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26 Smart Winter Apartment Bedroom Décor to Feel Warm

Are you looking for winter apartment bedroom décor to feel warm? You have come to the right place; …

Just in time for winter, we have rounded up a selection of winter apartment bedroom décor to feel warm. Get inspired to try these simple and inexpensive ways to make your bedroom interior cozy and inviting for the chilliest month of the year.

1. Go for a Bed with Texture

Opt for a bed with a velvet upholstered headboard and have it in a dark color. Velvety texture surely gives you a luxurious yet soft and elegant yet warm feel of a room. To add the room cozier look, you can place a plush throw at the foot of the bed.

Choose and use the right bed for a winter bedroom decoration this year so that the comfort and warmth you get can be felt more optimally. Currently you can use a bed that is equipped with a tufted velvet headboard which has a dark blue color. In addition, the use of black and white patterned wallpaper decorated with gold framed paintings adds a vintage impression that never goes out of fashion. Tufted velvet headboard from curatedinterior.

To relax your body after a long day at work, you can use a velvet headboard to make a comfortable and warm backrest area when winter arrives. The material used has a softer and smoother surface so that it spoils your head and neck. The choice of dark blue color is very appropriate to give a luxurious and modern impression this year. The statue of a deer’s head in gold is one of the wall decorations that can be easily purchased or obtained online. Dark blue velvet headboard from curatedinterior.

The headboard design with a size that is quite large has a deep purple color that creates a giant headrest that is soft and smooth. This headboard is made of velvet which looks luxurious and very shiny when exposed to sunlight. The patterned wallpaper applied behind the headboard adds a beautiful texture to the room. Roses are a fresh decoration that can give a fragrant aroma to the whole room. Dark purple velvet headboard from thespruce.

This bed with a velvet wingback headboard layer is the focal point of the winter bedroom which looks elegant and can certainly increase your sleeping comfort at night. This headboard is enhanced by the use of four throw pillows attached to the pure white bed. Music-themed wallpapers give the impression of a separate room that is more unique and different than before. Velvet wingback headboard from thespruce.

To complement your winter bedroom furniture, a dark black velvet headboard is one of the best choices you can have. Consider using red brick walls to create a modern industrial style that will be a favorite this year. In addition, the layer of tassel fabric in the bed area also completes the warm look that can be used comfortably. Dark color velvet headboard from thespruce.

2. Opt for Monochromatic Style 

If you have a small space of bedroom apartment, you need to carefully select a color so that it will create a proper illusion of larger space. Every room, including bedroom, can benefit from a black-and-white color scheme for this illusion purpose, called monochrome.

Black and white is always the best combination that can be applied to any room and in any style. Now you can try to decorate a modern minimalist style bedroom that looks clean, sleek and spacious. When you have used the dominance of white, for a splash of black, you can try it on the faux fur fan rug area, one of the furniture that is quite large. Black and white modern bedroom from home-designing.

There is nothing wrong when you will use black and white shades in your bedroom decor, this color will be a favorite in this winter year so it is highly recommended for you. The light that enters the room will be a source of natural lighting and will certainly make your body feel warmer and more comfortable when the atmosphere in your room starts to feel cold. Monochromatic bedroom with glass window lighting from home-designing.

Two monochromatic bedroom walls that are painted in different colors give the impression and feel of a different room. This bedroom design brings a monochromatic feel instantly, you can add some standing canvas paintings with matching colors according to the feel of the room. A chandelier that has white lighting is a very appropriate source of lighting. Two walls with a coat of black and white paint from home-designing.

Balance the use of black and white in one bedroom to create a monochromatic feel and style that attracts attention. The appearance in this bedroom will be more luxurious when you use 3D wavy wallpaper and a high tufted headboard which is dominated by plain white. Curtains, bedding and pillowcases are enough to be a color combination that can blend with the white nuances in this room. White tufted headboard from home-designing.

The black and white nuances in this modern bedroom decoration are complemented by wood accents on the headboard so that it gives a warm and natural impression that is not excessive. In addition, you can also use two light sources that come through the use of glass windows and standing lamps that have dim light. The LED lights on the wall headboard are the perfect additional lighting. Black and white bedroom with wood feel from home-designing.

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3. Use More Layers

Winter entails more layers to keep you warm. Thus, layering your bedroom is a must. For example, you can double the rug under your bed. So, you can still feel warm whenever your feet are on the floor. Or, with those layers, you can sit wherever you please.

Soft and smooth faux fur rug which is perfected with a striped rug underneath to be a warm blend for the surface of your feet without a layer of socks so that it is more comfortable, soft and warm. You can put this small faux fur rug right next to the bed for your first foot during the winter so that it becomes the right addition to the furniture that you must have. Small faux fur rug with striped rug from hgtv.

It’s a good idea to coat the wooden floor of your winter bedroom using two layers of rugs with different materials, sizes and patterns as a warm footrest when the weather in the room starts to feel cold. Choose and use a rug with a touch of neutral color so that it can blend perfectly in the same room. Striped bedding adds a simple pattern that makes the room feel more inviting. Two layer rug in neutral from photos.hgtv.

