You already have a countertop and cabinets to store your cooking essentials, but what if you need more? Rather than asking for the permission of the apartment’s management to install additional cabinets, consider nabbing a storage cart instead. Not only will it help your storage issue, but the cart is movable to everywhere you want during your cooking.

The use of storage carts in kitchen decoration is one of the important interiors that you can use to make it easier for you when doing cooking activities in the kitchen. Currently you can choose a storage cart with wheel legs so that you can slide it anywhere according to your needs without having to lift it because it has a fairly heavy load. Storage cart with wheels legs from refinery29.

Choose and use a storage cart for additional storage ideas that you can easily have without having to install it complicatedly like kitchen cabinets. Two storage carts in the kitchen might help you maximize your open storage, choose this furniture with stainless steel as the main material to make it more sturdy to use for a long period of time, besides this material is also not easy to rust when exposed to splashing water. Stainless steel storage cart from refinery29.

When installing kitchen cabinets sounds more complicated and costs a lot of money, now you can use a storage cart to maximize storage in your hacked apartment kitchen. This storage cart design is made of teak wood which is repainted using pastel colors so it looks sweeter and more unusual. This storage cart is also equipped with a storage drawer that you can use to put small items that are easily lost. Pastel color storage cart from refinery29.

Have you become one of those people who like to read books while waiting for your cooking to be cooked? If yes, then the use of cart storage is a smart furniture idea that you must have because you can use this cart to store your books safely. In addition, this kitchen cart also has an empty space underneath which can also be used as your kitchen storage by adding a rattan wicker basket that has a fairly large size. Cart storage with basket storage from apartmenttherapy.

Which one of the above apartment hacks is your favorite?

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