10 Creative Small Space Ideas in Your Apartment

Who says small spaces do not need proper landscaping ideas? Whether they are in your house or apartment, you can still do a lot more than taking them for granted. Home improvement is not only for the big ones.

Want more evidence? If you look at the list below, you can see that you are actually able to do a lot more with small spaces in your apartment. These are some examples will show you how:

1. Place a Bigger, Wider Mirror

This has been a famous old trick to give a sense of width in your small room. Install a large mirror on one side of the wall. The mirror will reflect any light that comes into the room, which makes the room look—and feel—bigger, too.

One way to make your bedroom look bright, you can use a large mirror in a small room. Because with a large mirror can reflect light that enters the bedroom. Here using a gray color scheme can also create a warm and calm impression. This mirror can give a spacious impression to your small apartment bedroom. Small bedroom from trendir.

Decorating a small room using a mirror so that the bedroom looks spacious is the right choice. In addition, mirrors can also make your bedroom look bright and sophisticated. Placing a mirror on this closet door will result in the perfect room decoration. This black and white color scheme will create a spacious and minimalist look. These large windows will let the sunlight into your bedroom. Mirror closet door from trendir.

2. Stick to White and One Other Bright Colors

Do not use too many bright or block colors in one room. Stick to two colors: one is neutral light like white, and the other is bright like charming apple red. This will give a clearer outline but camouflage the small spaces at the same time.

Looking clean in this small white-walled living room will create a spacious and bright room decor. Pair it with dark furniture and a brightly colored rug in this bohemian pattern to add color to this living room. This large plant in the corner of the room gives a natural impression and fresh air into the room. White wall living room from thespruce.

Bathroom decorations that use two colors between red and white are suitable to make your room have clearer lines but at the same time look sophisticated. You can apply white ceramic tile on the walls and floor of this red tile will create a charming look. Add a standing tub to complete the look. Two collor scheme bathroom from hgtv.

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3. Place an L-shaped Couch Close to the Wall

This is also another old trick used by many to save some decent moving space in a small room. Position the L-shaped couch as close to the wall as possible, then place a small coffee table in the center. There, you can still have a decent moving space.

Living room decor that uses old tricks to save space is the right choice. Placing an L-shaped sofa on the wall and using a round coffee table will make your small space look minimalist. This white color scheme complete with dark floors and blue carpet will present a stylish and warm room decor. Adding this bohemian-style ottoman will add extra seating to your living room. L-shaped sofa from homebnc.

One way to save space in your small apartment is to use an L-shaped sofa and round table in your living room. With an acrylic table and sofa like in the picture above will make your small space look perfect and you will have decent moving space. Complete the decor by adding some wall hangings in the form of mirrors and open shelves to create a stylish design. Gray L-shaped sofa from apartmenttherapy.

4. Put the Dining Room and Living Room Together

The great thing about living in a studio apartment is how much space you can actually save. This is also another old and common trick. By putting the dining room and living room together, there is still plenty of other space.

Using wooden chairs for the dining room and a blue tuffed sofa for the living room is the right choice for decorating a studio apartment. By uniting the living room, dining room and kitchen in one space, you will save space and have decent moving space. This white color scheme and dark wood floors will make the room spacious and warm. Small living room and dining room combo from home-designing.

Uniting the living room with the dining room is the right choice for those of you who live in a studio apartment. With decorations like the one in the picture above, your small space will look neat and comfortable. Add open shelf storage in this room to make it easier for you to store various collections of books and other decorations. Living room and dining room combo from home-designing.

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5. Rely on Geometric and Linear patterns

Just a throw of the geometric and linear-patterned rug will solve your issues on small spaces. What usually looks small will look a bit wider.

A living room that uses carpet upholstery as in the picture above will make your small space attractive. Besides being attractive, geometric rugs can also make your living room more comfortable. Putting this rug under the sofa will make the room comfortable and warm. Pair it with hardwood floors and a white color scheme for a warm, bright look. Linear rug from decoist.

You can also use a geometric patterned rug as in the picture above. The geometric chevron pattern rug under the living room sofa will make your dining room look unique. This black and white color will give a charming appearance and produce a spacious room. Combine with dark wood floors will produce an airy room. Geometric patterned rug from decoist.

Still worry about what to do with small spaces in your apartment? No need to anymore.

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