Two layers of rugs are one of the most important winter bedroom decorations to protect your feet when it feels cold. Now you can use a rattan woven rug for the bottom layer and a vintage pattern rug for the top layer. This vintage rug has a splash of blue and maroon so it is perfect when combined with a natural plain rug. The rattan bench is an additional sitting area that can be used comfortably. Combination of woven rugs with vintage rugs from decorpad.

If you are going to use two layers of rugs in a winter bedroom then the thing to pay attention to is the pattern and color. You can choose one patterned rug and another plain rug with a neutral color that is suitable for use for a vintage bedroom feel. These two rugs will be the first touch of your feet when you step on the floor area so they will feel warmer and more comfortable. The combination of plain rugs with patterned rugs from honestlywtf.

Warm the surface of your feet with two layers of rugs that have patterns and earth tone colors that seem warmer. You can apply this rug right under the bed so that it can be used for the initial touch of your feet when you wake up. The white sheets and walls are a color balance that can perfectly match the color tones of the room. Earth tone color two layer rug from honestlywtf.

Do you have more than one rug? If so, then you can use it well in winter to coat the floor area in your current bedroom decor. Three layers of rugs with different sizes and patterns are an important part that can add texture to the room so that it feels more beautiful and pleasant. The tassel accents on the rug also add a vintage feel that isn’t too much. Three layers of patterned rug from honestlywtf.

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4. Apply Knits Everywhere

Knitted materials are the real cozy, warm, and enchanting ones. Incorporate them into your bedroom would be the best way to invite a warm feel to the room. For instance, you can place a knitted pouf and blanket to your bed. To have a cozy look, place them over a double-layered blanket. Besides, neutral colors knitted items offer a more enchanting atmosphere.  

Make your bed the best escape when winter hits this year. You can use several warm fabrics and one of them is knitted fabric that is shaped into small poufs that can be used together with pillows to produce maximum body warmth. You can make these crochet poufs easily or you can buy them online and at the nearest store. Knitted pouf from digsdigs.

One of the fabrics that can warm your body while in bed is a knitted blanket with a thicker material and a darker color. You can combine this knitted blanket with several other fabric materials that are stacked in layers to produce a maximum feel of warmth. The more fabric on the bed, the better the warmth you will get. Thick knitted blanket from digsdigs.

The combination of faux fur bedding with this knitted fabric blanket is the perfect combination that you can use on your mattress in winter. You can also apply other knitted fabric materials through the use of a simple DIY nightstand that you can get at an affordable price. Combination of faux fur bedding with knitted blanket from digsdigs.

Not only blankets, but you can also use this knitted fabric material in the bedding and pillowcase areas. Next, complete it with the use of faux fur fabrics and cotton fabrics that will add to your warmth and comfort while on the mattress. Aromatherapy candles make the room feel more relaxed. Faux fur bedding with knitted blanket and pillowcase from digsdigs .

This knitted blanket in gray is the best choice for your body warmth during winter in your bedroom. This bold color fabric with a plaid pattern adds a cheerful color that you can get easily and of course adds a fun color to the room. You can also add a greenery garland as a decoration that never goes out of style. Gray knitted blanket from digsdigs.

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5. Consider the Lighting

Warmth does start from a light. So, make sure your lighting fixtures are appropriate for the winter season. Question yourself, does your lighting fixture spread light from all angles? If it doesn’t, you need to have extra lighting help. They can be standing lamps, table lamps, string lights, or even candles. Opt for the one that suits your room space.

String light is one of the lighting that is very suitable to be used for a winter bedroom decoration this year. You can apply it along the wall neatly and of course not to disturb your space. This lamp is combined with sunlight that enters the room freely so that it makes the room seem warmer and not humid. String light with natural lighting from onekindesign.

An easy way to present a warm impression while making a winter bedroom seem warmer is to use several string lights with different applications and layouts. Now you can put this lamp on the bed and along the wall with yellow lighting which is complemented by the presence of a candle on the nightstand. Both of these lighting will work well together to illuminate the room at night. Combination of string lights with candles from onekindesign.

This year’s winter bedroom decorations are ready to be used properly because all the needs and interiors have been properly met, including the use of hanging bulb lamps that are applied right next to the bed with a low height. Take advantage of your shutter window during the day to save more on electricity costs when paying for it. Hanging bulb lamp from onekindesign.

One of the best lighting options that you can apply in your bedroom this winter is a hanging pendant lamp that is applied right above your bed. You can use this lamp according to your needs so that the light released does not interfere with your eyes. For example, you can turn on this light when you are going to read a book at night in this room. Hanging pendant lamp from onekindesign.

The last choice for lighting ideas in your bedroom decoration in winter this year is candles. You can use one lighting candle and one aromatherapy candle which both produce soft and warm lighting. In addition, aromatherapy candles will also make your room feel more fragrant and make you more relaxed, you can put these two candles on the nightstand neatly. Combination of lighting candles with aromatherapy candles from onekindesign.

Hopefully, this can help you find a winter apartment bedroom décor to feel warm.

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